Crackdown 3 8K 60 FPS - Possible at Low-Medium Settings with an RTX 3090

CG writes: Nvidia’s claims that the RTX 3090 can render games in 8K at 60 FPS, ring true for us in this video. We put the game Crackdown 3 through its paces with some interesting results.

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bunt-custardly97d ago

If you've ever super-sampled anything you would know why it can make things look better.

bouzebbal97d ago

Let's talk about powahhhh of da clawwdd for a second 🤣did they give up with this thing?

bunt-custardly97d ago

Oh right, I didn't get the joke sorry, it just clicked. Hmm, is Crackdown 3 really that bad/universally hated especially as it's on gamepass?

SullysCigar97d ago

My attempt at humour could have been clearer, in hindsight..!

Yeah, sadly Crackdown 3 had been hyped so hard and so long by Microsoft, that when it launched as a mediocre game, it got panned. It was mainly the broken promises about the power of the cloud I think that did it. This was the 'cloud power' poster child for years and it all amounted to nothing, which is a real shame, because if they'd realised their initial vision it could have been special.

bunt-custardly97d ago

I do remember the original vision where entire buildings could be demolished but wasn't that feature relegated to the multiplayer mode? For me, Crackdown 3 comes across quite generic. I suppose if it had the full destruction in the story mode that would have been bad-ass. If Red Faction Guerrilla can do it why not CD?

FanboySpotter97d ago

Crackdown 3 was made for crackdown fans. Hated by non crackdown fans. Enjoyed by crackdown fans.

TheRealTedCruz97d ago

I played it on PC for a little while via gamepass. It's not nearly as terrible as people would try to make it out to be, but it's the definition of a "meh" game.
There's fun to be had if you're bored.

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andy8597d ago

It's good it's possible but who would pick this over 4K60 on ultra? It would look far better

instantstupor97d ago

100%. This is obviously just showing what can be done with the current highest end hardware, rather than what should be. And if you're splashing out for an RTX 3090 over a 3080 for gaming (small performance delta if not using that huge buffer for productivity), then I guess you'll also consider splashing out for an 8k screen. And, I mean, you'll want to be able to do *something* with it lol.

Vithar97d ago

Who plays this game? lol

outsider162497d ago

Let's be honest here, even with extra high settings at 8k 120fps... it'll still look like crap. Sorry.

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