Final Fantasy XII director shoots down 17-year rumor about the game's main character

First, the rumor itself. When Final Fantasy XII originally launched in 2006, plenty of players were left disappointed by protagonist Vaan, who many deemed to be dull and apathetic. From this, a rumor sprang forth than companion Basch was originally meant to be the protagonist of Final Fantasy XII, but was switched out of the role at the last minute.

This rumor has gained traction ever since, to the point where multiple outlets have reported it as fact, and Final Fantasy XII’s Wikipedia page (opens in new tab) even mentions it as part of the game's development. Now though, years after the rumor originated, original Final Fantasy XII director and scenario writer Yasumi Matsuno has stepped in to quash the rumor.

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Hofstaderman157d ago

I'm still convinced Vaan and Penelo were placed in the game as a last minute decision.

-Foxtrot156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

It does feel like that tbh

It's why even though the theory has been shot down I can see why people came up with and believed it.

It makes sense

Vaan was there for the younger audience and to me that seems like a last minute development decision.

gold_drake157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

ok that doesnt change the fact that Vaan is the least intresting and biggest waste of a main character in the franchise.

like Penelo and Vaan are literally just there, to be there. any other character has more purpose haha.

Becuzisaid157d ago

We all know Balthier and Fran were the mains the whole time lol.

FinalFantasyFanatic157d ago

The characters and writing for this game, just wasn't good, I have a hard time believing that there wasn't some major changes at some point (do writers just not leave notes for each other if one of them gets sick or leaves?).

SegaSaturn669156d ago

I enjoy the gameplay a lot but tend to agree, the soundtrack was not memorable to me at all, either. Which is weird because the composer also did FFT which was tremendous.

FinalFantasyFanatic156d ago

I always think of Uematsu when I think of the FF franchise, but most of his music is pretty iconic, unfortunately I didn't get to play FFT (hopefully it ends up with a Steam release in the near future).

RedDevils156d ago

Back then I like the gameplay, but I just don't like the story enough to enjoy it as X.

GoodGuy09156d ago

It was obvious Vaan was of little importance. His brother or Balthier should've been the MC. They've already told us that Vaan was chosen just so the game can appeal to younger audiences. But well that's square for ya, always trying to appeal to the masses rather than just do what they really want to do and favor core fans.

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Final Fantasy XII Is the Perfect Final Fantasy Game to Play After XVI

Final Fantasy XVI makes big changes to the series. It has a new approach to combat and a mature story, that makes XII the perfect game to play after.

Flawlessmic93d ago

It's always a good time to play ff12. But more importantly absolutely everybody that has a ps5 should be playing ff16!!

What a game yoshi p and his team have delivered, we can only hope they have been handed the keys to next main line final fantasy and they can go back to back!!

91d ago Replies(1)
GhostScholar91d ago

He turned final fantasy into a 3rd person action game. A good one for sure, but not final

Flawlessmic91d ago

What is final fantasy?

If your telling me it's turn based/party then people aren't actually final fantasy fans they are mechanic fans of turn based games not final fantasy.

I could point to 20 different reasons why this is a proper final fantasy but going off everyone opinions apparently what makes a final fantasy is the mechanics and nothing else lol.

I guess final fantasy hasn't been final fantasy since X-2.

GhostScholar91d ago

I’m not saying just the turned based aspect makes a game final fantasy or not. It’s not that it’s not turn based only. I don’t like the combat at all in 16. It’s better than 15 for sure, but it just doesn’t feel like a final fantasy game. It reminds me more of the Witcher 3 than final fantasy. The setting, the look of the world. No sci fi aspects.

Flawlessmic91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

i still have to disagree dude, final fantasy games are made up of so much more, they have a certain heart & soul to them that make them easily identifiable and this game has all that heart and soul of a FF game as well ff staples below.

- the music
- chocobos
- moogles
- summons - Super heavy influence
- a grand epic story/ ps. they have done medieveil before like with ff9
- crystals - Super heavy influence
- cid

I mean the fact this game is basically all about crystals and eikons is about as FF as it gets, throw in the rest and i get it being action game may be weird but this is FF game through and through.

in terms of Sci fi, id say your probably still very early on in the game.

This is coming from an old school FF fan.

Terry_B93d ago

I also recommend Devil May Cry 3-5 if you liked FF16 a lot.

MrNinosan91d ago

Played them all, and no... Not at all like FFXVI except parts of the combat

Gardenia91d ago

I don't know if this is serious or sarcasm, but it says a lot of what Final Fantasy has become.

lucian22991d ago

ff12 was the worst ff imo; no character was unique because of the class system, so in cutscenes no character had an assigned weapon; they were all different skins of one another; the game played itself, the main character wasn't the main character and it was just a big eh

Nacho_Z91d ago

I think I preferred 12 to 13 but I agree with your assessment. It was very bland and not much fun to play.

lucian22991d ago

i liked 13 combat wise, and i think story wise, but then i really liked the 2nd game, and lightning returns was....odd but i liked it.

MrNinosan91d ago

Sounds like you were late to FFXII and only played Zodiac edition.

FFXII is a great game, still today, and with Zodiac, it became even better.

lucian22989d ago

nope lol i got ff12 at launch

GhostScholar91d ago

Final fantasy 7 remake is better than 16 in every way

lucian22989d ago

not at all; while i love my ff7, ff16 is epic constantly; no game has epic battles the way this one does

MadLad91d ago

Still the last one I really enjoyed.
Series is just all over the place anymore and, while people like the new arpg gameplay, it doesn't do anything for me.

goldwyncq91d ago

The world is the real star of XII. I didn't care about the character nor the story but the worldbuilding was excellent.