The In-Game Gold for Ryse: Son of Rome on Xbox is Free

The Gold in-game content for Ryse: Son of Rome is now available for free, allowing players to buy content to improve the experience.

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lxeasy425d ago

I still want to see a sequel for this game. It had so much potential.

darthv72425d ago

agreed. It has its flaws but it is a fun game none the less.

rpvenom425d ago

Yeah I'm surprised they haven't made a sequel to this game. This could be a great franchise and one of the few games I wished was on the playstation when I saw it for the first time. I feel like this is a game that would really take advantage of the one x and show what its max capability is in terms of graphics.

Julion0715425d ago

Ganna give it another play through on my X. I would love a more fleshed out sequel as well

Unspoken424d ago

You can play on PC as well.

gangsta_red425d ago

Wasn't a very exciting game for me. Another game where the graphics were better than the actual gameplay.

Unspoken424d ago

Sounds like a lot of Sony titles. I figured it would have had more Sony fans tbh. Great game and story telling.

Saijahn425d ago

agreed, was such a good game

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Orionsangel425d ago

This game had potential, but overall it was bleh. AC Odyssey puts it to shame.


True but it’s not like Odyssey didn’t already have an established foundation unlike Rome. Personally I think with more polish Rome could compete with AC.

Orionsangel425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Well yeah but in terms of the Roman era Odyssey had better gameplay and story. If Ryse Son of Rome copied Odyssey it could be better,

DerfDerf425d ago

Ryse was a linear story driven game where AC Odyssey is not. In terms of combat Ryse is superior to AC Odyssey in almost every way though and it can't out 5 years earlier.

Orionsangel425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Wow are we far apart. Ryse's combat system is absolutely atrocious. AC Odyssey's use of the dpad for special abilities is genius and so much fun and the LB and RB for blocking system is one of the greatest blocking systems ever created for a game!

LiViNgLeGaCY425d ago

Lmfao. Dude what? AC Odyssey's combat was FAR more in depth and superior.

gamer7804425d ago

the best launch game this generation for me

gamer7804425d ago

Launch game, i really like the Roman era. which was your favorite launch game?

Dragonscale425d ago

Shadowfall was better. It was an actual game not a tech demo like Ryse.

gamer7804425d ago

Ryse was not a tech demo. I found shadow fall's control lacking using the touchpad and didn't like the story, although my friend and I couldn't bring ourselves to finish it, but to each his own.

sardinepacker41425d ago

ryse is awesome , my jaw dropped when i first saw it on xbox one in 2013 , shame xbox didnt get any more games like this ..

Dragonscale425d ago

The only great thing about ryse were the graphics and it was better than lococycle lol.