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Mass Effect delayed? Maybe not.

Spencer from Siliconera sent an e-mail to Microsoft about CVG reporting on Mass Effect being delayed until September and got back this response:

"We have not made any official announcements regarding release timing for "Mass Effect." At this time, any information about the game's release date is purely rumor and speculation."

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Robotz Rule4226d ago

I really want to play Mass Effect as soon as possible!,and it might ruin my daily sessions with Halo 3.

hulk_bash19874226d ago

Thats gud news, hopefully its sometime this summer though cuz thats the only time that i can truely commit to most of my games. Got classes in spring and fall.

snoop_dizzle4226d ago

anyways my b day is in the summer so i gotta have somthin cool to play for it.

tplarkin74226d ago

I just want a good frame rate. 30 FPS constant is good. Anything less (at any time) is unacceptable. I don't care about the release date, just the frame rate! Thanks for listening. :)

IPlayGames4226d ago

This what i want my fam. wants to borrow my 360 but im afraid he'll burn it out then i wont get to play mass effect. oh wait i got a reason Tenchu comes out next month sweet... not to bash but i got a lil feeling that its not gonna be that good on 360.(be more hack and slash then stealth)

power of Green 4226d ago

Looks weak in my opinion but have you really seen any gameplay when you claim its not stealthy looking when not fighting?. Hell if you think you have it bad my brother fears he will be watching Blu-ray movies for another couple of months.

sonyslave!, NAH! i wont ask you if you have a gamer-tag.

BrainDead4226d ago

he has one on his profile. Also you dont have one? hmmm.

Mass Effect looks alright, but i have better stuff to do than play RPG's all day

IPlayGames4226d ago

the details of Tenchu say its gonna be very stealthy but i just have doubts.

I do and dont have a gamertag its G13nlg but its exp. and im not getting live until halo comes out unless mass effect has online play then ill get for that.

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