Arcadegeddon is the first PS5 game to use FidelityX Super Resolution technology on PS5

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses advanced scaling technologies to increase frame rates in games. Thus, you guarantee excellent quality experiences in high resolution without the need to change the Graphic card.

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JEECE64d ago

You mean that tech that isn't available on PS5? Weird.

Darkborn64d ago

I thought playstation didn't support indies.

InUrFoxHole64d ago

Pro tip stop spending your time on n4g listening to trolls. I know this site is founded on them but let it be.

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SinisterKieran64d ago

just stay off most media tbh, twitter is another terrible place for trolls, fanboys and and just..the most toxic people

--Onilink--64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Im curious, how many people have you seen saying that FSR wouldnt be available on PS5, because considering that right from the announcement it was said it would support gpu’s even older than the one on the PS5 and things like a 1080, I find it really hard to believe that many people were saying that .

Its like sometimes people pick imaginary fights in the comment section on this site

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HardKnockKid2464d ago

@stereotypedferret oh man, stupid MS! Caught again spreading lies! Can you link me to one of the press releases where they were trying to convince people that those features are exclusive to Xbox? I want to laugh in their stupid MS faces!!

DOMination-64d ago

Here's the link

It was announced by Microsoft that it was coming to Windows and Xbox. As always, people reading far too much into it. Of course Microsoft are only going to talk about their own platforms. It's up to Sony to talk about PlayStation but nowhere in the actual press statement does it suggest the tech is exclusive in anyway.

HardKnockKid2463d ago

@DOMination- Thank you, exactly! I hope everyone picked up my sarcasm. But then again judging by the downvotes they probably did lol

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Zeref64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I'm wondering who all these people were? Cuz FSR is possible on pretty much anything, it's a software solution.

FSR is not a DLSS like solution that requires specific hardware. Why wouldn't the PS5 support it?

Eonjay64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Its all propoganda. Microsft litterly keep taling about FSR as something coming to 'Xbox consoles' and the group thought on the internet and propetuated by Xbox channels was that somehow an open source code would somehow not be open to PS5.

These ideas are magnified by both influencers and Microsoft itself to create a narratives for the masses to consume.

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DOMination-64d ago


Microsoft are going to talk about their platforms only - Xbox and Windows.

It's up to Sony to talk about PlayStation.

Nowhere in those press statements does it say or suggest the tech is exclusive, they are simply announcing something is now available for their platform.

It's like when Apple allowed their TV+ app on third party devices. Funnily enough, LG didn't release a statement saying the app was now available on Samsung TVs because that's not how it works.

Sure, blame the trolls on here saying it was exclusive. That's different, but don't blame Microsoft because they didn't talk about a rival platform. If anything, blame Sony for their poor communication on the matter.

Zeref63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


How is Microsoft to blame for talking about their platform? Should they have said "oww btw this is on PS5 and the Switch too"? Lol

Also I don't see anyone saying it's exclusive in those links. All I see is questions and a press release from Xbox

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RaidenBlack64d ago

AMD made FSR open source this month and has been made available on GPUOpen under an MIT license. The full source code is available on GitHub. This bodes well not only for game developers but for modders, too, as someone already managed to add FSR to Grand Theft Auto V without even having access to the source code. Such mods and hacks should be even easier now.

Darkborn64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I love when zalker and dealer are almost always debunked.

sho0ok36064d ago

Did they really say that the PS5 don't use FSR? Any links?

hectorius64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

sho0ok3605h ago
Did they really say that the PS5 don't use FSR? Any links?***

It doesn't need to. FSR is a process designed for slow GPUs as is VRR... If you look at the demo game AMD was showing off

you'll see it was Godfall which was a PS 5/PC exclusive at launch just after the Presentation

I Mean, I’m Probably Going to Play Godfall on PS4

Half-Glass Gaming: "When Godfall was announced for PlayStation 4 during E3, the Internet was immediately filled with confusion, snark, and then confusion again. Here’s the thing, though: Godfall looks like exactly the type of action game I’d enjoy playing."

Godfall PS4***


PS 4/Pro/5 all use AMD hardware, as does the new portable from Valve... Linus had a bit of a problem downsizing this AMD PC/ PS 5 killer to where Valve is


Darkborn64d ago

They did, they ran with the story that the ps5 was "half baked" and was thrown together with RDNA 1 or "1.5". Remember the random screenshot that was supposedly some guy who took apart the ps5 and the chip was RDNA 1? Guess who was talking about it saying the ps5 was trash. I don't have any links but I heard them say it during one of thier podcasts full of lies.

sho0ok36064d ago

Wasn't this already confirmed to be coming to PS5.

I found one easily through simple google search.

Anyhow, i would like to see more and more devs implement this feature in PS5. (As fast as possible too lol).

annoyedgamer64d ago

Who would say fidelityx cant work on the PS5? It uses an AMD chip which means its going to be able to use the AMD resolution booting technology.

StoneyYoshi63d ago

Oh, plenty of Xbot's expressed their thoughts on this on N4G, twitter, YT, etc.

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