IGN UK: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

Mitchell and the Ghosts are back on the frontline in an epic battle that's over all too quickly.There aren't many games that can count The Queen, Ang Lee and Jamie Foxx among its peers but Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is one of them. Like its Hollywood cousins, GRAW is the proud recipient of a BAFTA award, scooping gongs for Technical Achievement and Game at last year's ceremony. The sequel has a lot to live up to then, not just because the first game was both a critical and commercial success, but also because it's been turned around in 12 months - something only sports games and by-the-numbers reiterations usually achieve.

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InMyOpinion4633d ago

Of those above-9.0-scoring 360 titles. Gotta get this one!

True Gamer4633d ago

Just so you know, this game is also coming out on the PS3.

InMyOpinion4633d ago

But the review is of the 360 version.

Gamer134633d ago

This game got alotah stuff init which make it very longlasting rather than lasting for cople of days.

IM OUT...///"""

DG4633d ago

actually the single player is about 7Hrs long but online is amazing definitely a must buy.

NextGen24Gamer4633d ago

Its definately another AAA title for the 360....I'm about to go pick up a few copies now and Def Jam. Once again...Def Jam 360 rates a few percentage points higher than the ps3 version. I expect the ps3 version of GRAW 2 to score in the mid to high 8's as the 360 version will rate in the early 9's. Co Op online...I can't wait.

power of Green 4633d ago

Agreed!, PS3 titles yet to score as high as their 360 counter parts, 1.1 come on bro everybody knows this will be coming out for the PS3 dude never said otherwise.