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Amazing 3D Halo: Reach Trailer

3D is all the rage right now. From theatrical releases to television broadcasts, it has reached the point where it’s even invading your favorite video games.Made by the stereoscopically-obsessed Mini Waz.

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SiteBot5128d ago
JOLLY15128d ago

Now my eyes are killing me!!!!

SOAD5128d ago

It's good stuff, but if the resolution of the game has to be reduced to accommodate the 3D, then I'd rather play it in 2D. That said, it did look really cool, and the song by the Killers was cool, too.

Hideo_Kojima5128d ago

whenever I watched low res resolution movies I always felt as if the resolution was double.

Low res 480p 3d youtube videos looked crap when the footage was side by side but when I merged them by crossing my eyes (yes its a cheap technic to achieve 3d without glasses but it works amazingly) it became so much clearer.

Redrum0595127d ago

I liked the trailer itself but I wish I had some 3d glasses to enjoy it to it's fullest.

tigerstyle5127d ago Show
Legosz5127d ago

@ Guntrol

90% of youtube videos look like crap to me, due to the fact that my computer monitor is a 42'' bravia. I have to rely on 1080p videos, 720p is fine but it is still not the greatest.

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MerkinMax5128d ago

There's the video and there's also a link describing how to cross your eyes.

IrishAssa5128d ago

Im like half blind in 1 eye so the cross eyed thing doesn't work...sigh


this just makes me want to see KZ3 in 3D

villevalorox5127d ago

I am using the sawvi 3d glasses and I put them on backwards and it looked a crap lot more like 3d. My glasses say put red on your right eye and if you switch it it come together a lot better

zootang5127d ago

I used the Cyan/amber glasses and i was blown away!!!

3D here i come!! (after saving up for a few months, maybe sell a kidney)

villevalorox5127d ago

lol this is not even true 3d.!!! can't wait for the real thing :D

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AutoCad5128d ago

hmmm i tried to do the crosseyed version and my girl comes in and looks at me for like 10 seconds and walks away with a smirk lmao....

MalaIntentions5128d ago

da 360 has 1.3 hdmi & capable of only 60fps, it cnt do true 3d hd
False advertising

Hideo_Kojima5128d ago

But the max resolution you could get out of a set up like that would be...

"640x720 or 1280x360"

Which I means 360 won't be able to do true HD 3D


i3 360 could do proper 3d they would be doing it to compete with sony. the reason they are not do there subhd3d yet is that if they did it now sony would just say its not as good due to the res and not being hd3d.

Imperator5128d ago

Well, at least it has an HDMI cable. Remember that the first 360s didn't even have an HDMI port? (LMAO). And MS actually calls the 360 "next-gen." lol.

OpenGL5128d ago

The 360 only has HDMI 1.2, where as the fat PS3 is basically HDMI 1.3a sans bitstreaming. Bitstreaming was added to the PS3 Slim making it 100% HDMI 1.3a compliant.

evilmonkey5015128d ago

Your right. No one will ever see Halo in 3d on the xbox 360. It just cant do it.Looks cool though. Maybe the next xbox will have bluray, 7.1 surround and 3d too.

Spydiggity5128d ago

how is it false advertising? and how do you have so many agrees? oh..well i know the answer to the latter. 360 exclusive it's swarming with ps3 fanboys.

it doesn't claim that this is a 3d version of halo...just that it's a 3d trailer! and that's exactly what it is. don't you have more important articles related to a system, that is obviously much better, that you can troll?

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WiiFanboy105128d ago ShowReplies(4)
D4RkNIKON5128d ago

"I think 3D is a great experience in the theater and I thought Avatar was fantastic," he said, "but there's a lot of challenges about 3D in the living room. I don't know about you, but when I play games or watch TV, I've got my phone, I've got all kinds of things going on. I get up, I get down, I'm looking outside at the weather and it's...I'm not in a dark theater, wearing glasses, staring at a screen. I think it's just a different environment."

Spydiggity5128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

there's a lotta fluff there. but the underlying point is sound. i have absolutely no interest in putting on a pair of glasses and staring at my tv. i did that once about 10 or so years ago when ABC did all their prime time shows for a week in 3d. it was a pain, and it will still be a pain. ppl act like 3d is something new, it's not. the reason it didn't work was cuz ppl didn't wanna wear the stupid glasses, and they still don't. people that claim they do are just trying to add an additional excuse to justify their blatant bias in gaming.

even when watching avatar (arguably the best looking 3d film ever made) i was sick of it after 10 minutes and watched most of the movie with a bit of a blur cuz i didn't want those things on my face. it's a cheesy gimmick that is only now appealing cuz EVERYTHING is a cheesy gimmick. technology is so cheap now that we can have cheap crap everywhere, and people will eat it up cuz they're depressed, boring people that need gadgets and gimmicks to give them personality. it's like these idiots you see with 20 tattoos and 10 piercings and comb their hair to look like that beiber kid just cuz they can't get laid without it. that's all it is. you don't hear anyone say "i love your personality" to people. they say "i love iphone" "i like your tattoo" "neat bike" etc...

bit of a rant there i suppose, but 3D becoming popular now is just a reflection of a brain dead society of people with no personality, desperate for the next gimmick to get them through their pathetic lives. nothing more.

p.s. bender is awesome, can't wait for the return of futurama next long as it's not in 3D! :-P

evilmonkey5015128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

Only if it could actually do it, which it cant...

beardpapa5127d ago

Haha i was gonna say. Suddenly 3D is cool with everyone in n4g. Remember when it was talked about in the beginning? "Oh eff this eff that I don't want to get no stinkin 3DTV. It'd be crazy expensive anyways!" Now we're getting "oh I wish I had my 3d glasses" or "I'm gonna pick up a 3dtv just for the experience"

tsk tsk.