The Jak and Daxter Trilogy Was a Staple Franchise for PlayStation 2

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy were crucial to the success of the PlayStation 2. Let's take a look back at the trilogy and the expansion games.

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chrisx35d ago

Indeed it was. Naughty dog at their absolute best

TheRealTedCruz35d ago

The original is still a favorite of mine, but I didn't like the dark and gritty turn they took the series.

Ratchet7535d ago

The first true next Gen game on ps2.
Before that game came out I really felt like my ps2 was not as powerful as Sony advertised it. Clearly, I was wrong

Teflon0235d ago

I played Dark Cloud and NHL 2001 which were massive upgrades to PSOne and N64 titles. But I do think outside the fact I played Dark Cloud wrong and struggled to get anywhere because resource management at like 10 or 11 wasn't an ideal stress to give me lol, Jake and Daxter was the first big title I got that made me as impressed as the ritual scene opener for Dark Cloud. After those, think I got Final final fantasy X which looked godlike at the time and played spyhunter which I don't remember graphically. But the fluid essentially of Jak and Daxter running at high framerates, and coming from Conker, Banjo, DK64 and such. That game was a mega highlight and was my fav until Ratchet and Clank the next year

Terry_B35d ago

Tekken Tag Tournament was a true next gen game on PS2 and was one of its launch games.

VersusDMC35d ago

If Naughty Dog truly doesn't have an interest in Jak and Daxter they should give Ember Labs(Kena) a shot at it. I want a Jak game in their engine.

Outlawzz35d ago

Idk why they let this franchise die, ratchet and clank is still going strong

Teflon0235d ago

Probably ran it into the dirt with the dark jak stuff and didn't know how to properly bring it back. Personally hated the direction for Jak 2 and 3 while I did like 3. They should have stuck to making them like the first game but more expansive and bigger story

SonyStyled35d ago

2 and 3 were the best of the series IMO. Perfect combo of action adventure, platforming, gunplay, crude humor. The first was full of fun platforming, but lacking of the rich atmosphere and conflict the sequels had with the character the main and 2nd characters the sequels also had. “Oooh hey Jackie boy,” “hey sweet stripes, give me your digits.” Yea, I loved the crude humor of 2 and 3