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Yeah, I hate Gawker.

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9.5 / 10

LOL! What did they give LoS (Castlevania: Lord of Shadows) again? 5.

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It appears you play Demon's Souls a lot, therefore YOU have no life.

See? Don't call the kettle black, etc.

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One of the best and underrated franchises ever made.

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Why? Because it's on your precious "superior pc lolz best way 2 play"?

The games broken on every platform. This score is more than generous, IMO.

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Why can't they just pay the reviewers like everyone else?


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Ha! Yeah, I'll stick to TF2.

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This. Although New Vegas is awesome, it just feels like an expansion of F3. No graphics updates, engine re-haul, no optimization.

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Why couldn't it be released as an expansion? Looks shockingly similar to MW, WAW and MW2.

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So a minor DLC glitch is big enough of a problem, in your eyes, to warrant a refund?

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Jesus Christ.


I guess it would. They've been patiently waiting for this game, a proper FF game. Would be a kick in the teeth if it went multiplat.

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Oh, how blissfully ignorant you are.

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Wow, 25% of the game!

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If this game comes out for Xbox 360, it'll be another nerfed experience confirmed.

360 = no buy from me.

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They're beta testing!

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Last FPS game that took me over 10 hours was Red faction 2 on PC. 2 Years ago. :/

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I agree with Alpha-Male22. I find that multiplayer with 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 and smaller, better designed maps make for a more enjoyable experience. Case(s) in point: Uncharted 2, Halo, CS:S, etc.

While on paper 60 player MP sounds the bee's knee's, it just doesn't translate well. It's definitely playable, but as previously said, it's just absolute chaos. Sometimes it can be fun, though.

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What makes you think it's a girl? Because it has a picture of a girl? Because it refers to itself as a girl?

What's more, who in their right mind would take any interest anyway?

This is N4G; News for gamers. Keep it that way.

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Write the MP off before the game's out.

Stay classy.

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Wow. The amount of accolades for kills is ridiculous. Is this to appeal to the 13 year old with OCD demographic?

@the chopper gameplay: Between this and MW2, it's 6 and half a dozen.

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