A Look Through the Absolute Best PS2 Games of All Time

Take it down the memory lane with this ultimate list of the best PlayStation 2 games of all time. Just the best of the best right here.

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isarai289d ago

It's so disappointing that to this day, I have not seen a game match what BLACK offers in an FPS.

ApocalypseShadow289d ago

Shame isn't it. I thought we'd be at a point of destructible backgrounds, objects, pyrotechnics etc in shooters. I sold many a copy in the demo unit when I managed a franchise Game Crazy back then. But I stopped playing shooters because they didn't evolve. Heavy weapon. Shoot a wall or glass. Nothing happens. Lol. Except for Killzone 2. I enjoyed that.

But then I woke and remembered it's EA. EA didn't care really. They just wanted to kill competition from Criterion and Burnout. And own Renderware to profit from as many developers used that engine. Only thing was that developers ran as fast as they could away from EA to Unreal Engine and its pop in and Vaseline graphics. Shame on EA. And then they bought Dice for Frostbite. Evil busters.

Anyway, too many PS2 games to count. Some of my personal faves being DMC, Genji, Bujingai, Blood Will Tell, Onimusha, Way of the Samurai, Japanese Berserk, Japanese Macross game that blew away the US Robotech game, RAD, Castlevania Lament of Innocence.... there's just too many. Let me stop. Lol

Cacabunga289d ago

Code Veronica
Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore
The Getaway
Time Crisis 3
Mark of Kri

are some of my all times favorites missing on that list

shinoff2183288d ago

I've always Saud I'm not a fan of fps much , there's been some I really like and thought were really dope. Black falls into that category.

CoNn3rB289d ago

I would love nothing more than a remaster of the Jak series, including Jak X

Flawlessmic288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

The greatest console of all time !!!!

The last console from when gaming was pure, games didn't take 5 years to release, no online only, no half finished games, no mtx.

Ps2 was just banger after banger after banger.

It will always be my favourite.

sagapo288d ago

No Timesplitters in the list??

FinalFantasyFanatic288d ago

This is a really good list, pretty happy with the choices here.


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