Confirmed: Deus Ex’s writer will work on the next Mass Effect

Mike Gambel, Project Director of Bioware, tweets "Oh, hey!
I'm really excited to let you know that Mary DeMarle will be joining the Mass Effect team as Senior Narrative Director. You've seen her work in Guardians of the Galaxy & Deus Ex (to name a few!). She's amazing."

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Cackocacho147d ago

The writing was the least of Andromeda's problems. Though it was god awful, a good writer would not have saved that game from its laughable performance, and sickening political ideology constantly pounding you over the head.

Christopher147d ago

The writing was the biggest issue with the game. So, no, a good writer, let alone one who managed the storyline and its many threads, would definitely have saved the game. Note that writing means characters and includes their designs that go around how they are written. It's pretty much the glue that holds everything together. A better main writer would have done wonders for that game. I mean, seriously, someone wrote a guy who didn't like wearing shirts and was on the hunt for a stupid couch. Let alone a weak "but I wanted to be pathfinder" second officer. And so many other things.

BrainSyphoned147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I just checked and they are still owned by EA who doesn't care if a single player game is a 10/10, it isn't worth their time. I'll wait for Humanoid Studios to make a real Bioware game.

B_Rian89147d ago

I prefer another Deus Ex, but this is cool too