Microsoft: "Xbox One Is The Most Powerful Console"

New Interview with Microsoft's Xbox Division in France sees Hugues Ouvrard, Marketing Director for Xbox France claiming that Xbox One is more powerful than PS4, and that there's some confusion over pixels.

"Question :We say that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One.

The PS4 isn't more powerful. There is a confusion about the number of pixels but the definition of some is set by editors, not by the console. Especially with the power of the cloud - we set 300 000 servers - the capabilities of the console are multiplied by 4. So if we connect our console to internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful."

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allformats2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

LOL! And a Chevrolet Cavalier is way faster and has more horse power than a Ferrari!

Enemy2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Lmao, I guess this is why their games run at higher resolution. Oh wait!

50% power advantage goes to PS4, yet Microsoft thinks they're fooling anyone trying to correlate 300,000 servers to raw spec power. This is beyond sad now.

The released specs are facts, not opinion, and it is a fact that the PS4 is more powerful. Even they accepted it already. This must be a misquote.

GarrusVakarian2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Is this real?......Did he actually say this?

Wow, he said "the power of the cloud" multiplies the consoles "capabilities" by 4 and if connected to the internet the X1 is more powerful......

....yes, he actually said that. Just as delusional as their fans it seems.

He also said that the pixels on screen is determined by the publisher, not the he is saying that 720p all the multiplats was a publisher choice? He can't actually expect the fans to believe these words....surely? Yeah, publishers just choose to make it 1080p on PS4 and 720p on X1.....makes sense. /s

PS4 is more powerful, accept it and move on.

dedicatedtogamers2894d ago

Yeah, Microsoft execs need to keep their mouth shut or at least be truthful. Heck, Nintendo knew the Wii was weaker, but they said "hey, that's our strategy. We offer a different experience".

I think this just goes to show how far the Xbox brand has fallen. It was once the peak of console power. Now it's the peak of advertising and compromises.

-Foxtrot2894d ago


The worst part is that the delusional fans will actually believe know the fans who have been screwed over repeatedly by MS since they brought out long has that been, oh yeah like three years this month to be exact, with no signs of improving any time soon

How can they say this when they can't prove it

MS if you believe this then show us a chart or something comparing your specs and the PS4's.

pyramidshead2894d ago

Seriously Microsoft's PR just needs to...go home and play their Xboxs. It's almost out and they're jinxing it with more bad PR. You'd think they'd stop doing it to themselves by now after months and months of faux pas.

M-M2894d ago

"So if we connect our console to internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful."

I'm dying.

Eonjay2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

No. I can't. Not tonight.

Regis2894d ago

That's it not buying there console now way to flat out lie Hugues Ouvrard if I was MS i fire you right away for that.

Ezz20132894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

oh wow, i laughed hard when i saw the title

who they think will believe this after the offical specs and games running at higher gfx and Res on ps4?

give it a rest already ,Microsoft

also i'm shaking my head at this part :
" Especially with the power of the cloud - we set 300 000 servers - the capabilities of the console are multiplied by 4. So if we connect our console to internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful"

Computersaysno2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

So this is it.

We always knew it, soon as it becomes more obvious to the general public. Average Joe. That PS4 is more powerful then Microsoft would fall back on their cloud spiel.

Here it comes. We won't hear the end of this the whole generation even if Microsoft have still shown literally ZERO proof of concept.

PS4 is more powerful.

But the cloud!

PS4 version has more resolution.

But teh suspended water molecules!

PS4 version wins again

But teh hydrogen and oxygen atoms we haz on the Internets!

Please Microsoft. No. I'm going to buy an Xbox one eventually I imagine but seriously you can shove this PR nonsense. It is frustrating and embarrassing when companies do this.

majiebeast2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"There is a confusion about the difference in the number of pixels"

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA Xbox PR guy go home you are drunk. Only 1 day and they pulled the not so trap card CLOWD POWAH!

MRMagoo1232894d ago

I cant believe MS have flat out lied like this lmfao. Anyone that has looked at both the console say the ps4 is more powerful.

xHeavYx2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

If you can't beat them... Come up with lies?
" thanks to the power of the cloud, the console's power is multiplied by four" HAHAHAHA
Just like Goku ( the first one to make a meme gets a bubble)

GarrusVakarian2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Funny how MS hasn't mentioned the cloud much for a long time and now suddenly they say your console will be more powerful if you connect it to the internet/cloud.

"So if you connect the console to the Internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful."

Internet = power?

WHO believes this BS? Its mind boggling.

georgeenoob2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Lol MS knows the Internet will react greatly to this, looks like MS thinks this because they know the full capabilities of the cloud. Can't wait to see what they do with this. Just like how Forza 5 was only possible on X1.

Xbox One not only has the best games, but it's the most powerful. What a fanboy nightmare LOL.

xHeavYx2894d ago

By any chance are you related to the person making the statement?

Enemy2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@ Georgenoob: Forza 5 doesn't even have dynamic lighting or dynamic skies. Even the environments aren't fully rendered like in DriveClub. Your post makes no sense as there's nothing next gen about the game.

ABizzel12894d ago

LMAO, the stupid is strong in this one.

WOW. M$ needs to purchase a STFU Button, so whenever these clueless people say something stupid a giant boxing gloves speeds out of nowhere and punches the $#!^ out of them, and they learn to STFU.

4x with the power of the cloud. Stop it please.

Narutone662894d ago

I thought it was infinite, now it's x4. I heard he used to work for EA.

GribbleGrunger2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

You guys need to understand, by raging at articles like this, all you accomplish is to promote the very thing you're raging against. Just let silly statements like this slip from view.

solidjun52894d ago

Oh gosh. This is beyond some Dragon Ball Z power level mess.

"Over 9000!!!" Seriously.

"Hugues Ouvrard, Marketing Director for Xbox France."

Yea, you need to work on that.

otherZinc2894d ago

Forza 5 @ 1080p "native" 60fps Online & Offline!
Sent Drive Club "back to the lab".

Forza 5 is "The Only" "Next Gen" game at 1080p native 60fps Online/Offline game in the world on consoles, period.

Next generation is where we're at, not last gen high res ports.

Kryptix2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

lmao Haven't laughed this much in a while...I can't say anything else...too funny.

badz1492894d ago

my god...

when people are already tired of "the powah of the cloudz" joke...this guy came out...

GTgamer2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Im just sitting here like, Not sure if MS knows that we all know the X1 isn't the strongest console.
Quick question if it was the strongest then why are a good majority of multiplatform games 720p on the X1 when on the PS4 its 1080p:/
Wait hold up he said due to the Cloud lmao Im dead XD again with this.

NMEMEDIC2894d ago

the PS4 is 62.87 percent more get it right next time.

deecee332894d ago

Oh good grief, the "cloud" strikes again...
Notice to Microsoft PR: STOP. Just. Stop. You are fooling only the completely uninformed. The rest of us know better than to believe that your server farm will result in a direct boost to the immediate capabilities of your hardware in any concrete way. You're making yourselves look deceitful and foolish, and it's embarrassing.

MysticStrummer2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well played George. I've seen some spectacularly ridiculous comments on this site, and some of them come from more prolific zealots than yourself so it's easy to forget about you at times, but then you come along and vault yourself back into the limelight with a gem of a comment like that.

When I look at MS and some of their fans, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Obi Wan Kenobi : " Who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him? ".

I'm going with the fans, because MS has to know they're full of marketing. I'm not talking about the fans who love their MS exclusives and don't mind the compromises that were made in the name of multimedia/multitasking. I'm talking about people like George, Green, edonus, EliteGamer, etc who appear to be so delusional that I wonder sometimes if it's actually satirical performance art.

If reviews determine who has the best games, then PS4 wins by having higher scores overall for their launch titles, and yes, indies and multiplats count as games. As for power, PS4's advantage has been well documented for months. Forza being "only possible" on XB1 is a joke. I'm pretty sure if MS had some secret sauce cloud power they'd have clued in developers well before now and we wouldn't see the differences we do, especially in a game like CoD. I doubt DR3 would have framerate issues if they could dunk it in that secret sauce. I doubt Forza would have 2D spectators instead of the 3D ones that were originally shown if the fabled cloud computing was a factor. Hell, Forza's backgrounds in general wouldn't look so dated if cloud power was a thing.

Like Lukas said, accept and move on. Be happy with your purchase and what it does instead of trying to exaggerate it's capabilities.

CryofSilence2894d ago

Exceptionally well said, MysticStrummer. Here, enjoy a bubble. :)

Reverent2894d ago

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that this MS rep tried to deny the DRM policies and no game sharing when the Xbox One was announced? I mean seriously? He ACTUALLY tried to say that it was a "communication error". OTHER MS Reps have ADMITTED what MS was trying to do, and practically apologized, clearing the entire thing.

Sorry, but this guy is an absolute fool, and definitely should not be working for MS. He continues to prove how horrible MS is with PR.

Foxhound9222894d ago


Here's the goku picture you requested

This just in guys! Just like Goku's spirit bomb, the Xbox One can summon energy and power from all living things like plants, trees, and animals. By doing this, it becomes over 9000 times more powerful when it's connected to to earth power. It can also summon power from the flying nimbus, also known and "teh cloud"

Prime1572893d ago


If you really think Forza looks good then that just shows your ignorance.

You have no idea what effects show the console is having power vs not.

Forza is a cartoon compared to drive club.

user55757082893d ago

good god they're relying on stable internet connections to boost power when stable internet isnt exactly something you can rely on all the time.

i still don't understand why people trust microsoft. so much of what they say is misleading and this article proves it

Yi-Long2893d ago

Volvo: "Well, critics seem to suggest that a Lamborghini is faster than our car, but that's because they're only looking at it from a very limited view, namely how fast it goes on the road.

However, if we drop our Volvo from a plane, it's speed increases 4-fold, easily surpassing the speed of the Lamborghini! Our car is much more faster. All thanks to (dropping it through) the cloud!"

eliasg2893d ago

you will realize that SONY lies about being 50% more powerful, when you look at RYSE and FORZA

jebabcock2893d ago

So is that a confirmation that there will be an Internet requirement for AAA games to compete with ps4 games? PS4 games look the same with or without a connection.

For less cost Sony could strike a deal with Amazon if they haven't already and have a better cloud to work from... MS is making a weak argument here.

UltimateMaster2893d ago

Yeah, no, Multi-platform games are better on the PS4.

SilentNegotiator2893d ago

MS really needs to show some confidence in their position; no one said that they NEED the most powerful console to both sell well and make people happy. They should at least fake some confidence, but I know that it would be difficult being both the most expensive system and only the 2nd most powerful.

SonyPS3602893d ago Show
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Angels37852894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I must need some really thick new glasses and a new computer science degree because I swear all my personal knowledge and other proffessional knowledge/sources says otherwise....

nypifisel2894d ago

This is super stupid, how the heck did he think he could get away with it?! D:

Prime1572893d ago

Consumer ignorance has let them get away with it. And not just via xbone.

SilentNegotiator2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Ask an android user; Ballmer said that they're all computer scientists.

vigilante_man2893d ago

Sorry people but I cannot find anything bad to say about Microsoft or the XB1 today. It is their big day and a massive congratulations goes to Microsoft and every new XBox One owner.

I am a very jealous UK gamer waiting for the PS4 but hope all new XB1 consoles run perfectly without any issues at all. The new XBox One owners are enjoying an awesome day today.

Microsoft can say whatever they want today. It's their party - let them enjoy every minute of it. Happy Day One launch!

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-Foxtrot2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"Especially thanks to the power of cloud - we have installed 300,000 servers - the capabilities of the console are multiplied by four."

"So if you connect the console to the Internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful"

Yeah IF your connected to the interent, but as it stands, the console that has been built from the start can NOT do that with out the extra help (internet connection).

Developers want a powerful console from the ground up, not everyone is going to be connected all the time to get the best game and if they are then that "greatness" is only going to last until you go offline

SCW19822894d ago

You shouldn't even believe that connected it becomes four times more powerful because that is straight garbage.

ruefrak2894d ago

Didn't Jonathan Blow comment awhile ago that it wasn't 300,000 actual servers but 300,000 "virtual" servers? So that number may be incorrect as well.

Reverent2894d ago

@ruegrak, indeed that is the case. And as we should all know, A single (Albeit powerful) computer can run tons of virtual servers on its own.

When we take that into consideration, that 300k servers doesn't sound quite as impressive.

B-radical2894d ago

Be cool if they did an example of this "cloud power" tonight

True_Samurai2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Hey man Dont talk smack about cavaliers. That's what I drive >_>

Hicken2894d ago

Shouldda got a Sunfire.

come_bom2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Oh boy Microsoft!

Sometimes Microsoft should really learn to STFU.

MizTv2894d ago

It's funny how they will say anything lol
Numbers don't lie but ms does
Wiiu pc and ps4 for me
I have no trust for ms at all
I got 9 rrod's
If they wanted to win me back they will have to try harder

Visiblemarc2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Sure...and Gandhi was more powerful than The Incredible Hulk because of his strength of will....yet when it comes to crushing buildings, I'd still tap the Hulk's shoulder on that one.

Building crushing is a metaphor for playing videogames. You guess which machine is the Hulk.

Here's a hint: The answer is easy.

PSNrandom152894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I think that the only solution we have left is to tell YES THE XBONE IS MORE POWERFUL so they can stop the BS. Oh and the cloud MIGHT work in 5-7 years.


poor guy...he didn't get the memo.

badz1492894d ago

more like he didn't get the education!

JamieL2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

But everyone here on N4G know everything about the tech, and not just what they've read here or there. Please don't take this comment as support to what he's saying, I don't know how it works, and giving it 4x the power through an internet connection doesn't sound very likely, but I don't know, so I won’t sit here and say "It's so Awesome!!!, or "It's Impossible!!". I don't think everyone acting like experts here do either, yet they have no problem stating sh1t as fact. Why can’t they realize they sound as ignorant as the folks supporting it blindly. I'm sure a here few may have the tech education to know what they're talking about, but Ya'll so crazy.

jessupj2894d ago

You never go full retard.

I'd be laughing my ass off right now if I wasn't trying to comprehend the stupidity of this statement.

Does MS really think we're all idiots?

solar2894d ago

a geo metro (xbox one) and the chevy cavalier (ps4) is still way behind the Ferrari (PC)

Hicken2894d ago

And your comments are still irrelevant.

ashcroft2894d ago

That Z24 was something else.