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The Most Notoriously Difficult JRPG Bosses

GamesRadar - Japanese role-playing games love to serve up boss fights in three distinct flavors. The mild ones provide a tough - but fair - challenge, testing your abilities without going too far. The sour ones are usually just some mook with a massive health bar who's defeated by spamming the attack command. And then there are the DIVINE bosses who transcend such feeble, man-made classifications to exist in a pantheon of encounters destined to break mere mortals like waves against stone.

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Community3094d ago
DarkOcelet3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Yiazmat wasnt hard. He just had a huge amount of HP. I mean 50 million HP, Come on!

Omega Mark XII in FFXII was much harder in my opinion. Getting to him was seriously effed up.

And Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix was tough but if we are talking extremely tough, then Lingering Will or Mysterious Figure from Birth By Sleep were much harder.

Relientk773094d ago

I actually put Final Fantasy XII as the thumbnail to catch YOUR attention, and it worked. lol

DarkOcelet3094d ago


Thanks for that. FFXII was indeed amazing and deserves more attention overall especially from the Final Fantasy community. Its an under-appreciated Masterpiece.

Hopefully the FFXII HD isn't far off. I cant wait to get back to that beautiful world again :)

SaiyanFury3093d ago

I would have to second that motion, indeed. I absolutely adored FFXII on the PS2 and I truly hope that the remaster isn't too far off. This is a completely personal opinion, it was quite literally the last Final Fantasy game that I truly enjoyed. I never really cared for FFX for a host of reasons, and never tried FFX-2 as I didn't care for the prequel. I never tried FFXI as I don't care for online games. I didn't care for XIII and as such, I never bothered with it's sequels either. I do believe the reason I loved XII is because it was done by the same team that did the wonderous Final Fantasy Tactics back on PSX. As such, I also preferred FFVIII to FFVII, even though I would agree with many as saying that VII was the better game. :)

TheColbertinator3094d ago

Omega Mk. XII was more brutal. His attacks were just broken

Kyosuke_Sanada3094d ago

Bless the Demi-Fiend. I wish Atlus made him a recurring hidden boss in the main Shin Megami Tensei series. It would be even scarier if he recruited protagonists in past games to aid him in battle (which is quite possible.).

3093d ago
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Final Fantasy 12 Has The Worst Cid, Says Ben Starr

Clive actor Ben Starr plays kiss, marry, kill with Final Fantasy characters, and decides to off Cid from Final Fantasy 12.

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Community89d ago
CrimsonWing6989d ago

I’d give it to 8, but whatevs.

mastershredder89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Ew VO actors and their cringe core. Fiverr voice actors could out perform this chump.


Final Fantasy XII Is the Perfect Final Fantasy Game to Play After XVI

Final Fantasy XVI makes big changes to the series. It has a new approach to combat and a mature story, that makes XII the perfect game to play after.

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Community384d ago
Flawlessmic385d ago

It's always a good time to play ff12. But more importantly absolutely everybody that has a ps5 should be playing ff16!!

What a game yoshi p and his team have delivered, we can only hope they have been handed the keys to next main line final fantasy and they can go back to back!!

383d ago Replies(1)
GhostScholar383d ago

He turned final fantasy into a 3rd person action game. A good one for sure, but not final

Flawlessmic383d ago

What is final fantasy?

If your telling me it's turn based/party then people aren't actually final fantasy fans they are mechanic fans of turn based games not final fantasy.

I could point to 20 different reasons why this is a proper final fantasy but going off everyone opinions apparently what makes a final fantasy is the mechanics and nothing else lol.

I guess final fantasy hasn't been final fantasy since X-2.

GhostScholar383d ago

I’m not saying just the turned based aspect makes a game final fantasy or not. It’s not that it’s not turn based only. I don’t like the combat at all in 16. It’s better than 15 for sure, but it just doesn’t feel like a final fantasy game. It reminds me more of the Witcher 3 than final fantasy. The setting, the look of the world. No sci fi aspects.

Flawlessmic383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

i still have to disagree dude, final fantasy games are made up of so much more, they have a certain heart & soul to them that make them easily identifiable and this game has all that heart and soul of a FF game as well ff staples below.

- the music
- chocobos
- moogles
- summons - Super heavy influence
- a grand epic story/ ps. they have done medieveil before like with ff9
- crystals - Super heavy influence
- cid

I mean the fact this game is basically all about crystals and eikons is about as FF as it gets, throw in the rest and i get it being action game may be weird but this is FF game through and through.

in terms of Sci fi, id say your probably still very early on in the game.

This is coming from an old school FF fan.

Terry_B385d ago

I also recommend Devil May Cry 3-5 if you liked FF16 a lot.