Crackdown Turns 10 and Microsoft Has Been Awfully Quiet About a Flagship Series

It's the 10-year anniversary of the Crackdown series. Given how successful it was, the silence surrounding that is a little troubling.

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Chris12728d ago

Another idiot article. MS will show Crackdown at E3, not because some self entitled gamers insist there should be regular updates.

Genuine-User727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

The only problem with this opinion piece is that it considers Crackdown a flagship Xbox title.

It's not a flagship series.

It could, but I doubt it.

I don't even..

Dlacy13g727d ago

It may turn into one but to this date it hasn't been.

727d ago
PlayableGamez-727d ago

In all fairness to Crackdown, we don't know what the game is going to enfold.

Ben Dover727d ago


Are you really this dumb? My god....

inveni0726d ago

There is a ton of risk involved with their approach for the new Crackdown. I don't blame them for being cautious with new information. A lot of incredibly complex systems have to come together for it to be successful. No one has done a game with a technical foundation like Microsoft's cloud-based engine before. They have a steep road to climb. I'm actually more concerned about this cloud system than I am about the game. It's hard enough to scale a regular game's online component to support a hundred thousand simultaneous players. This cloud feature is going to be insanely harder, and I'm certain that's why we haven't seen many Xbox games using the structure.

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dkp23727d ago

How many time they going to show crackdown at e3? Its been going on three years.

ShottyatLaw727d ago

It's only appeared at one E3.

scofios727d ago

Flagship ? Crackdown series was mediocre at best . That titel belogs to halo or gears , but please not crackdown .

rainslacker727d ago

But you don't find it odd that so little has been shown of the game after all this time?

Not that I think MS is required to inform us, but all we know about it is what they announced at the reveal, and more recently, they were adding in a SP campaign.

That is almost unheard of for games that have been known about for years now.

All showings of the game have been trailers, or some random glimpses through developer diary type stuff. No actual game play. no other selling points mentioned beyond Cloud destruction and a SP campaign.

Quite honestly nothing.

It's not like CD is a long term greatly loved IP. It was always a modest title up until it because so important for X1. So it would be typical that a lot more would be shown by now to generate more interest outside the rabid fan boy types.

Consider we have seen more of FFVII than we have of CD3 and it's quite telling that we know next to nothing about CD3, nor is there enough information to reasonably discern the actual quality of the game based on observation and relating it to our own experiences in the past.

Sure, it's self entitled to demand they show something, but it seems rather atypical for people to think everything is perfectly fine with the game based on how little they've shown of it over the years.

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Lirrit728d ago

hopefully we see it this year, though would love to see more marketing right about now

SocialShy728d ago

Didn't realize they didn't say anything.

demonddel727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

I didn't too

heartnet13728d ago

I'd really like to see something, anything from Crackdown honestly. The radio silence after Scalebound isn't great. I do expect them to put the focus on it at E3 though, I will say.

DaFeelz727d ago

I'm with ya. Crackdown taught me the beauty of online co-op. As terrible as CD2 was (and it was) me and my homies had countless hours of fun. I miss this series. Once they announce a release date, I'll start counting the days. Praying for a simultaneous release with Scorpio.

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