Fortnite Is Becoming The New PlayStation Home

Fortnite wants to become more and more like a social experience, instantly bringing to mind the likes of PlayStation Home.

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darthv72982d ago

hmm... I hadn't thought of it that way. And it would explain a lot. Sony could bring back 'home' but it would be via their investment in Epic and Fortnite. i miss home. That was a fun break from things. It seems like it would be a good project for PSVR if they ever did decide to bring it back.

YungDragon982d ago

The bowling alley was such love. My friends and I would meet up there every Fri night, and just go til we couldn't

RangerWalk267982d ago

Were you to old to go out? To drink and such? That sounds like an alternative to... Well everything else.

THC CELL982d ago

Forget fortnight playstation dreams should go social I mean creators can make social hubs like a game called roablox or even rec room but own styles

Abnor_Mal982d ago

One of the worst things Sony did was shut down Home. There were always people in most locations you went to. People meeting for the first time, listening to music, playing built in games, watching movies with friends in your private residence and theater.

The younger people spent so much money on the little cosmetics like clothes and skins, furniture that sonu had to have made truckloads of money.

I don't think anyone that really used Home cared that it never evolved into what Sony first envisioned. I never cared for a virtual trophy room of all games I've played to show friends, just check my profile.

Home was just a fun place to hang when you didn't feel like playing a game but still wanted some kind of interaction ton with friends on the system. Most of my friends list comprise of people I met in Home some i still speak to everyday like nine years later.

Lore982d ago

It would be a win win situation for them as a business and us as consumers. They could eventually have advertisements on buildings (similar to New York) and make a bunch of revenue on that, while we get the Home experience back. It’s a sims like experience that I’d actually invest some time in if executed right. With the ssd they could even allow an option on the home screen to jump right in to Home with your avatar. Display trophies in one of your properties. Possibilities are endless

PersonX982d ago

Playstation Home was the most useless thing on ps3

SonyStyled982d ago

If you didn’t use it much, sure. But many did. I have plenty of great memories on Home. It was fun, but I found it annoying to always update/download new spaces with a 60gb hdd, even though I always experienced something new once I did. I enjoyed the EA sports game space, motorstorm carrier, carnival, etc. Home was actually pretty great. Would have loved to see it carry to PS4, but Phil Harrison’s departure hurt the long term vision

Inverno982d ago

HOME was where I spent my nights in running man dance move conga lines, humping people while spamming the start button, pretending to give blowjobs to those stuck waiting their turn to bowl, glitching through walls and walking outside of boundaries. Nothing has come close to that experience, especially not fortnite.

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The story is too old to be commented.