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NowGamer: Dragon Age: Origins Review

NowGamer writes: BioWare slays the competition once again...

Don't listen to the murmurings of late that Dragon Age: Origins is some kind of innovatory departure from traditional fantasy. That's just the game's marketing machine attempting to expose a new audience to the product through metaphorically shaking off its associations with Dungeons & Dragons anorak-wearing stereotypes. It has no basis in reality. Because the truth of it is that fantasy doesn't really come any more traditional than this.

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WIIIS15354d ago

Brilliant!! Getting the 360 version.

Cold 20005354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

"Like playing one of the most engaging games of your life on an emotional rollercoaster suspended between an excitable pair of moral pendulums. An engaging, emotive, thrill-packed joy ride of an RPG whose quality exceeds anything we could have possibly expected"


Yeah 360 version for me too.

Nihilism5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

you got 7 disagrees, does that mean that according to them, your not getting the 360 version then??, i don't get people.


yeah it's safer to omit the console in question as I have, but i'm sure i'll get 50 disagrees anyway, that's what happens when you don't swear allegiance to a plastic box A or B

Parapraxis5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

I think I may have to get this too!
When I'll have time to play it is the real question.

I'll be getting it for ________. Because I'm sure the ________ version will be the best.

Cold 20005354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

Yeah better not mention the platform lol.

@dchalfont: in fact theyre disagreeing with the fact that he picked the 360 version over the PS3 version. In their minds one isnt allowed to do such a thing.

Its called insecurity.

leyego5354d ago

i dunno, the reviewer didn't tell me much about the game, other then it plays like KOTOR, it has a deep moral system and is 40+ hours long.

still on the fence for this one. mb ill watch a few trailers or something or wait for more reviews.

score doesn't mean anything to me anymore (ex. borderlands, it deserves a lower score mb a 6 IMO)

pangitkqb5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

and through digital distribution no less!!! I know, I am a horrible, horrible human being.

With Uncharted 2 gobbling up time on my PS3 and Borderlands consuming hours on Xbox 360 my PC simply needed some love. That and it will run Dragon Age more smoothly and at higher settings than either console could even dream! That is the beauty, my single console friends, of foregoing usesless allegiances and building from scratch my own game dominating machine. Nothing like an i7 processor with 9gig of DDR3 Ram!

Game on and enjoy Dragon Age!

nycredude5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

Wiis adn Cold2000

You are getting disagrees because others are getting the other version of the game. Also does this game have multiplayer? If not then who cares which version you are getting?!

IMHO a game of this lengh I always get for my Ps3 because I don't trust my 360 to go long periods of time without rest.

I will get this game caause I love rpgs but come on Bioware what is up with the crappy graphics. The cut scenes look good the gameplay parts look mediocre. Oh well that didn't stop me from loving ME1.

Cold 20005354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

"If not then who cares which version you are getting?!

IMHO a game of this lengh I always get for my Ps3 because I don't trust my 360 to go long periods of time without rest."

Then why the heck are you telling you're getting the PS3 version ?

Chubear5354d ago

I still don't get how it'll work on consoles. Does anyone have bids of the console version? It's looking like it may be some kind of mess controls for consoles if they try to mimic the exact control mechanism of the PC version.

I'd think a more dynamic fight system would work better on consoles. Well, we'll see soon enough.

Montrealien5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

great score, and I already got it for the 360, so there!

And Chubear, if you have ever played Jade Empire, then imagine that with wizards and swords. It works well. Bioware have figured out how to handle their RPG`s on console at this point, it`s not like this is their first attempt at doing so. I find it funny that people have a hard time understanding this.

With that said, once the modding community is settled in, I will surely be grabing this for the PC at one time or another.

Chubear5354d ago

Yes, well aware of that but this is the thing. With new gens, gameplay gets evolved. There are many great games with great gameplay elements from previous gens that worked great for back then but after experiencing newer, more current mechanisms, they feel tired, old and quirky.

This isn't a huge problem for PC gamers generally but it certainly can be, and often is, for console gamers.

Argh, this is why I so need the gaming community to have some sort of review system so you can ask and see what others who game similar to you think about certain games. I get no feel for the console version of the game from any editorial review.

If anyone's played it on the PS3, could you please give us some info & in comparison to other games like it also on the PS3. Thank you.

Montrealien5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

Sorry to tell you but atm, there is nothing like it on the PS3. So I would not expect a response on that, I would love to be proven wrong though. And also, if you have a PC and have enjoyed the previous bioware games on the PC then this should be a no brainer.

As for game mechanics evolving, I can assure you that Jade empire and the Kotor games have a play style that imho has not aged one bit, they are as deep now as they where then and that has been proven with Dragon Age imho.

HighDefinition5354d ago

Who give a F**K what version looks like what. The PS3 is the better and more powerful system of the two systems. Besides this is a great game, so who cares.

Like I`ve always said the same people who CAN`T notice a difference between DVD and BR are ironically the same people who CAN notice a missing pixel in a videogame.

nycredude5354d ago

Cold 2000

At least I gave you a legitimate reason why i am picking it up for my Ps3, instead saying it like anyone cares. Although your reason is probably more legitimate than mine, since you don't own a Ps3.

Highwayman5353d ago

I've had mine on pre-order, the CE edition. BioWare knows how to make a great game. You want a good RPG, look no further.

The visuals don't look bad at all on the XB360 version. The PS3 version looks very good too, of course we all know the PC version will look the best of the three platforms.

DelbertGrady5353d ago

I'll be getting this and Bayonetta on my PS3.

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Parapraxis5354d ago

Atari 2600 version for me!
I must tell people what version i'm getting, it's the most important part.
forget discussing the game that we can all enjoy!

jeseth5353d ago

I;m getting it for NES. The Atari 2600 was all pre-ordered out!

Nihilism5354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

i can't wait, we need more rpg's and this looks amazing

"Origins appears to understand that no matter where your actions fall between the yin and the yang, there are always shades of grey. That irrespective of how much holier than thou your intention, someone will inevitably suffer some ill fortune. That regardless your level of despicability, someone, somewhere will be better off as a result."

that sounds awesome, i'm sick of playing the ultra nice person just because the alternative is so messed up, it would be nice to bust a few chops without your whole party getting all uppidy about it...but it sounds like your party members may even leave if they don't like what you do...only one way to find out.

I loved the gambit system in ffx12 so it's good to hear they have a similar thing in this....but if there's a dragon like yiazmat ( takes >5 hrs to beat) i'll kill myself, gambit or not ( admittedly that boss was the most epic battle of all time...but once is enough)

"We finished the game in around 40 hours"

that goes against the many times stated claim that the 'average playthrough would take 80 hrs", maybe they didn't finish it, as reviewers often don't, 80hrs would be amazing, fingers crossed


It really was amazing, there is one battle that takes about 3hrs to complete, 1 massive enemy (100's of times the size of the players), and then you can go back after doing other quests and fight the 'big brother' and it takes more than when you die at 4hrs as happened to me many times *tear*

"I'm getting Demon's Souls (if FedEX ever delivers it)"

Dragon Age is the first game i've ordered online so i hope it arrives post haste!, ( i'm never shopping retail again, ( i'm an aussie) is $30 for almost every game, cha ching$$$)

Parapraxis5354d ago

I heard it can be quite hard too. Don't know if it's a difficulty setting or just certain areas.
I'm getting Demon's Souls (if FedEX ever delivers it) and I think Origins will be a great game to play afterwards. Though after the difficulty of DS, I may have to ramp it up in Origins lol.

Parapraxis5354d ago

Wow, that's way way better than regular retail in AU.
Hope it gets to ya post haste.

I can't wait for the beat-down that DS is gonna give me haha, I guess I have a little sado-masochism in me.

Dragon Age is shaping up to be a game that definitely doesn't deserve to be on the back-burner, but it looks like it may be, along with MW2 (that I don't feel so bad about).

Looking forward to more reviews. The last game I absolutely loved from Bioware was Baldurs Gate II, and this is the game that is supposed to be it's spitual successor, so i'm definately excited for it.

LostCypher115354d ago (Edited 5354d ago )

Cannot wait for this game. Trading ODST to get this game. It looks like it's gonna be Epic. Bioware is def ahead of the game when it comes to RPGs

Feral Gamer5354d ago

This is what a role playing game should be!