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And I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

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How can they make it even more of a priority? Ramp the stamping machines up to 11? They're filling demand, pre-orders and such. Just because they don't have an agressive ad-campaign like a M$ game, don't think it isn't a priority for Sony.

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I've only froze once on the PS3 version with 30+ hours played. (nowhere near the end of the game).

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Deux Ex = average to decent gameplay. LOL! You need your head examined. Deux Ex is one of the best game, gameplay-wise, ever.

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Borderlands was ALL hype. "A bajillion guns" - c'mon! Also, it definitely had a more aggressive marketing campaign. It was in your face for a while.

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See, this is why I was always so forgiving with the TWO GT5 official delays.

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I never buy Collectors Editions. Though, I do regret not buying the Uncharted 2 collectors edition...

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Looks shockingly similar to MW2. There's a surprise.

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Wow, this game must have been seriously rubbish for EA to cancel it.

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We all know IGN got a nice big cheque for that score.

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Come on, M$. Adopt Blu Ray. It won't bite.

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Your avatar burns my eyes.

@topic: If the original team isn't involved in the development of Shenmue 3, I'm out.

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Ha! Recycled game confirmed.

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Kick in the teeth of fans who have been waiting patiently for a proper sequel. I hate Yahoo.

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This. I mean, this isn't Uncharted we're talking about.

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Go play Pokemon Purple or was that Green Geaf grass? I can't remember because there's about 100+ of them.

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Yeah, just fanboys scrounging for hits. This is a publisher's problem.

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Why the hell is 47 doing the New Jersey guido pout in that picture?

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Uhm, you do know Crytek UK is actually Free Radical Design, the original developers of the Timesplitter series, right?

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I want more retro comparisons!

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