Bayonetta franchise has not made $450 million as voice actress claims

The Bayonetta hack-and-slash game franchise has not made $450 million as voice actress Hellena Taylor claims. It's unclear where the figure came from.

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SinisterMister90d ago

Well well, how the turn tables.

ManMarmalade90d ago

Lol I don't think she did her research so the internet did it for her.

CrimsonWing6990d ago

Lol, no kidding. It’s a niche series. I think what she did was looked up VGChartz figures and multiplied that by $60.

90d ago
solideagle90d ago

Games do not sell at $60 constant. That is why first few months are critical for a game's success and then sales hit sometimes 20% to 75% (depending on the game and company). In theory the figure will be lower than million unit sold * $60 in my humble opinion.

Lightning7789d ago (Edited 89d ago )

The game needs to be multiplat anyway. If it was on PS5 Series X and Still on Switch maybe the devs will be less frugal with paying everyone involved. The game shouldn't be limited to the switches way less powerful hardware. Nothing against Nintendo but being on higher quality hardware with bigger marketing this game could have been almost as popular as Devil May Cry or at least in terms of Bayonetta being a bigger name than what it is now.

Outlawzz89d ago

Given the fact that nintendo supported it when no other company would it definitely should be on switch and if they choose to, only on switch.

The other companies didn't care enough for it, this has been stated over and over again

FallenAngel198489d ago

Even that doesn’t make sense because the series would’ve had to have at least sold 7.5 million to have made that much. Bayonetta sold less than half that amount

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JL293089d ago

Lol. Prolly not even half that.

Binarycode90d ago

Never understood the hype of these games. overrated imo.

0hMyGandhi89d ago

No one is conflating quality with sales, but you sure are.
Even though this series isn't really my thing, I can totally see why people love them.

Outlawzz89d ago

I don't even like hack and slash games and I'll say the first bayo was pretty fun. Haven't played the other two but they say they only get better.

Have you played the games ? What's overrated ? Your not saying much

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The story is too old to be commented.