Final Fantasy VII Remake's Lead Battle Designer Wants To "Surpass" FFXII’s Gambit System

Final Fantasy VII Remake's lead battle designer has said that he wants to eventually "surpass" the Gambit System that was featured in Final Fantasy XII

When Final Fantasy VII Remake released, its combat system was one of the things that almost everyone seemed to love. As great as it was, it seems that developers behind it are keen to make some big improvements to it in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as an interview with the lead battle designer, Satoru Koyama, has the lofty goal of trying to outdo Final Fantasy XII’s incredibly detailed Gambit System.

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Flawlessmic175d ago

Ff12 was great as was the gambit system, so hopefully ff7r leans more towards 12s systems.

MADGameR175d ago

HELL no! Absolutely hope it has nothing to do with FF12.

Flawlessmic175d ago

Each to there own bud, I enjoyed every ff up until 13 then it went downhill from there.

I liked they did something new with 12.

shinoff2183175d ago

I would rather them just keep it the same as part 1. Don't go chamging it even more please

Eonjay175d ago

This is about giving you greater control over non player characters. I think this is really cool.

DogJosha175d ago

The gambit system was horrible though. Since you had a tool that could automatically handle actions for you, it sped up the speed of battle so that you would be dependent on them. Then it was so overpowered that it turned the game into a movie. I literally got the platinum trophy and the only time I had to touch the controller during a fight was before I had heal on a gambit. I beat everything in the game, including the hardest optional bosses. I barely even updated my gambits that often and completely stopped touching them 2/3rds through the game with the exception of the reverse damage trick for the last 2 optional bosses I think. I'd rather FFVII Remake remain a game that you actually play.

Nebaku175d ago

So what you mean to say is,

You put in effort to learn and use a game mechanic, and it rewarded you the player for doing so?

DogJosha175d ago

"You put in effort to learn". No... Is "health below 50% = cast heal" really the bar you set for talking effort? Gambits are braindead tier. You don't have to know any strategy to set them up.

LiViNgLeGaCY175d ago

Yo each their own. I loved it.

DogJosha175d ago

I did like the story and atmosphere, and it has a great Cid even if he wasn't in it enough. I would have preferred Vaan and Penelo weren't in it and instead focused on Balthier but I've gotten over that a little.

Abnor_Mal175d ago

I loved the gambit system in FF12, when everything was set up correctly in the old PS2 version (non Zodiac Age) you could have the game play by itself with very little micro management.

Unfortunately Zodiac Age changed how some of that worked with the job system only allowing one person to have a specific job.

jwillj2k4175d ago

What was the point of playing then?? I absolutely hated this system I turned the game off after a couple of hours because of it. No reason to do anything just sit back and watch, or run away. Completely removed the point of playing entirely.

DogJosha175d ago

I got a platinum trophy in zodiac age and didn't participate in any fight once I got the heal gambit. It didn't seem like it was hard to accomplish but class choices could have played into that too I guess. Some games can be a totally different experience based on classes like FF Tactics.