The Fans Who Refuse to Let PlayStation Home Die

IGN - Hardcore PlayStation Home fans are using unique methods to resurrect the divisive social space 6 years after its death. This is the Inside Story of the fans who refuse to let PlayStation Home die.

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Vanfernal116d ago

Lots of fond memories of PS Home. I think the concept was great but at the moment Sony didn't have the social architecture for it. A new take taking advantage of modern social medía features would be cool.

roadkillers116d ago

The E3 that presented Home was the best. God of War 2 had just released, Home looked fun, LBP blew everyone away, And MGS4 was getting ready to blow the doors off the PS3

boing1116d ago

In hindsight, PS Home would be a perfect getaway from current pandemic situation around the world.

Relientk77116d ago

The first time I played PlayStation Home, I was totally lazy and didn't make my own character because I just wanted to see how the game was. My default character was a girl. So many dudes were hitting on me and flirting with me just because my character was a girl. It was so funny. Lol

1Victor116d ago

Home was 2+ generations ahead of it times

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The story is too old to be commented.