10 Games You Should Play If You Love Bayonetta

For fans who love challenging combat and the sheer silliness of Bayonetta, here are some other games that offer a similar experience.

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Bayonetta Developers Discuss Plans Of A Sequel

The creator of the Bayonetta franchise Hideki Kamiya appeared in an interview and discussed the plans for the future of the series.

CrimsonWing69335d ago

Let’s hope they don’t go the prequel direction… yeesh


Looking Back at the Best Beat'em Ups on the PS3

Carve your burning fist through this list featuring the best beat'em ups you can experience on the PlayStation 3.

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jznrpg339d ago

I loved Asura’s Wrath . It’s my avatar still to this day

Abnor_Mal339d ago

I remember Remember Me, I haven’t forgotten that it was actually a good game.


How Bayonetta's Character Has Changed Since 2009

Bayonetta's character design and abilities have changed a lot since the series debuted in 2009, with new costumes and dark arts in every title.

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