Report: Sony Updates PlayStation Home Trademark for the Second Time This Year

Sony has updated the trademark for PlayStation home again, which makes it the second time this year. Soho Engine -- the engine used for PS Home -- trademark has been updated too.

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CaptainHenry91664d ago

Are they trying to bring it back or something 🤔

RavenTears64d ago

I wouldn't be surprised, if the making PlayStation Home for PSVR2

SullysCigar63d ago

This could be huge. Just look at VR Chat and then go bigger!

jukins62d ago

Exactly make hime like vr chat combined with rec room style games. And personally id love sports champion style games in the home area that you can join and leave at your leisure while others are able to watch and commentate

Babadook764d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Home was cool but the big problem was constant long load times. The M2 drive in PS5 would eliminate most of that problem, so they might want to bring it back.

CaptainHenry91664d ago (Edited 64d ago )

You got a point. That load time was ridiculous and outrageous and one of the reasons why I didn't go back to it

excaliburps63d ago

Yep. With consoles now, the actual dream is feasible. It wouldn't surprise me to see Sony launch it.

Nitrowolf263d ago

load times def played a bit part, but I also think a lot of the promise features not making the cut also hurt it. Like the trophy room, and I think had planned for shared viewing stuff.

I think now would be a great time to bring it back though, tech has evolved and all

EvertonFC63d ago

Agreed load times were long, anyone else think the future of playstation main conference events will be in HOME for Vr and non VR users moving fwd? I'd much rather spend time in HOME in VR watching the shows than on YouTube or twitch.

porkChop63d ago

My issue wasn't really the load times. Home just felt kinda pointless to me. I tried to like it, but I never felt compelled by any of the features or activities.

I think the idea is really, really cool. I hope Sony reboots it, but in a different way.

Sunny_D63d ago

Exact reason why I couldnt play/use Home for a longer time. If the load times are effectively eliminated the world may feel very cohesive going from one area to another lol.

Om4ever63d ago

Even with instaneous access it stays the most stupid thing ever created... Boring like hell

alb189963d ago

I think it was cool too and having VR now could make it cooler.

S2Killinit63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

The load time prevented me from ever clicking on it. So it was a no go from the beginning. If they make it snappy, they maybe unto something really cool for social gaming. Make it PSVR and its going to be amazing.

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EvertonFC63d ago

I think it's a given, non existent load times going from one area to another would be a huge plus this time around.
Hope they bring back XI that was great in HOME plus great for chess and bowling etc.
VR and HOME fits like a glove imo plus I heard they have eye tracking tech which regonises who you are looking at in HOME and will automatically engage chat with the mic? When looking at someone?

italiangamer64d ago

PlayStation Home was freaking amazing, I had so much fun with it especially back then with the Xi storyline! Hopefully they bring it back.

EvertonFC63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

XI was awesome, met so many playsation friends helping each other out with puzzles, plus HOME 2 with funfair rides and funfair games like hook the duck, air rifle shooting at targets etc, big ferris wheel, roller coasters all in glorious gfx and RT funfair with all the lights 😊
I used to have someone on my friends list who worked on Xmas content for HOME

Notellin63d ago

It was such a great idea. I love the idea of a virtual hub/menu instead of the flat tile UI we have now.

It had so much potential but technology was lacking. Now they could definitely use it properly.

execution1763d ago

I sure do miss Watchung stuff in the theater or playing bowling or pool

EvertonFC63d ago

I use YouTube now for film trailers but back on ps3 with HOME it was always the theatre I'd watch the new trailers on.
HOME was def ahead of its time.
I spent £30 on furniture when drunk one night lol, never did spend much time in my apartment though 🙄 what a drunken mistake that was 😂 🤣 and I was a sucker for odd t-shirt here and there lol.
Apparently HOME was profitable for Sony just not billions in a not so user friendly MT world back then, imagine gamers today with there MT fettishes

saint_seya63d ago

i enjoyed playing bowling the most, pool was cool too.

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Atticus_finch63d ago

Please bring back PS home it was awesome.

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