Rainbow Six Siege, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and more discounted on PSN Tom Clancy franchise sale

The PlayStation Network is back again for its weekly sale which currently features games from the Tom Clancy franchise like the recently released Rainbow Six Seige and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

The sale has a variety of titles spanning across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The sale will be starting today and will run until next Tuesday 11:00 am. This is the time for gamers to give the tactical Rainbox Six Siege shooter a chance as you can save up to 45%.

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DLB231905d ago

Forget discounts,If they want to compete with EA Access, they need to bump up the AAA Games that are on the PS Store and on PS Now. There weren't a lot of games on PS Now that interested me, especially for that price point.

Let's take a moment and think about this..

Sony, I love you, but take notes! EA Access has a lot of extras that sound great if you’re looking for a new loyalty program, that blanket 10% off digital video games will definitely save subscribers some money if they’re big fans of Electronic Arts’ video games. Users who purchase a brand new Electronic Arts Xbox One title a month will break even on that first game, saving $6 off a $60 purchase.

Aenea1905d ago

PSN store trying to compete with EA Access? What nonsense!

Total different things!

And they need to bump up the AAA games on the PSN store? What? All the AAA games can be bought on the PSN store.

And no, PS Now is also not trying to compete with EA Access, again something else entirely...

And no, EA Access is not good value at all if you do not live in the US! They give 10% off on digital game purchases, MSRP of games is €70, 10% off means they are €63 but I can buy physical copies during initial release for between €50-55. Then there are a gazillion sports titles for free that I have no interest in. The games I'm interested in I already buy so don't need free copies a year after their release. The only nice thing about it is the 10 hours early access, that's it!

Helden1905d ago

Just one game on PS4 (R6 Siege)
I expected more

Eidolon1905d ago

Tbat's like the only Tom Clancy game on PS4.. so that's ALL of them.

Aenea1905d ago

US only, why not add it in the title?