What The Hell Happened To Killzone?

Are we ever going to see more of what was once one of Sony’s premier franchises?

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_SilverHawk_1571d ago

Hopefully Sony makes more killzone akin to killzone 2. I really like the darker tone

porkChop1571d ago

I agree. But cut down on the F bombs. I have no issue with swearing as I swear all the time, but KZ2 threw out F bombs like every 2 seconds. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in one sentence. It honestly felt forced and awkward. The game itself was great though. Loved the art style.

I'd really like to play from the other side though. From reading the lore the Helghast actually seem to be the "good" guys, or the oppressed. It would be nice to switch things up.

Bleucrunch1570d ago

that is a rather specific gripe...the game is set in war times between feuding worlds and folks are getting killed. I think its as real as can be for the circumstances, you would cuss too if you had bullets and grenades coming your way from all different directions. Definitely wouldn't be concerned about PC wording......

chris2351570d ago

never ever play bulletstorm then

Sunny_D1570d ago

I think it was less being offensive and more just saying it at the wrong times. The dialog wasn’t the best from Rico.

WickedLester1570d ago

I agree with this. I actually started noticing it in part 3. Like you, I have no problem with 4-letter words. But too much of it starts to get distracting after a while.

Hungryalpaca1570d ago

Go watch any footage with soldiers in combat. The f bomb is dropped more than actual bombs.

nucky641570d ago

i've never been in one, but i imagine war will bring out the swear words a little more often than in peacetime.

Sciurus_vulgaris1570d ago

I personally enjoyed the campaigns of Killzone 2 & 3. I personally don’t like the ISA characters due to their voice acting and I very strongly dislike the character of Rico. As I didn’t enjoy shadowfall too much and found it too be a step back from 2 &3. If their is another Killzone game, I would perfer playing the campaign from the Helghast perspective.

porkChop1570d ago


"Definitely wouldn't be concerned about PC wording...."

When did I ever say it needed to be PC? I'm fine with profanity, that's not a problem. I'm talking about how it was almost literally every other word. It was cringey and awkward.

I'm not saying to make the game PG or anything, I just hope they take the writing more seriously. It felt like it was written by a 12 year old who just learned how to swear.

Christopher1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

***I think its as real as can be for the circumstances, you would cuss too if you had bullets and grenades coming your way from all different directions. ***

I don't play games to experience realism, but to enjoy them and the atmosphere. I prefer not to have my game cursing at me. It's not like most war movies depict people cursing throughout.

***Go watch any footage with soldiers in combat. The f bomb is dropped more than actual bombs.***

They also don't have save points for restarting after dying. How is this an argument "for" anymore than the opinion that someone wants less of it in a video game?

rainslacker1570d ago

F THAT! the more the.better I say😁

Dirtnapstor1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I agree with porkChop in that a continuous run of expletives gets old and ridiculous. Yes, it could be something warranted contextually, but generally, are writers unable to come up with better dialogue?
In the real world, how one carries him/herself reflects a degree of intelligence. This shouldn’t necessarily get lost in narrative scripting....unless you’re writing a part for a blithering idiot.

SierraGuy1570d ago Show
feenix-51569d ago

I 100% agree, while yes in a war time environment F-Bombs would be a regular thing, KZ2 shot them off like a 3rd grader that just learned a new swear word

yeahokwhatever1569d ago

I wish games would let you turn off bad language.

UltraNova1569d ago

Well if the only gripe you guys can come up with about KZ2 is the swearing then its a testament on how frickin good the game was.

Shooting was excellent, atmosphere was beyond impressive at the time, story was decent (for a Killzone game) and the those sweet pixels...I was floored the whole ride. I've played it on hard from the get go and let me tell you I had a blast. The only other shooter I enjoyed so darn much was Black on ps2 and Halo Combat Evolved. Yes to this day K2 is the best fps I've played. It was right up my alley, heavy, dark and unapologetic.

These days Guerilla Games has demonstrated chops to reboot this IP and take it to the next level. But it has to be inline with K2's atmosphere and general gameplay feeling.

Until then a Killzone trilogy remake should suffice.

KillBill1569d ago

When I cam back home the first time in a long time after being in the military my mother commented that my language became nothing but F bombs. Simply did not realize it myself but the things you pick-up in the military usually start with such language.

Knushwood Butt1569d ago

Actually agree. Annoying characters dropping f bombs is not cool.

Still, aside from that, I loved KZ2 and 3. The PS4 game was a bit clinical, but I really should play through it again sometime.

Kratos_Kart20071569d ago

Dude...War isn't cute and cuddly....

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THEDON82z11570d ago

I want a Helghan vs Chimera crossover for PS5. I think the Helghan attitude towards war would make a perfect story. It could be allot like the Battle for Stalingrad but drawn out into a crazy story.

porkChop1570d ago

Hmm. That could be really cool if done right.

1-pwnsause-11570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

That’s how people speak in the military lol, so it makes sense

fr0sty1570d ago

Horizon came out and proved GG could make a game with real depth.

KillZallthebeast1569d ago

Well the game is essentially space Nazi's so the darker tone just worked better

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TiredandRetired1571d ago

With the huge success of Horizon Zero Dawn, the studio was meant to expand from then, around 250 employees to around 400. They were supposed to move into a new studio space as well. I haven't kept up with it since that news, so I don't know if those numbers were achieved. But if so, it's possible that they've adopted a 2 active project pipeline. We'll see.

I do believe Killzone deserves another chance. Shadow Fall's execution was meh, but like your article says, it was beautiful, even by today's standards. (hence why Horizon and Kojima's Death Stranding went on to use the Decima engine), and most importantly to me, the multiplayer was still really well done for its time. While not as weighty as Killzone 2, Killzone Shadow Fall still has a nice weight to it that other shooters don't have. It's a nice break from super fast, twitch shooters. I actually see more people working together because of that and not going rogue. I also liked the drones and some of the different unit's abilities. The MP maps were nicely done.

I also really loved Mercenaries on the Vita and wouldn't mind a more fleshed out version of that on a console sequel, or probably a side-story project.

I want to see both a new Killzone and a new Horizon game. Guerrilla has something nice on its hands with Killzone, despite its stumbles and could knock it out of the park if they go back to the series with new passion. Horizon's lore was amazing for me, so they DO have capable writers. I think a lot of Shadow Fall's campaign shortcomings may have been because of pressure to release as a launch title. The pacing was all off and just felt weird at times. Other moments, it started to feel pretty good, so it was pretty inconsistent. Let the next one simmer in production a bit longer, don't rush it and hopefully we'll see Killzone hit new heights. The studio is certainly talented enough for it.

_SilverHawk_1571d ago

So you're a fanboy? A fanboy of a good game. I thought the vita version was amazing and reminded me of killzone 2. I wouldn't mind a PSVR version of killzone 2. 16 vs 16 in radec academy.

TiredandRetired1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

A fan, a pretty big fan maybe, but not a fanboy. I think fanboyism is to blindly praise "X" like a Sun God worshipper, never questioning or admitting faults. I game on all platforms, have my preferences of course, but I'll be quick to tell you when one of them makes a misstep. I'll always just be a fan of games first and foremost.

I didn't like the first Killzone at all, at least from what I can remember way back on PS2. Loved Killzone 2, still own it. Killzone 3 felt like it was a financial necessity sequel for the studio. Paint by numbers without the real heart I felt 2 had. I sold it off after beating it. My order of favorites is KZ2 > KZM > KZSF > KZ3 > KZ. I never played Liberation, but always meant to pick it up from PSN to play on my Vita.

But yea, I agree w what you said, KZ Mercenaries was amazing and I like your idea of PSVR, even though I don't own one yet. I'd like to.

UnholyLight1570d ago

Here's hoping a new Killzone might appear next gen. Would definitely convince me to stay within Sony among other reasons like Uncharted! I bought a PS4 this gen explicitly for the exclusives but found myself mostly just playing multiplats on PS4...Was very disappointed that I spent my whole childhood wishing I could play Killzone games and then when PS4 came out expecting a couple Killzone games...and while Shadow Fall was gorgeous and still was a bit of a letdown for me.

pcz1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

killzone is a generic fps. all it really had going for it was great graphics. its enjoyable and thrilling in the moment but has no lasting impact.

INMATEofARKHAM1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Honestly, pretty much all of Sony's first party shooters this generation has sucked... Last gen they had failures but at least they tried. MAG, SOCOMs. Warhawk (and Starhawk)

They at least carried over Killzone and Uncharted but, in all honesty, Sony dropped the ball. Those games deserved better MP support. Uncharted in particular. It's a completely unique take on a 3rd person shooter and it could be more than it is... A mode most people ignore or move on from way too soon because Sony never fully invests in it.

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purple1011571d ago

I brought a ps4 for GT Sport.
I will buy a ps5 for Killzone.

They both have this specific feeling you just can't get elsewhere.

bloop1570d ago

Where did you bring your PS4 for GT Sport??

VenomCarnage891570d ago

You'd get the PS5 for Killzone, but you didn't get a PS4 for Killzone? It was a launch title.

PoSTedUP1570d ago

I didnt get a ps4 because of gtsport. Been a gt fan for 24 years and its a damn shame they didnt remaster 6 or had just made gt7.

TheGamingArt1569d ago

Buddy, you’re counting wrong

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slate911571d ago

I was one of those players who were complaining about Killzone 2's movement system. The 'drunken-elephant'. I was naive and didn't realize they created something special and unique. Looking back, Killzone 2 is one of the greatest shooters ever, not only because of the graphics, but because it had its own identity in playstyle and features.
I hope the devs return it to the way it was.

skwidd1570d ago

It's nice to hear but also so sad. The criticism and originality in its mechanics alienated those who didn't see. I loved it so so much. The child no one gave a chance because they couldn't see how special it was. That led to KZ3 and the slow demise.. Hoping they visit it again after seeing how it does have a very hardcore fanbase (from KZ2) that they could go back to those roots, I'm sure these mechanics have been accepted more widely now that players have more appreciation for such nuances. Back then everyone played Halo and COD so KZ2 breaking the mold/standard was not so welcome.

Gardenia1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

A while back I was thinking about the Killzone 2 multiplayer days. A very special game and a lot of fun too. I still hear that cool sound when you killed someone. They should bring back the style of Killzone 2, both in gameplay and graphics

Edit: I just watched a view Killzone 2 multiplayer videos, and holy shit that game still looks amazing


Your comment made me go watch aswell. So much fun. Then BeachHead came out which was my favorite map from one and all is history. Why hasent there been a remaster for this.

kneon1570d ago

If PS5 launches with a KZ2 remaster then I wouldn't need to buy any other games for quite a while. My favorite multi-player FPS by far.

Sophisticated_Chap1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The only problem with KZ2, were the 1 hour and 90 minute match games that people were creating, which got boring after 1/2 hour, but if you quit, you wouldn't get the points you earned from the match. Outside of that, it was one of the best games last gen.

Those few years around KZ2 were the golden years of gaming IMO. You had KZ2, Killzone 3, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Uncharted 2, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Motorstorm, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Burnout Paradise, Socom: Confrontation, God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, The Darkness, F.E.A.R., F.E.A.R. 2, Far Cry 2, CoD 4, CoD: WaW, MW2, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943, GTA4, all within a 3-4 year span.

Gaming has changed so much since then. You just don't see so many great games released in such a short period of time anymore. I miss those days :(

kneon1569d ago


I absolutely loved those 1-2+ hour matches. They could be so intense. And because you're playing against the same people for so long, you each start to learn how the other side tries to approach the game, so you try to counter, and then they counter your counter etc. It's awesome.

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Dirtnapstor1570d ago

It was awesome. The design for the mechanics were unique. You could almost feel the weight of the guns while playing.
Killzone 5 please!

Razzer1570d ago

Which was a massive improvement.

Rimeskeem1570d ago

To Shadowfall, yes

Overall, different types of games so