6 Backwards-Compatible Xbox 360 Games Get Huge Discount (75% Off)

Finder has compared the current deals available on the Xbox Live service against its definitive list of backwards compatible titles and found some key matches.

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SlappingOysters2131d ago

Stuff Clancy, I'm getting some of those Rockstar games!

XBLSkull2130d ago

Very nice, picked up digital copys of GRAW and GRAW2 so I can quit holding on to those discs lol, new Recon ain't gonna be out til 2017 or later probably.

sarahnade2130d ago

Hells yeah, Bully, Red Dead and LA Noire come at me.

WitWolfy2130d ago

For a moment I almost thought thats the games that got discounted lol DAMN YOU!!!

r3f1cul2130d ago

i would hope so... those games are old as hell now... thats what they should be priced at in general, if not lower in some cases honestly ... still cant beat games for less then 10 bucks... but to ask anything more for some of those is pretty greedy at this point

lemoncake2130d ago

what we need now is a Store section on Xbox one that is dedicated to 360 games to make it super convenient.

freshslicepizza2130d ago

ubisoft seems to be on-board, what about activision?