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Cute, but I'm a PC fan. Besides I can imagine it: Any game with Mario, Zelda, Megaman, Metroid, etc, on the title gets an automatic 9.

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Nintendoworld 10
Nintendolife 10

I'll try to contain my astonishment (!)

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Great review.

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I never assumed that you were fat, but now that you mention you are a body builder, I don't quite believe you are skinny.

Any, one topic, Reach is the best MP experience you can get on 360. Love it.

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LOL! Sounds like he just dropped a lot of money on a PC and is trying to justify his purchase by trolling console gamers.

Face it, consoles are on the up and up. I'm a PC gamer and even I can admit that.

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Attack of The Fanboy.

Clue's in the name.

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Shame that the manga isn't quality.

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Good. Maybe now MW2 won't spam the gaming section.

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Agreed. I don't play MMO's, so this is a kick in the teeth for me if it's true.

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Looks A LOT like MW2. You can't even contest that fact.

@quick scoping: It's ridiculous in MW2. I'm sure you've seen the Youtube videos where the players are spinning very quickly and randomly firing a shot AND getting a kill.

What is this? DMC?

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Still technically a game from Square Enix.

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Would buy this day 2 for sure.

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PS3 should have won anyway, it was the lead platform when being developed.

Good job, devs.

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The man's overrated.

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I have this on my iPhone.

One of the most boring, repetitive games I've ever played. I'll stick to my DS/PSP, thanks.

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I know you're trolling, but-- ah, just forget it. Too many trolls, too little time.

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I think by now, you've got to take what a lot of what devs say with a pinch of salt.

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Last Square Enix game I bought was... Just Cause 2, but the last FF I bought was 10.

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C'mon, you'd buy it for youself.

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The end of VGChartz?

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