PlayStation Home Updates Core Client to Version 1.4

"Hey everyone!

Great news: On Thursday, November 11th, PlayStation Home will update to version 1.4. This update to the core client will have an enormous impact on users and developers alike, as it is literally jam-packed with new and revised features. A full list of these features will be posted next week, but before the weekend hits I wanted to hop in here and give you all a sneak peek at some of the exciting new features that will be coming with this update."

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scar204712d ago

Haven't logged into it for awhile might have to next week.

Godmars2904712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

Why do people who don't or haven't used Home in a while, if at all, feel the compulsion to come into Home related articles just to say they haven't or wont go into Home?

Edit@George Sears:
Bandwidth and/or troll issues.

OSU_Gamer4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )


It is the same thing as people who havent used or won't be using Kinect going into Kinect related articles just to say theydon't use it or won't use it.

You mean to tell me that you have been in a comment section of a gaming related item that you havent used or won't be using just to say something like that?
You can substitute other words for Kinect and Home as well:

I really find it hard to believe.

And what website do you think your on?


Last time I checked, you comment on 360 related artciles fairly often.

Close_Second4712d ago

...but like me they are still trying to figure out what the hell Home is all about. I tried it and could honestly see no point to it at all beyond that of being a big virtual ad.

Godmars2904712d ago

In fact this is really no different than pro-Kinect people applying their opinions about something most never touched before it was out towards others.

Yes I've comment in more than a few Kinect articles, but its been to express my opinion and ask questions. Not tell others what their opinions should be or to shoot down questions because I don't want to hear them.

edgeofblade4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

Godmars: Hypocrisy Fail.

Ok, I'll ask a question to validate my presensce in this thread.

Is this a quantum leap in functionality since the last time I logged in? Something that turns Home into something other than a massive cockup of advertising... a giant heat-sink of eyesores? Or is it still the same half-baked world of loading screens, standing in line to play games that would have been moderately entertaining without the wait, and pre-scripted dancing parties?

And don't forget... it promotes "Playstation Lifestyle", a perpetual state of shill where only true gamers reside and constantly bend over for Sony.

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Max Power4712d ago

I also "ran away from home," it just wasn't my thing. Perhaps I'll take another look at it next week after the update. Also does anyone know if they stopped the whole having to download every section almost weekly?

WildArmed4712d ago

lol nice pun.

I'm not a home fan, but there are reasons why i visit every odd month.

1. CUSTOMES / Rewards (earned from games -- like White Knigth Chornicles)

2. Game-theme rooms.. I really liked the Uncharted room

3. Ok.. that's all i got. I was going to put TROPHY ROOM here but guess what? It's not here yet ='(

edgeofblade4712d ago

I would think that if you have PSN+, you should also get all the Home spaces downloaded automatically. It would make a LOT of sense.

WildArmed4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

Neat update.

Though I doubt it'll convince me to log back on.

But it's good to know that group chat is active again! :D

George Sears4712d ago

Don't get why they took that out in the first place.

saint_john_paul_ii4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

it was becoming out of control with ridiculous spamming. this will make it more manageable.

Redempteur4712d ago

yep spamming made the ambiant impossible to manage.

while this update is cool i just can't wait on XI spiritual sucessor coming up

lodossrage4712d ago

"it was becoming out of control with ridiculous spamming. this will make it more manageable. "

Even though that would make sense, you're wrong. That's not why it was taken away. It was taken away because it was causing bandwidth overloads to the point people couldn't log into HOME. Remember when it first came out of closed beta how people could only stay on HOME for minutes at a time before they were cut?, now you know why

edgeofblade4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

Respectfully, no. I don't remember. Because while I was in the closed beta, I knew Home was going to be an abject failure and I skipped the open beta almost entirely.

Shazz4712d ago

dedicated chat channels in home sounds awesome but would be better if you could launch into games and still chat to the party

ThatIrishGamer4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

Maybe that's what the cool developer features are?

Compulsory game launching from Home. Get all your mates online...have a game of pool waiting for the others...then when all 6 are in Home just click "Black Ops search and destroy"....next thing you're in the game loading screen on one team in a public match.

Shazz4712d ago

that would be awesome , only thing missing from ps3 that a good amount of people would enjoy

KaiokenKid4712d ago

I know im a minority in most game circles for doing this, but I generaly hop into home atleast once a week just to walk around and look at the theater. So if theyre adding mroe stuff for me to do, cool beans.

edgeofblade4712d ago

I'm guessing you don't have many games to play.

I'm honestly not trying to ridicule you, but I usually view Home as being a "free" haven for people who don't have better things to do online.

menoyou4712d ago

PlayStation Home is a worthless piece of crap until they bring back voice chat.

nickjkl4712d ago

do you like cod and think quick scopes and no scioes are pro

redsquad4712d ago

Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.