Final Fantasy XVI Has Major FFXII Ivalice Vibes

As the release date reveal for Final Fantasy XVI draws nearer, gamers are noting similarities between its world and that of Final Fantasy XII’s Ivalice.

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CrimsonWing6968d ago

Medieval and crystals, I mean we could say it has more in common with Final Fantasy 1 at that point.

Ivalice has a blend of medieval and futuristic technology. I honestly, don’t get any of that vibe from what I’ve seen in the trailers. If anything it feels more in-line with FF11 or FF14.

Spenok62d ago

Funny you say 14 as that's the thumbnail picture used!

Although, I have noticed Ivalice in it too. Hell, they even have a town ALMOST named Dalmasca with "The Dhalmekian Republic."

Which could easily be spun as an ancient version of Dalmasca.

Although to be fair. I noticed the "connections" early on in the games development, but have slowly come to expect to be wrong. It would certainly be cool, but I doubt it will be connected to any specific FF before it.

Elda68d ago

Some of the same people that worked on FF12 worked on FF16.

-Gespenst-67d ago

I mean, it looks identical to XIV visually, and the Mothercrystal is a thing / character in XIV, as are Eikons. Also, it seems to do politics like XIV does - very broad-brush, more focused on the aesthetics and the stilted language. Ivalice gets a bit more in the weeds with its politics. Also, games like XII and its sequel have a highly futuristic setting.