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Until you've actually experienced it 1st hand, a lot of people are still on the fence.

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I've just beaten it and to be honest, it's okay. Nothing special. Nowhere near as fun as the old Castlavania games.

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Ugh, it's Sarcastic Gamer. A little site looking for hits.

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I mean will the game be rendered in 3 depths, i.e: background, foreground and the middle. Just like LBP.

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Is this going to be like Joe Danger/LBP in terms of 2d/2.5d? If so, I'm sold already.

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On the bright side, It's been 2 years since GTA 4 dropped.

HOPEFULLY, that 2 years have been put to good use.

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@Lastdual - Marvey Attorney!

Also, I believe you are correct in saying that the open-ness will be more similar to that of Fable/Borderlands than, say, Fallout and GTA.

Though, this definitely is now a bad thing by any means. It means it's linear AND non-linear.

Best of both worlds.

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Sadly, your sarcasm is no exaggeration to how some 13y/o's will act.

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Sorry, but Master Chief is one of the most shallow videogame characters ever.

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I complete all my games too. I've beaten so truly awful games, but I've also beats many great games.

KZ2 had a great campaign, although on the short side, it was definitely action-packed.

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Splinter Cell Conviction, compared to Chaos Theory, was absolutely terrible and an insult to fans who supported it since day 1.

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Oh yeah, can't wait for this!

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Oh, Buff. You can enjoy your nerfed little ports and your "quirky" rail-shooters while I play MGS: Peace Walker.

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Guts' Dragon Slayer.

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As I said in another comment regarding remakes, it's a very good and wise plan by Sony. They are effectively going to make a lot of money by spend a relatively low amount on development. Plus, these old IPs are sitting around doing nothing except costing Sony money because of the copyrights.

It's win-win for Sony and for us, the gamers: HD, Trophy support, 3D support, updated visuals, and best of all, developer support (patches).

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Probably resized for bandwidth. Still, at least it's looking crisp.

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"It's price"?

Getting pretty sick of Enslaved devs running their mouths.

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Go back to MW2. Hail to king, baby.

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Wow, Dark. You're a real badass.


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Shows you that they have no real back bone. They crumbled under the pressure of the fans. The real developer would address the issues concerning the fans, or at the least, come to a compromise.

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