6 Xbox 360 Games That Still Need Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Here are the seven Xbox 360 games that still need to be backwards compatible with the Xbox One, including one last Call of Duty title and a hip hop artist that needs to find his skull.

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Skull52156d ago

GRAW2 and Ninja Gaiden 2 and I’ll be set. I’m a little bitter though you can’t buy Splinter Cell Blacklist digitally, I certainly would have bought a new copy to play, I don’t have my disc anymore and I’ll never own another game on disc. Same thing happened with Red River, not sure why it happens but it is disappointing.

Sophisticated_Chap55d ago

You can actually buy Blacklist digitally:

I agree with you though, we need GRAW2, but the game that I am really waiting for is The Darkness (the first game). I just played through GRAW1, and it was the first time that I had ever played the Xbox 360 version. It was good, but GRAW2 is definitely heads and tails above it in terms of the campaign.

It they could ever manage to release FEAR1 digitally, that would be awesome, but not likely.

AK9155d ago

Would love Dishonored 1 and the Batman Arkham games on BC, the remastered versions of those games is hot garbage.

DivineAssault 55d ago

Do people actually play 360 games on the xb1 or do they kinda toy around for a while to check out the improvements? Im curious because i cant stand last gen games

Solesquared55d ago

I recently played Resident Evil 4 fully on the Xbox 1X.. The more the marrier its alot of games I missed out on I'm happy to revisit

DivineAssault 55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Thats cool. I have it for PS4. Is that the only game you actually played to its completion? I didnt miss out on very many games last gen and was very disappointed with what was offered compared to other generations. Dark Souls, fighting games, and a few others come to mind but most are remastered for current gen so im curious if people actually play 360 games or just check them out for a while and forget about em

Solesquared55d ago

I also never got into gears of war trilogy, the mass Effect trilogy among others. The best thing about it, I owned the original Mass Effect trilogy so I didn't have to repurchase it.. the backwards compatible aspect has its advantages if you enjoy revising classics. I'm playing through resident evil 2 on my Samsung Galaxy s8+ with my Xbox One controller while I'm away for work for a month.

DivineAssault 54d ago

I must say im jealous. I cant bring stuff like that to my job. I mean i could be would risk it getting dirty and or falling from atop a crane. I finished all the ME games. Loved the 1st two but 3 let me down.


I play a ton of them. And yes many others do. Same wat I go back and play nes and 16bit games.

DivineAssault 54d ago

Most last gen games that are any good are already remastered though. Thats why im curious. Which games were really good to back to? Who knows? You might convince me to get a console!

annoyedgamer54d ago

Yes, especially the miltiplayer games. I used it for Black Ops 2.

DivineAssault 54d ago

I can see that. I dont like shooters but if you play those, i guess youd be really into the BC

Solesquared53d ago

I'm going to give the Mass Effect game another try. The same reason I passed on RE4 on 360 was because the controls was awkward, ME1 was similar..

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Einhander197155d ago

I bought the Xbox one X because of the backwards compatibility. Last gen games look amazing, Gears, Red dead look incredible in 4K. Still some of the best games were on last gen.

Lon3wolf55d ago

Infinite Undiscovery is the only one I'm waiting on, I replayed Blue Dragon when it hit BC.

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