'Stellar Blade' Director Responds After Patch Censors Holiday Rabbit Outfit

'Stellar Blade' director Hyung Tae-Kim claims the censored version of Eve's Holiday Rabbit outfit was what he always intended to release.

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blackblades79d ago

What they should do, is just like the hair option make it an option to have it either way of your personal choosing. I blame the sensitive media and the perverts throwing the images of her assets around the web.

Christopher78d ago

You do realize that much of these changes like this aren't to appease the sensitive media, it's about the ratings boards.

Dixiedevil78d ago

The game that’s on the disc is what was rated.

RNTody78d ago

Yes, we're only allowed to see Sydney Sweeney's cleavage, not pixelated boobies.

fr0sty78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Every update and DLC must also go through the ESRB.

How does the ESRB rate downloadable content (DLC) or other content updates that supplement a game or app?

Downloadable content (DLC) often refers to additional content that supplements or extends a previously-rated product. In most cases, the rating assigned to a game also applies to its DLC. However, if the DLC content exceeds the rating assigned to the “core” product, it must be submitted, and a different rating may be assigned to the DLC.

Should the ESRB find DLC or other update that is incompatible with the original rating, the developer and appropriate digital storefronts will be notified of a change to the rating for the DLC or, in the case where the update is required, a rating change for the core product."

If anything takes it beyond a M rating, it gets booted from any of the big 3 console makers' stores. Keep in mind ESRB only applies to the USA, other countries have their own rating systems, some of which are even more strict.

Cacabunga78d ago

Women are almost naked in most ads on tv, but a game rated for adults is a problem.. i hate double standards

blackblades78d ago

That's bull shyt then why the F* all these other games has sex in it and nudity. Only thing stella had covered up was a little bit of cleavage. Cleavage is a normal thing in the world. Only thing I can see that they wanted everyone one to experience the same thing so the west had to be censored to meet the same standards as the other countries. As I said there shouldve been a option for us toggle it and have it locked for those other countries. If steam can have the option for the individual to choose so can Sony and these devs

76d ago
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Eonjay78d ago

You guys do realize this outfit, even before the edit, is pretty tame compared to what's on offer here?

MrDead79d ago

Three articles form the worse game sites I've ever had the misfortune of clicking on posted to N4G about this... I guess when you have no journalistic skills you got to rely on clickbait.

The game has an outfit that has her almost completely nude, if that doesn't make you happy then go watch some porn you sad t***s

Abear2178d ago

I get this take, but we should be a mature enough society where a happy medium should be able to exist without people losing their shit. I think some light nudity should be allowed, like a shirtless mode in NG+

Porno shouldn’t be considered the alternative, some of us can appreciate the human form without getting aroused or needing release. Art has long embraced the human form, it’s like people don’t go to museums anymore, you’d be surprised at how accepting we once were.

shinoff218378d ago

That's not true though. There's always been people with issues about something.

Michiel198978d ago

you're free to play their mobile game where the gameplay is literally looking at some anime girls asses. It's called Nikke and it's absolute dogshit.

I have no issues with chars like this but I do not want or need shirtless modes in my games. Leave it to the modders or something.

isarai78d ago

It's a game made by adults, rated for adults, yet you're fine with someone stepping in and shielding your eyes, telling you what you can and cant handle? Especially when every other medium out there has the freedom and respect to make whatever they want with their only limitations being what rating they want to land in. There's straight SMUT sold off shelves of franchised stores with huge advertisements 3 iles away from the kids section when it comes to films and books. Why don't games get the same freedoms?

This is what people are tired of, it's dumb and honestly insulting to the mostly grown adults that make up the gaming audience.

Redemption-6478d ago

No, this is nothing, but pure ignorance and stupidity. The game director himself this is what they wanted to do, yet triggered snowflakes say this is censorship. It's almost like these people made-up their own narrative and since the truth from the director doesn't fit that narrative, they double down. Pathetic. If you don't like the director of the game being able to make such edits to their own game, then don't support them. This is not censorship, just a group of man babies crying the devs added 6 inches to a lace, while somehow leave more revealing outfits in the game.

isarai78d ago


That's the PR speak, you think he's really gonna admit to censorship? Especially after just marketing the game on being completely uncensored in every region? It was damage control, if you can't spot the most obvious "uh no i totally meant to do that" excuse, you need to socialize more bro. And also im not supporting it, still doesn't mean I can't criticize this dumb practice. I don't even get how you can sut here and act like this isn't censorship given PlayStation's recent track record.

Michiel198978d ago

@redemption the devs didnt wanna censor it, I can assure you that. Their other game had you looking at backshots of anime girls in thongs during gameplay, if you can even call it gameplay.

MrDead78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

...have you seen this game? There's nothing wrong with nudity, and you get everything you want and more seeing some of the NPC's in it. What is there to complain about? This is nothing but outrage bait to stir up tater tots into having a breakdown because the lady dress-up has a cleavage mesh?!? You can dress her up in an outfit that you can see everything but inside her.

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gigoran878d ago

So you think that all women wearing revealing tops are porn stars and should s s-shamed? Got it. that's all you had to say MrDead

MrDead78d ago

The game has an outfit that is basically nude, what else do you want? Do you want to see inside her, what else do you want? The game has what people want in spades yet some still complain like teenagers... and there's the matter of the developer has also stated that nothing has been compromised.

The game has what you are complaining about.

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Jin_Sakai79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

I’m sick of all the censoring BS! Just let a sexy main character be sexy.

Redemption-6478d ago

There is no censorship. If this is what the devs wanted to do, why is this censorship? Can you explain why they left more revealing outfits? I have yet to see a single person explain why they added 6 inches to a lace and left far more revealing outfits

ravens5278d ago

I know your not that naive. Of course hed say that after all this backlash. I'm sure that's what Sony told him to say.

Redemption-6478d ago


So you are telling me, Sony somehow missed all the other more revealing outfits and forced Shift up to put 6 inches of lace on this? Wow, mission accomplished 👏 , that is some high level censorship right there. What is funny is, you idiots would have believed him if he said the opposite. Only reason you and your are crying is because what he said doesn't fit the lies you people have cooked up in your heads. Pathetic

MrDead78d ago

If they wanted to censor the game why didn't they do it to any of the far more revealing outfits on the main player and NPC's?

kythlyn79d ago

I'm more bothered by the bait and switch of the messaging and advertising than the change itself. The game still has an abundance of fan service, but clearly there have been changes made, and Sony needs to stop meddling across the board, not just in this, but in countless games they force developers to make conservative changes to.

badz14979d ago

You seriously blaming Sony for this? The snowflake loud minorities are the ones to be blamed. They aren't happy until they make every protagonist ugly and gay which is sad. Mind you, this is Shift Up first major console release. Can't blame them they don't want to upset anybody but all these sensoring and changes to please these snowflakes have gone too far imo. If you don't like it, don't play it! Stop trying to ruin it for the others just because you're pathetic and got triggered by everything!

GameBoyColor79d ago

i mean if sony is the one forcing the changes I think it's fair to blame them. Sony could easily just not censor it but they have a track record with telling companies what to do with their games now.

I think you should be more mad at a company bending the knee instead of the consumers with your mindset lmfao

Levii_9278d ago

Dude Sony IS a snowflake(hate using that word) company 😂 they are pathetic when it comes to this stuff and i’m 100% sure they forced this shit on the Shift Up devs.