Mass Effect: Effectively Overhyped

PC World's Matt Peckham, who has just published "Mass Effect: Xbox 360 Game Doesn't Live Up to its Hype" and given a 60% rating to the game, follows up his review. He expands on why Mass Effect does not feel much like a game to him, and why it is no Baldur's Gate 2 or even Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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MK_Red3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Nice find, at least he is defending his review and showing that he indeed has played the classics. Overall great find and interesting read even though I mostly disagree with it. The interactive feel of story is really fun and great and the game is really good IMO and I'm saying this as a Baldur's Gate 2 and Fallout fan.

Feihc Retsam3986d ago

Mass Effect Doesn't Live Up to its Hype

FP 2 hours ago | Pub 2h ago | Xbox 360 | Review | Rowland
Matt Peckham of PCW writes: "Beautifully rendered with an above-average plot, Bioware's new sci-fi epic for the Xbox 360 still turns out to be a d...
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Gina-get-u3986d ago

If any of you can remember, this guy's review of Halo 3 was also controversial because it also deviated stangely from the general consensus. He also felt compelled to issue a separate defense of his review of Halo 3. That he has been forced to do it again for ME suggests that he may have credibility issues.

Loopy3986d ago

The reviewer does have a point.
Does this game have real gameplay, or is it just an interactive movie ? Because if it's the latter, it would have been way better if they just made a real movie instead.

Are people putting such a high score on ME just because they were awed at the movie sequences and the storytelling, or because of the lame gameplay?

ravinash3985d ago

This game isn't for everyone.
But then again, no game is for everyone...and thank god for that!
I'd hate to think that they just pumped out FPS after FPS and nothing else.
This game comes is far nearer to what I enjoy to other games like halo.
So its only reasonable to conclude that there are also people out there who'd rather play halo instead.
At lest there are companies out there trying to mix it up a bit to give us something different.

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xhi43986d ago

can you blame this game for being so over hyped? I mean it was a game, although lacking in the combat side, the story seemed endlessly complex from the very few videos that were shown of multiple conversation threads.

I can now say I'm not too fussed about Mass Effect and probably won't be picking it up now, but you can't blame anyone for it getting over hyped, it was a great idea that wasn't executed as greatly.

Danja3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

First Assassins Creed now Mass Effect..hmmm...

I personally feel that Bioware was not 100% finsished with the game but M$ probably gave them a deadline for the game to ship..and with GTA4 delayed this was the only game that would pick up the slack....

Bioware do make great games though so im sure this a good game..just not a great game as M$ touting it to be..!

EDIT: @below

Did I say the game was unfinshed or I stated that they weren't 100% finshed with it ...and im sure they had a deadline...the game has flaws...and im not bashing M$ but weren't they hyping this game at E3 as part of there perfect storm..

Maybe this clown actually sees through the hype and actually wrote a real truthful review not some biased crap..that other sites do for almost every 360 exclusives which was also.hyped..for offering nothing new..!!

uxo223986d ago

Whenever things don't go well someone always finds away to had the blame over to microsoft. No one ever said the game was unfinished. Also, this clown rated the game a low, others rated it high, I heard no one say, wow, microsoft game this time to get it right. Good job MS for not rushing it.

Yet whenever there is bad news, it's always seems to be MS fault. Kind of weak IMO.

Daz3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )
snap lol

PC World reviewing a console game lol

Also how am i an xbot lamewire? prove it that i am one? because i know that im not. but fangirls jump to conclusions to quick

Rooted_Dust3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

It's a tech magazine. They do a good bit of console news. As a magazine for techies/gamers I think they are well within their bounds reviewing this game.

wil4hire3986d ago

Please.. this whole "PC WORLD HAS NO MERIT" Issue is getting retarded.

So many xbots run around talking trash about Crysis. Yet no one can do the opposite.

I commend this guy for having journalistic integrity to write truth.

The_Engineer3986d ago

we trust xboxkings or 360love .com to give us unbiased

Rick James3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

You said "I commend this guy for having journalistic integrity to write truth."

What you should have wrote is that you commend this guy for giving an Xbox 360 game a bad review because you are Pro PS3 and Anti 360.

I commend you for having lasted so long with your 3 bubbles.

FunnyBone3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

3.2 -
I commend this guy for having journalistic integrity to write "TRUTH"

And you sir ,show your true colors,FANBOY...

Since when have you played this game to know that this guys opinon is TRUTH...You have not,You just agree with him because it is Anti 360....

Should the xbox 360 guys start acting like little PS3 fanboy cry babies and threaten this reviewer with e mails and how he does not know shat ..Its console gaming what does he know...NO we will take it with a grain of salt and move on...

See diffirence between 360 and PS3 fanboys is we dont start crying whenever something bad is said about the 360...We move on...

If this was replaced with a PS3 game then all the kiddies would be in here crying and making threats against the person who wrote the reveiw....


Yes I own both

And yes playing ME now-
Guess It's time to play some Mass Effect.....IMO -It's a killer game and love every second of it...

xplosneer3985d ago

"We don't complain when something bad is said"

Like you are now?

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x440Magnumx3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

He may have legitimate comments, but a 60%? That's just plain stupidity at it's finest.

He couldnt have even let himself try to play the game, just set out to pick it apart from the beginning.

Edit for below:

Then why is this one random guy 33% off the standard?

Danja3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

yup that how alot of PS3 exlusives are scored....they pick it apart from the begininig...haha Karma..!!

EDIT: @^^^

why did Aaron at GS give R&C a 7.5..?

x440Magnumx3986d ago

But that's only 15% off the average for the game, this is more than double that.

This is just a guy being argumentative for the sake of it, and hoping to get some publicity.

Rangitahi3986d ago

I agree with everything he said. he makes sense to me.