I Mean, I’m Probably Going to Play Godfall on PS4

Half-Glass Gaming: "When Godfall was announced for PlayStation 4 during E3, the Internet was immediately filled with confusion, snark, and then confusion again. Here’s the thing, though: Godfall looks like exactly the type of action game I’d enjoy playing."

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Vengeance113832d ago

I mean, like, you know.... totally! Like... you know?

isarai31d ago

Like, i mean...c'mon guys....just like....right?!

Vits32d ago

Well at least someone is going to play it. /s

TheSanchezDavid32d ago

Get it on PS4, too. We'll co-op that thing like the good ol' days!

Vengeance113832d ago

There's literally zero reason for anyone to hate on Godfall after the Fire and Darkness update is out. The main complaint was lack of matchmaking and that's fixed. Lack of content? Fixed too.
Feels like it's just a trendy fad now to dislike Godfall before even playing.

TheSanchezDavid32d ago

I'm a wait-and-see kind of person, but from what I've seen of Godfall, it looks like a game I'd enjoy.


I agree last and perhaps biggest complaint is the lack af attack cancels. I don't like having to comment to attacks only to be left wide open. If they added attack cancels the games combat system would improve 100%

LordoftheCritics32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

''The main complaint was lack of matchmaking''

Lol, I wish that were true.

EmperorDalek31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

The combat was pretty rubbish, the RPG elements were trivial... It just wasn't a good game.

Edit: Meant to reply to Vengeance1138

VivaChe32d ago

I probably will too... in a year when it goes on sale for $5.00...

LordoftheCritics32d ago

I'll wait a little longer till is free.

VivaChe32d ago

Well the way things are going it’ll probably be on GamePass at some point, haha

glennhkboy32d ago

@VivaChe We almost forget this game is supposed to be a time exclusive. I'll try it when it is in GamePass as well.

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