GameOn: Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Review

"Bungie, the creative development team, reached astronomical heights after Microsoft Game Studios swallowed them up along with their shining star title, Halo, as a launch game for the original Xbox.
Ever since then the franchise has literally exploded into one of the most profitable IP's in Microsoft's gaming arsenal, spawning an almost fanatical following so one would assume that Bungie's final offering to the fans before they part company with Microsoft would be something special."

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aviator1892919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Are they serious? I guess everyone has their own opinions. of the cons listed is: "Massively over-hyped"

T9X692919d ago

One of the Pros was "It looks nice" then they give the graphics a 5 lol. What a joke review.

MerkinMax2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

They tell the whole story...

"Hang on, this means you played a FPS on a console?, you must feel so dirty"

"Its true, felt weird just watching him play a console FPS tbh. Had to be done by someone I guess."

Wedgeh- <<<THE REVIEWER!!!!>>>
"Yes sadly I had to stoop to such a low level otherwise we wouldn't have had the review done tbh. still it gave me a few hundred GS for my pain, more than which the original reviewer for this has gained from reacharound."

Credibility after that statement reads...let me check...0/10

Redrum0592919d ago

that caught me off guard, lol

this review score will mostlikely be unincluded in the overall metacritic score, even if metacritic takes score from this website.

still funny though.

suriel2919d ago

It says 7 for Graphics??

ThatCanadianGuy2919d ago

I know right? Seems a bit generous IMO

Convas2919d ago

LOL, another one. And look at who's approving. LMAO.

This clearly has "HIT SEEKING" written in red ink all over it.

But hey, it's their opinion.

bobrea2919d ago

Not to mention that this is horrible writing.

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The story is too old to be commented.