EA Made Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC Free On PC By Retiring The BioWare Points System

Immersed Gamer writes: "In order to replace the oppressive BioWare Points system, EA is making a large portion of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC catalogs free for PC users.

For those of you blissfully unaware, EA and BioWare employed a payment system called BioWare Points on PC to pay for DLCs for titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While PC gamers have been struggling with BioWare point’s unfair conversion rates and extremely scarce and cost-detrimental sales.

Console players have been allowed to purchase content in pieces through the appropriate Sony and Microsoft shops. For real money, and not BioWare monopoly bucks. In turn, console players missed out on some DLC content, such as Mass Effect 2 pre-order bonuses that have been repackaged into a DLC pack."

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TinkerNation589d ago

Great response to Ubisoft and their disgusting behavior. Ubisoft decide to take away DLC from people who paid for it, while EA give it for free to everyone when they realize their system sucks. Who would have thought that EA of all companies would be showing Ubisoft how it should be done (even if this is EA fixing their own mistakes as well).

Mobis-New-Nest589d ago

What goes around comes around and I promise you, Ubisoft will see their actions blow back on them when their diminishing sales numbers and stock taking a hit downward. That's the only way a company learns when they decide to be reactive instead of proactive.


FromSoftware Reveals Its Secret To Frequently Releasing AAA Titles

Hidetaka Miyazaki believes that FromSoftware is blessed with great staff which allows it to frequently release AAA titles.

Kaii1d 2h ago

Japan's work culture/crunch grind are things of which one can be somewhat critical, regardless of said studio's success.
If said studio employees are happy with the balance between both then my comment is irrelevant. 🙇

Sciurus_vulgaris19h ago

Fromsoft also doesn’t focus on top-tier, high fidelity graphics. Characters in their game are lower poly and don’t seem to use heavy motion and performance capture.


These Capcom Classics Need a Resi-Style Remake

From complete reimaginations to perfect refinements Capcom have breathe new life into classic titles. so which others should they tackle?

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Knightofelemia1d 2h ago

Dino Crisis would be day one for me.

Cacabunga18h ago

Breath of Fire

Skuletor1d ago

I expected them to make a new Darkstalkers using the same engine as Street Fighter IV, then I expected them to make one using the same engine as Street Fighter V, then I gave up expecting anything.

GamerRN10h ago

Please please please, Dead Rising 3 remake! And follow it up with a great DR4! (I pretend that 4 never happened, so I'm still waiting for 4 to release)


I want Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 remake so bad. I loved them both on GameCube. Would also want a brand new Viewtiful Joe 3 as well. 😎


As layoffs batter the industry, FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki says "Now is the time to grow"

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki says, "I do see this as a time for us to continue to grow and continue to cultivate this talent and continue to release these games for as long as we can."

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thorstein2d ago

Interesting what happens when you treat employees like humans. You get incredible games and revenue.

It's a formula for success.

Jon615862d ago (Edited 2d ago )

True that. Happy workers are more productive workers at least in my experience. I wish American developers would get eith the program.

Kiryu19922d ago

So easy to understand yet this isn’t followed by most corporations who treat their employees like numbers

RhinoGamer882d ago

My hope, not verified, is From pays their ultra-hard working staff properly...