10 Best Games With Multiple Endings

These magnificent video games let the player's actions lead to different story conclusions. Here are the best games with multiple endings.

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slayernz76d ago

wow what an average list......played and finished most of those games and dont remember the endings at all (read this as not memorable at all!)....way better selections would be some of the quantic dreams games, supermassive games, latest sherlock holmes....heck even colonels bequest released 30+ years ago i still remember both endings fondly

will likely get downvoted for this but the witcher 3 main story was awful, especially compared to some of the side stories....and lets be honest, you dont really play from software games for the story lines!!!

TallDarknWavy76d ago

How young is the pleb who wrote this? The best of all time - Metal Gear Solid on PS1, is undefeated.

Soy76d ago

No Chrono Trigger? Really?

MadLad75d ago

Planescape Torment says hi