Killzone 3 Splitscreen Image Shows Odd Discrepancy

Guerrilla Games put a lot of work into the Killzone 3 engine, including sterescopic 3D, a feature that really does push the PS3's rendering abilities to its limits. But with the ability to render double the amount of frames per second, gamers have been wondering if the developers had anything else to add to the title. A supposedly leaked image suggests though, but has an odd discrepancy.

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DJ3296d ago

I'm having a hard time believing this image.

jriquelme_paraguay3296d ago

maybe is pointing with the Move

Washington-Capitals3296d ago

I really hope they focus on the fundamental functions of the game first and make sure those are polished to a q. Then go ahead experiment with stuff like splitscreen, 3D, move support. As we have seen recently in certain games, you need to focus on completing the game to the best your ability. Trying to master all is being master in none.

Bathyj3296d ago

Really Washinton, because I thought Killzone 2 was pretty complete and polished.

And once it became apparent the graphics were up to scratch (and couldnt be ridiculed for not reaching the target render) what did everyone talk about then?

No Co-op !

Qui-Gon Jim3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I can't speak for Washington-Capitals, but I took it that he was referring to Fallout: New Vegas. That is a recent game that is known for having tons of glitches.

Or maybe you were just saying that KZ2 was pretty polished, so they can now work on the extras?


''not placing them down at an angle.''

Why would you shoot to your partner? Many games have this functionality to avoid friendly fire.

morganfell3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I see they are getting an early start. Let's not wait until the game is released like happened with GT5. They are realizing that with an AAA title you have to start lowballing it a few months before release.

Remember being with your AI buddies in KZ2? When did they ever aim right at you? Gun position is a natural animation not always controlled by the player - particularly in how said animation appears to other players.

I am in the KZ3 beta and unless your team mate is ADS then the weapon appears down. There is plenty of footage on the web, have a look, go back to the drawing board and start looking for something wrong with Infamous 2 or Resistance 3.

Hideo_Kojima3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

In Killzone 2 when you stood next to other people liko Rico you (Sev) looked really short.

Thats because they placed the camera in Killzone 2 around your chest but a lot of people moaned about this.

So in Killzone 3 they must have moved everything up to your head height meaning the gun is now too high up.

Its not fake its just the way KZ is.

DORMIN3296d ago

@Alpha Centauri:

EXACTLY. This is the anti-friendly fire thing in so many games. lol
Didn't KZ2 even have this?

Halochampian3295d ago

Agree with Washington-Caps

I really didnt like the feel of Killzone 2. The graphics were nice along with the effects but the gameplay bored me. Hopefully the 3rd is more my cup of tea.

Oh and GO CAPS! :)

HolyOrangeCows3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Based on how the player on each screen section is posed, both characters should be aiming their weapons at each other, not placing them down at an angle"

Just like every other shooter on the planet. In 99% of FPS games, you'll actually notice that the bullets come from OVER the barrel of the gun.

It's just how the engine works.

Image: Exhibit A = Call of Duty 4

Halochampian3295d ago


I think Halo does a pretty good job at this. If you look into how Bungie does it.

insomnium23295d ago

A person called halochampian saying KZ2 is not good. What are the odds....?

Kurt Russell3295d ago

I really see this as a non issue. It would be nice to be sorted, but I doubt i would have even noticed it unless pointed out in all honesty.

Lich1203295d ago


Saying a game did something well != KZ2 is bad.

insomnium23295d ago


Did you see both of his comments?

Halochampian3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )


Get off your high horse. I know you find it ludicrous to own all consoles, but i do.

Killzone 2 was also the second game i got for the ps3 and I hated the single player. It just bored me. The multiplayer was a little better but it just wasnt what i liked. I didnt like the control or feel of the game.

I love how fanboys are on here. You say one thing negative about the game and you must be a fanboy of the opposite system. Grow up. I love Halo. But does that mean I hate every other FPS? No.

Killzone 2 was a huge jump over Killzone 1. Hopefully 3 is the same.

Also. You didnt get what Lich120 was saying. I said a game that wasnt KZ2 did something well equals a bad thing because fanboys will attack... as they did.

RIP_Weazel3295d ago

If you shot your team mates in KZ2 enough, they'd turn on you and kill you.

3295d ago
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Traveler3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I don't really see how we can draw any conclusions from this. The gun on the left is aimed downward which could more or less fit in with the gun position of the character in the right side. The gun position of the left isn't really clear.

Shikoro3295d ago

Exactly, I don't know what people are seeing in this pic to be called fake. The positions of the guns in both players' perspectives is right and can't be done better because it's done RIGHT.

Also, Filthy Eskimo (SikTh) is the one who originally leaked the first info about KZ3, you know, the things about the snow. And guess what, he was right so I don't doubt his credibility. :)

Blaze9293296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

from the looks of that screenshot looks like they are pulling a World at War and not having a full screen split-screen experience. I hate games that have those cropped black edges instead of utilizing the full screen.

I think Halo 3 does it too.

DasBunker3296d ago

no matter what people will always find something to b**** about.

wsoutlaw873295d ago

so you dont think having to use only about 1/3 of the screen on split screen is annoying because i agree with Blaze, i hate it

WildArmed3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I agree.
I hated that in R2, I hated that in RE5, I hated that in LP2. I hated that in Reach.
Damn it >.< I like my split screen w/o black spots.
(but I know why they do it, but it just takes it away from the total experience WHEN PLAYING SPLITSCREEN)

Killzone3Helghast3295d ago

people complain about not having splitscreen but when they do have it they still complain. Go figure. Do you even know how much power it needs to render 2 people playing on the same console in splitscreen?

Soldierone3295d ago

Wow just because you make a suggestion people call you out for "bitching" about the game. Its a flaw, obviously people hate it, so why not fix it? Nuff said.

WildArmed3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

So if they do a half-assed job for splitscreen it's ok?
I rather them not do it at all, I know it hurts you that people CRITICIZE killzone 3, but believe it or not.
Criticism is what makes a game improve, not ass kissing.

If people see something they don't like, unless they vocalize it, no1 will ever know.
If people see something they like, unless they vocalize it, no1 will ever know.

It goes both ways.
If you wanna close ur eyes and only read ass-kissing comments, you are in the wrong place.

I doesn't matter how much 'powerz' it needs.
It doesn't mean you do a half-assed job bcoz you used to much of the 'powerz' already.
Keep it simple then, no splitscreen.

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Bits-N-Kibbles3296d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I won't believe it till I hear it from the Gorilla'z mouf.

Maddens Raiders3295d ago

hard time believing this is news.

visualb3295d ago

its such a silly analysis...

the game model wouldn't be holding the gun EXACTLY in the same position as the person aiming...

this is seen in EVERY single FPS....its just a matter of matching the model up perfectly with the controller...

I doubt they'd FAKE this...seriously =P

big deal over nothing...however be careful with what you wish for..they might remove it if we keep jinxing it =O

gameraxis3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

fake... and it looks like maybe sev is holding a different gun all together.. nowhere on that gun is the flat, slope, flat steel top, and the gun sev is holding looks like it has iron sights in one, and some sort of squarish red dot in the other... so i challenge consolepress to look VERRY CCARRRFULLY before releasing garbage. also theres lighting on the top surface of sevs gun in the image of him, and no lighting in the fps view. it may look like the slope is there now that i look twice, but still distortion is off, lighting is off, something is off about this, and if not, who gives a crap, maybe they're talking to each other and GG wanted it too look like sev is holding his gun at ease while talking with his back against the wall, but if ur playing sev u see the normal view of the gun. we simply don't know enough about this game to make any assumptions and even if this article is right, who cares? stupidest article I've ever read, insignificant point.

UnbiasedTroll3295d ago

“Call of Duty: Black Ops has been an incredible success on PlayStation 3,” said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA). “Treyarch's latest efforts are driving unprecedented traffic to the PlayStation Network with the flagship online experience this holiday season.”

thats sad..flagship shooter on PS3 is Call Of Duty. Oh where at thou Killzone 2 now? died within 1 month.

XsteveJ3295d ago

Did you even read your own quote? "flagship online experience THIS HOLIDAY SEASON."

Nice try.

thorstein3295d ago

Not only that. I am in the BETA and NOTHING looks that craptacular.

solidt123295d ago

this isn't news and this games is not even out yet.

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PirateThom3296d ago

Even if it is real, so what?

In FPS games you're holding your gun up all the time, which you wouldn't in real life... so, in fact, the "guns down" is "real life", the actual aiming camera is "game".

jriquelme_paraguay3296d ago

true.. some times in Bad COmpany 2 i aproach an enemy thinking he isn see me.. WROOOONG.. "BOOM HEADSHOT", and i die.

But, i think thats why games need to show you better where your enemy is looking/aiming
sory for my english

WildArmed3295d ago

haha yeah. But sometimes it happens due to radar, or they're teamates screaming GUY BEHIND YOU.

But I've had that happen when the guy headshot me even thou he was facing like 90 degrees to the right o_O

visualb3295d ago

exactly my point right above you pirtate.

you get it. I can't believe GAMERS could even consider this point...its so common in FPS, even today

awiseman3296d ago

Thats not that important you know...

They did the same thing with Halo:Reach.

One small issue and the game is crap right? FAIL

ZombieNinjaPanda3296d ago

He didn't say it's crap, he's just not sure whether this is real or not.

XI_-Minty-_IX3296d ago

This isn't really conclusive evidence that the pic is fake or anything. Take Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for example. Your character model actually has the gun down, but on your screen, the gun is up.

Dom63903296d ago

killzone 2 employed this as well the only time the gun is up on the character model is when you are using the iron sights :) which they are not in the video

GeoramA3296d ago

Since there's no 360 exclusives to be excited for, crap all over the PS3's!

hoops3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Yes we know. It's all a conspiracy against Sony and the PS3!!!!

Saying that, this is a silly article.

SpartanPrince3296d ago

all he said is that the image might be fake. He's not downplaying kz3. Dont be so defensive