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ninsigma1892d ago

There was no conclusive ending to the franchise. There was so much more that could be done. Jak still had to face being Mar. I mean, there would be at least one more trip back in time because he had to build the city.

But I do agree that rebooting would be better. Simply because this is a different naughty dog to the one who created jak and daxter. Different people with different ideas. If they're gonna take on jak and daxter again, better to start from scratch and make it their own from the get go rather than trying to be new while being laden down by the originals.

andrewsquall1891d ago

Exactly. Also if Naughty Dog aren't involved, then just don't bother please. We don't want another Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier, Spyro the Dragon after the PS1 days or any of the Halos after Bungie stopped making them to happen.

ninsigma1891d ago

Yep, I agree. As much as I'd love another one of these games, it's probably best to just leave it as it is.

pecorre1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

To be honest, the last Sly game was not developped by the original team and it was very good. If Naughty Dogs don't do it (they won't because they'll make The Last of Us 2), Sony could give it to a good developper.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1891d ago

I would agree that the creative minds are different and thus they would make a different Jak experience, but because that's the case I'd say they should just leave Jak alone for now. Jak is my favorite franchise and if they change it I don't think I'd be happy.

Also, after pondering I realized why Jak didn't get a movie. He's not really a family friendly character like Ratchet and Sly. But, it being animated would also limit it's adult audience. There really is no market for a Jak movie.

Kallisti1891d ago

*Jak and Daxter Shouldn't Get a Sequel until we get a new Crash Bandicoot first. There, fixed your title for you.

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