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Its hardly worth mentioning xbox game sales in japan.....but here you go again

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you're assuming people want crossplay above all else....I think we both know that is rarely the case.

I'll be honest tho,there's only been one time where I would've liked crossplay...friend of mine sold his PS4 to buy a XB1X(yeah go figure) for RDR2, while i played RDR2 on PS4.

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look at some of the most played games on consoles

Im not saying these are my kind of games, but obviously cross play would be a great thing, especially for the kids who cant afford 2-3 consoles.

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Yes those proprietary batteries which holds half the mAh, cost twice as much, forces me to buy from international vendors, and is flooded with counterfeits claiming to be XX mAh.Who wouldn't want that.

Also I dont know what your point is with mentioning "lithium ion", you can get rechargeable aa batteries in all kinds of variants, including lithium ion

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Which ones did you get?.

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and to add to my previous comment:

Im sure the price difference is also bad, but I haven't been able to find a legit 2000mAh battery yet.

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I dont know if its different where you live, but for europeans you left out the part where you search the internet, place an order, and wait 1-2 weeks for the replacement batteries to arrive. Everything you mentioned is the easy part.

Even worse is the fact that comparable AA batteries go up to 3000mAh, where as the ds type batteries only go upwards of 2000mAh(good luck finding a legit one).

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" It will benefit Microsoft the most."

Actually it will benefit us consumers the most

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"at this point the ps4 and Xbox one were neck and neck in sales"

ok stop making things up...the PS4 has been outselling the xbox at atleast a 2:1 ratio almost since the beginning. In fact in 2015 it was so bad for MS, they decided to stop releasing sales figures for the Xb1. The drm disaster and the power difference, gave the PS4 a great start, and exclusive games did the rest.

And yeah i remember the time leading up to The Or...

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I dont know about "never"

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"The Order is a good game but suffered from exactly what my argument is all about. Social Media destroyed the game before it even came out. and most times gaming sites will follow the trend. "

You mean it followed the same routine that every other exclusive does?, well I'll be damned

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I dont know why people think that ms are going for a repeat of this gen, game wise. Their first gen was good, and the start of their second gen was too.

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neither of them have a public release date.

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Trolling hard against Nintendo as usual I see,

why not make it last 20 that
GoldenEye 007
Zelda Ocarina of time
are included as well??

Oh I know, dosn't support your agenda, thats why.

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"Fantastic. Especially when you consider that week before it sold 300k."

Oh you mean the week leading up to X-mas???, what a surprise

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Im not sure what to make of these numbers, especially considering the gaming market itself, has been growing year over year. Given this fact I expect each new year to set sales records in SP AND MP.

fun fact, COD franchise has sold around 255million copies, in it's lifetime

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"It’s like you guy just want to forget it and get rid of it than respecting it."

I think you're just trying to polarize opinions.

Phils original comment, which this all pertains to, was:
"SP games no longer have the same impact"

No one is trying to forget or get rid of SP.

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Seriously if you had either of my DS4's which can hold a couple of hours of charge, you'd be longing for external batteries.
Sony's 1000mAh batteries are rubbish, AA rechargable batteries go upward of 3000mAh nowadays.

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Too bad, I'm really enjoying this BF.

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. "gaas written all over it"

based on??

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