GameInformer: Bayonetta Review

All of the ridiculous hijinks reserved for over-the-top cutscenes in most games are right at your fingertips during every moment of Bayonetta. Breakdancing and firing off a flurry of bullets, teleport-kicking your enemies from a magic portal, and summoning enormous lethal devices from thin air are just a few of the moves in your standard arsenal – and that's before things get really crazy. However, don't let all of the game's showboating fool you into thinking that it is devoid of substance; with a fluid combat system and incredibly responsive controls, Bayonetta delivers improbable action with unprecedented style.

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Homicide3275d ago

Beautiful. It's getting a bunch of 9s. Just two more weeks!

Alcon Caper3275d ago

I loved the demo. It's so over the top that it makes you into a drooling idiot by the time it's over...