Microsoft Kinect: Makes PlayStation Move Seem Ancient (RunDLC)

"After building his first car, Henry Ford said, "If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse." That quote ran through my mind as I played Kinect this past weekend. I had been skeptical ever since Microsoft announced its new camera. It seemed too good to be true, a paperweight that would collect dust like Xbox Live Vision and countless other peripherals. Then I experienced Kinect Sports, and was hooked. Most importantly, I questioned PlayStation Move’s significance."

John Artest (RunDLC)

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rroded3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

"Is Kinect 100 percent accurate? No. Does it have issues? Yes. Are they bad enough to cripple the device? Absolutely"

so that wii sports knock off is that good lol even if it was it still wont sell.

hammersuit3650d ago

I thought the pre-orders were looking really strong on Kinect, with Amazon and Best Buy stopping them last week, and many Gamestops stopping them over the weekend?

darthv723650d ago

accuracy is relevant to system performance. This device is being released with a very casual appeal to it however there is also the PC factor. Like the old days of web cams, the speed of the PC helped/hindered its displayable quality.

The 360 may be its debut platform but we know it will expand from there. It will play a more active role in the next console from MS and quite possibly be a major interface for the next version of windows.

MS is really taking the motion cam aspect pretty serious with recent news of buying another company that makes cameras/components.

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I don't question the significance of Move or Kinect.

Both are their respective company's attempt to get into the motion control gaming arena.

I question, much more so for Kinect than Move, the starting lineups of games made specific for the motion controllers. While the Move does have the ability to work with previous games that were standard controller only and is coming out with new games that are motion-controller specific, both at release are only showing titles that tend to sell towards the casual crowd.

At least I have seen games on the Horizon for Move that show the potential to be a great combination of Motion and hardcore gaming capabilities. I can not say the same for Kinect.

If it's a question of which one is more fun to play, I'm not sure I'll ever know that since I'm only buying one until some major changes are seen that make it worthwhile for me to own both (I don't have a Wii, otherwise I wouldn't buy either at this time) and that choice is clearly with the Move considering its more diverse lineup of games that also show signs of hardcore gaming in the next 6 months.

darthv723650d ago

I see what you're saying. One thing has been constant is that at the launch of any new platform or accessory the quality of the software pales in comparison to what is released later.

Move actually had it easy to patch existing titles for the alternate control scheme. Kinect...forget about it. The focus of kinect at start is straight up no controller gameplay type of games.

We know there will be combination of controller/kinect games but to try and stress that fact is somewhat pointless. Now the fans are all about what is said is the gospel. MS says that YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER and then if they showed off a controller/kinect game. The "u no wut" hits the fan.

As for fun...that is a relative term. Everyone has a different perception of what is considered fun. To ME, ALL games are fun.

The current kinect for casuals campaign that fans are spreading is getting old. It will be for core as well. The insecurity of it simply being released is driving some bonkers that denial is the auto fire setting.

AceofStaves3650d ago

I think the key for Kinect's continued success, after its high initial sales phase, is for MS to begin rolling out more 'hardcore' Kinect games to appeal to the 360's main userbase. If these games don't appear within the first 6 months, I think there's a risk of Kinect becoming a gimmick, rather than a true gaming controller.

It's also possible the technology in Kinect could fail as a gaming device, but succeed in other applications.

The post-holiday period is what I'm most interested in seeing, with respect to Kinect's numbers. I imagine initial sales are going to be very high. The trick will be for it to have a 'long tail.'

Silver3603649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

actual quote with last word left in

"On that note, Sony pioneered a similar version of this technology with EyeToy and dropped the ball with a lack of support, just as Konami dropped the ball in not bringing its full catalogue of Japanese music games to U.S. consoles, thus leaving the door wide open for Activision and Harmonix to practically make that company’s achievements irrelevant. Is Kinect 100 percent accurate? No. Does it have issues? Yes. Are they bad enough to cripple the device? Absolutely not."

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blackburn53650d ago

Nothing but opinionated flame bait

coolbeans3650d ago

n4g's basically the epicenter of that though.

LostDjinn3650d ago

LOL at the last ditch attempt to get hits.

AceofStaves3650d ago

No matter how 'innovative' Kinect is, my muscles and joints won't move as Kinect needs. My body can't be the controller, if it can't stand or walk unaided.

Move might be 'ancient,' but it's more accessible.

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