New RPCS3 Patches Drastically Improve Performance and Visuals in God of War 3 and Killzone 3 on PC

New RPCS3 patches have been released which significantly improve the performance and visual quality of God of War 3 and Killzone 3.

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1184d ago
LegoIsAwesome1183d ago

Give Sony a year or 2, and they'll be like

Sony: "You get a PC release!, You get a PC release!!, Everybody gets a PC release!"

Emulation will be dead. So I think your comment should be "Bless Sony"

MadLad1183d ago

There's more companies out there than Sony, bud.
The fact that you think emulation dies when Sony inevitably goes full force with PC ports says a lot.

As for the performance of HZD at launch, Sony should probably concentrate on releasing proper ports before we're bowing down to them, eh?

FreeckyCake1182d ago

Emulation will never die.
Go to sleep

FreeckyCake1184d ago

And that will cost you....... just a high-end pc of course.
Jokes aside, the developers are doing a very great job!

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1184d ago
TeamIcoFan1183d ago

Why doesn't Sony just hire these guys and get PS3 emulation running on PS5?

JEECE1183d ago

Because spending hundreds of millions on a steaming service that everyone hates was clearly a better idea. And yes I know PSNow is good for PS4 games because you can download them, but I'm talking about for PS3 games.

SamPao1183d ago

Speak for yourself, the "everyone" you are talkimg about is clearly not everyone

wocati12891183d ago

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Ratchet751183d ago

Psnow is great for ps4 and ps2 games but the streaming side of things is pretty average.
I have a 120 mbp/s wifi speed and textures looks so muddy and the fps is all over the place.
XCloud is so much better in that respect.

ILostMyMind1183d ago

Why everyone hates PSNow if people seems too excited about xCloud?

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MadLad1183d ago

Pretty much as JEECE said;
There's no money in it for them, and it can at least be used to push a streaming service that isn't exactly popular, from what I've seen.

People give MS a lot of flack for being far weaker than Sony in the 1st party releases, but they offered value their platform by going out of pocket to modernize games from every generation of theirs. Let alone gamepass. They didn't even hide those updates behind gamepass, which I don't even think you could have blamed them if they did.

Sony, on the other hand, literally removed PS2 compatibility from the PS3 early on, and then just sold everything via remaster or on their online store.

That's not me purely attacking Sony. I love my Pro, and it's the only console I bought this gen, but they do seem to aim towards the route of most profit, even if it negatively affects the consumer, as long as they have a strong hold on the market.

SonyStyled1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

They removed PS2 comparability because they couldn’t sell a PS1, PS2 and PS3 “all in one” console with a ‘ahead of its time’ Blu-ray drive, built in WiFi, rechargeable controllers, and free online play for $600. At the time it was a steal for value, but most people weren’t willing do drop $600 for that PS1-3 console when for $400 the 360 could do essentially the same (except WiFi, buying AA batteries, and paying for online play. So Sony reduced their production cost by cutting the PS2 out (who didn’t have one anyway?) and at the end, it was a decision that won them the generation against the 360. I can’t say they were against the consumer, because if the consumer wanted all of BC, they would have bought the $600 PS3. But the consumers spoke with their wallets early, and responded graciously with the $299 ps3 slim

MadLad1182d ago


Sony released a $600 console they thought would sell like hotcakes. It didn't. They then stripped features out of the console, and sold it for cheaper to make better sales.

They didn't offer the more expensive model to those who wanted it, but definitely doubled down on remasters. I'll say again, the fact that they could offer previous generation games on a storefront, digitally, means that the emulation could still work on the later PS3 systems either way.

They went the route of charging vs allowing gamers to play their original versions. It's anti-consumer, and you're defending a giant, multi-national company in making anti-consumer choices that only benefitted them financially.

catlover3161183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Sony is the same company who wants to charge you per game to use their ps2 emulator on ps4. I could go on, but that’s all you need to know. Thank goodness for Microsoft competing with them, otherwise ps4 games wouldn’t be playable on ps5.

SonyStyled1183d ago

Because there are over 80 million ps3s that were sold. If you are a gamer you have one. If you want to play those games you can buy one. If you had one and sold it, your an idiot. Sony doesn’t owe you anything. If for whatever reason cannot get another PS3, you have ps now. Gosh, the amount of “why doesn’t Sony hire these guys to” is getting cringey. If you wanted to play PS3 games, you would either have a PS3 or play on PS Now. I have 3 PS3’s and over 170 physical games for it

MadLad1183d ago

You're blindly making excuses for a company that took away a feature from you.

You keep saying "who didn't have one by then" though they removed that feature far before the PS3 took off.
Just freaking admit Sony has done some anti-consumer workings the last 2 gens.

Emulation is software. If it already exists, and is compatible with the hardware, then it can exist in the future.
Emulation isn't a component to the system. It doesn't have to be, at the very least.

They cut emulation to sell games. It's as simple as that. The fact they had older gen titles on their store is as simple of a proof to that as physically possible.

RazzerRedux1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


"You're blindly making excuses for a company that took away a feature from you."

No, they didn't. If you bought a PS3 with backwards combability then that feature works perfectly fine even today.

"Emulation is software. If it already exists, and is compatible with the hardware, then it can exist in the future.
Emulation isn't a component to the system. It doesn't have to be, at the very least.

They cut emulation to sell games. It's as simple as that. The fact they had older gen titles on their store is as simple of a proof to that as physically possible."

There were two versions of PS3 that had BC. The first literally had all the hardware of PS2 inside the PS3. There was no emulation. The second version had partial emulation but still required actual PS2 hardware in the system for much of the functionality.

As was pointed out, this was removed as the system was far too expensive. Sony eventually introduced PS2 Classics but was entirely digital and didn't recognize PS2 discs. So people had to buy the games even if they already owned disc versions. You can call that anti-consumer if you want, but no more so than Remedy requiring their customers to buy a new version of Control to get next-gen upgrades which you defended. What did you say? Remedy owes you nothing? Well....say the same for Sony then.

"Sony needs to update the Killzone series off of disc, not charging you, like MS does."

Wow. Pure hypocrisy.


generic-user-name1183d ago

Because backwards compatibility is a nice feature but not one that actually gets used enough by gamers to be worth the hassle. PS4 has no BC but still sold 110m+ units. The vocal minority strike again.

343_Guilty_Spark1183d ago

Sony already knows how to get it to work it's just not a priority.

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RevXM1183d ago

This emulator is going places.
If Sony aint developing one for Ps5 at least we have this, and oh boyy does KZ3 look excellent in 1440p.

MadLad1183d ago

Apparently KZ3 doesn't look excellent in 1440p because fanbo....

Reasons. Because N4G reasons.

r2oB1183d ago

First off let me start off by saying I think BC is a good feature. Preferably natively but emulation would be good as well. With that said I’m not going to pretend that it’s an easy task and isn’t costly. Unlike the Xbox, PlayStations run on different architectures (for better or worse) so they would either need multiple emulators or an emulator that can run different platforms; and unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn’t have the capital to be reckless, therefore they have to manage things better. So the cost of creating and maintaining such an emulator may not be cost effective, if even possible. RPCS3 has been out for like 9 years, and according to their compatibility page almost 100% of AAA games are listed as “in game” which means they either can’t be finished, have serious glitches, or insufficient performance (KZ3 looks great, but what’s the point if you can’t finish it). Would compatibility be higher if Sony was behind it? Sure. But who knows how much higher, and at what expense. Even Microsoft doesn’t have anywhere near 100% compatibility and their consoles have similar architecture and they have been investing in it for years as a main feature. If I have to choose between Microsoft’s approach of investing heavily in BC at the expense of current AAA quality games, and Sony prioritizing AAA quality games at the expense of playing old games via BC. I’m choosing Sony’s approach. It would be nice to have both, but evidently it’s not possible currently on consoles.