AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: Supercharged Performance Presentation

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge super-optimized spatial upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates with and deliver high-quality, high resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.

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60d ago
Eonjay59d ago

AMD really is doing right by gamers with this. I love the fact that is Open Source so there is no excuse or barrier for anyone

Profchaos60d ago

Cool extending the life of any GPU including NVIDIA cards good work AMD. Also see I think it's a given but this tech will extend to ps5 and xsx

ABizzel159d ago

It's been confirmed to come to consoles a while back, so the PS5, Series X, and Series S are good. I was hoping it would somehow make its way back just 1 or 2 more generations on AMD GPUs so the PS4 and XBO families could use it, but unfortunately not at this time.

Eidolon60d ago

Pretty great, I do see difference between the modes, even the first comparison, but for that huge a bump in performance, it's worth it, hope we can fine tune it at some point or at least it scales its effect depending on frame-limit(I limit my frames for cooling). Really glad they're supporting RX 500 since I have the RX580 right now.

StoneyYoshi59d ago

Rumor has it RDNA3 will have hardware accelerated FSR capabilities making FSR even better on their future GPU's while still having the current support.

Imortus_san59d ago

Consoles really need this to maintain better frame rates.

RaidenBlack59d ago

This is even supported by Nvidia GPUs. They showed stats running on a GTX 1060.

Imortus_san58d ago

Great a free feature for all, just like freesinc works on G.sync monitors.

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