Crackdown 1 & 2 Are Currently Free on Xbox One

While it is unclear at this time whether its a glitch or intentional. Crackdown, and Crackdown 2 are now free for download on the Xbox store.

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b163o11019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )


mikeslemonade1019d ago

2 of the weakest graphical games

b163o11019d ago

Oh come on man, Out of all the games under M$.....really

King_Noctis1019d ago

Free is free. They could have done nothing and no one would have said anything.

So what’s the problem again?

xX-oldboy-Xx1019d ago

Sometimes it's better to do nothing, like in this case.

Or are they buttering people up for an xsx version of Crackdown 3? Re-Cracked perhaps?

King_Noctis1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

So let me get this straight, you think they are wrong for giving out free games to gamers?Do they force you to download the game? Are the free games expired after a set amount of time? Do they force people to buy an SX version of the game if it comes out?

You know I have seen many stupid comments over the year on this site, and yours is nearly on the top of that list, no offense.

xX-oldboy-Xx1018d ago

No they're not wrong - have at it. Just not a very worthwhile gesture. The games are old, average at best going by people's comments.

Have a crack mate, don't hold back - you couldn't upset or offend me if you tried.

And if you didn't pick up, the second part of my comment was in jest. But you lit are very defensive about ms and their pro-consumer attitude these days.

Lighten up champ - gonna be a long gen ahead haha

Casepb1019d ago

Crackdown 1 was always free.

isarai1019d ago

Yeah this, grabbed it like two years ago. Wish there was a way to play the X-enhanced version on PC

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Abnor_Mal1019d ago

Stay at home initiative? Not everyone has Gamepass.

Ulf1019d ago

Crackdown 1 was a *great* game.

franwex1019d ago

Crackdown 1 was fun 13 years ago. Somewhat still fun today

Crackdown 2 sucks.

Crackdown 3 is like Crackdown 1, but with better graphics.

Play Crackdown 3. It’s a fun weekend game.

DARK_WOLF1019d ago

Crackdown 3 shouldv never existed. Of all the games microsoft couldve poured money into making they chose this.

Simply as a marketing game to show off their 'cloud' tech. Sure wasnt made for xbox fans but they tried to shove it down our throats for 5 years regardless.

No thanks.

Kribwalker1019d ago

agreed. crackdown 3 was a fun quick romp

Godmars2901019d ago

CD3 exists as an attempt to showcase a version of cloud supported gaming. That said version fell apart is besides the point.

hamburgerhill1018d ago

I wish they would have just done a Crackdown 1 remake with extras instead of Crackdown 3. All those years wasted on a game that for me felt like anything but crack down.

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The story is too old to be commented.