PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One on paper – but Microsoft will catch up, says Avalanche Studios

PlayStation 4 currently beats Xbox One in terms of raw power and has a more mature developer environment, Avalanche Studios has told us.

The Just Cause creator is working with each next gen console right now, and says that in terms of pure specifications and working environment, PS4 is the preferable console. But with Xbox One’s cloud capabilities and further developer support coming, Sony can’t claim an early victory just yet.

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SynGamer1761d ago

Catch up how? Adding new components? That won't solve anything for people who initially buy the X1. Cloud computing? That *might* work, but completely relies on the internet, meaning not everyone will have the bandwidth (caps) and/or speed for that...

Simply put, the Xbox One is less powerful than the PS4, though not but a huge amount.

BigFnHooters1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

"Simply put, the Xbox One is less powerful than the PS4, though not but a huge amount."

Simply're wrong.

The PS4 absolutely crushes the Xbox One in graphical power.


"Multiplatform games are still going to look roughly the same..."

The only way that will happen is if Sony lets Microsoft force third party developers to sign contracts agreeing to gimp the PS4 version of their games just like they did with the PS3.

SynGamer1761d ago

While 50% (for GPU) may sound huge on-paper, only first-party devs will really exploit that extra power. Multiplatform games are still going to look roughly the same...

majiebeast1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

You dont know that with the architecture in both consoles it would be easy to utilize the full power of the PS4 without any extra work like a pc. Thats what Jonathan Blow and others have been saying on twitter, it could mean the difference between 60 and 30fps.

SynGamer1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I hope for the sake of myself and others who will be picking up the PS4, that's the case. I'm simply saying the actual difference at home on our screens may not be as substantial as I see it on paper. But I'm not denying the fact that the PS4 clearly has the performance edge in this race.

I'm not disputing that the PS4 is more powerful. I'm simply questioning if 3rd party developers will go that extra mile to fully utilize the PS4's extra GPU performance.

While I'm sure Sony's first-party developers will squeeze every ounce of power out of the PS4, I don't believe we'll see a huge graphical leap. All I hope for are 1080p60fps games. I want to really utilize my HDTV this next generation. None of this sub-720p30fps crap.

LostDjinn1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Edge are misrepresenting what was said.
Avalanche Studios never said the Xbones' power will catch up. They referenced Xbone Dev tools.

This whole piece is nothing more than spin from Edge.

Jek_Porkins1761d ago

I don't mean to disappoint you, but it's already been reported that Microsoft's console will grow in power in time, and these guys are developers, so I think they know a bit more than you about these consoles.

They are going to both put out great looking games, so who cares which one will have an extra spec of dust on the screen?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Not in power according to the article.

Plus MS lack proven AAA dev talent compared to sony.

They just have these 2 shooters that sell well & the 3rd party shooter call cod that sell well.

All the 3 biggest money makers for them are shooters.

First people to talk about ps4 power was GG.

Lol some 3rd party dude need to represent the drm vcr.

MS can keep their ONE and their xbl gold member only halo tv show that will get off of pirate bay or watch on youtube. not buying xbox for a halo show lol

paying to watch youtube and use bing? God I hate some gamers!!!!

majiebeast1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Except they didnt say that Porkins read before you write. They say the development tools and enviroment will get better, nothing about the power of the X1 increasing. Its a misleading title by Edge.

You are not gonna play catchup to 50% more powerful GPU or 7Gigs of Gddr5 vs 5 of DDR3 with 32MB of ESRAM.

Also about that cloud stuff that will make the X1 better over time. What makes Microsoft think Sony cant do that with Gaikai in the future. I tested the Witcher 2 demo on Gaikai a year back it ran 60FPS on medium/high setting without any lag and minimum frame drops that tech is only gonna get better in the future.

Gamesgbkiller1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Its Sony's time to shine.

Most current gen games is better on xbox360 because the developers making it the lead console.

And now the wheel has changed.

BigFnHooters1761d ago

"Most current gen games is better on xbox360"


Absolutely hilarious...

MariaHelFutura1761d ago

I'm not sure if I should lecture you or pat you on the head.

forcefullpower1761d ago


The PS4 power is there instantaneously the same as the One but the PS4 has 50% more GPU performance in hardware. Plus all the extra tweaks they have done because of the tech they used from the cell in adjusting AMD own GPU. The One basically just has a slightly modified DX11 GPU and that is it.

I can't believe the bullshit spins all these people are trying to make. The PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox but to get that power no 3rd party want to spend the time. Now they don't have too because the power is there straight away.

Also 7GB of RAM available for games against 5GB. That is HUGE difference is processing power alone.

TwistedMetal1761d ago

there will be no gimping of the ps4 games because that will be very very bad for multiplat devs as ps4 will be the best selling console and if third partys cant decently keep up with sonys exclusives people might start buying more ps4 exclusives then multiplats. these multiplat games need to just take the pc version and spec it to ps4.

Why o why1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Hmmmm, I sense an employee in here somewhere.... in the force;)

Just like dev kits will get for the xbox 1 it will get better for the ps4. Both will grow with age. Look at gen start games to gen end games. Raw power is raw power dude. The 'harder to develop for' barrier is gone.. The year headstart is also gone. Straight power and talent race now

thechosenone1761d ago

This has to be the absolute worst product reveal that I've ever seen.

This gif sums up this entire situation perfectly.

papashango1761d ago

both are using sub par AMD hardware....It's like fighting for the loser spot.

SilentNegotiator1761d ago

"While 50% (for GPU) may sound huge on-paper, only first-party devs will really exploit that extra power. Multiplatform games are still going to look roughly the same... "

Uhh, it's 50% more entire 50%! That could very, VERY easily mean higher resolutions and more AA in many - if not most - multiplat games.

inveni01761d ago

The problem is that PS4 can use cloud computing with the already proven network behind Gaikai, also. So there's really nothing the One can do that PS4 can't.

kostchtchie_1761d ago

exactly, it will be same as this gen no matter how much edge Sony console has, MS will force developers to make games identical, only good side is now hopefully PS games should not be gimped

DonFreezer1761d ago

Just like the first Xbox crashed the PS2 so on problem with that.

wishingW3L1760d ago


CPU: AMD 8 Jaguar based cores at 1.6GHZ
GPU: 18 compute units with 1152 threads [1.8 Tflops]
Ram: GDDR5 8GB 176GB/s [7GB for games, 1 for the OS]

Xbox One:
CPU: AMD 8 Jaguar based cores at 1.6GHZ
GPU: 12 compute units with 768 threads [1.2 Tflops]
Ram: DDR3 8GB+esRam 64MB 100GB/s [5GB for games, 3GB for the TV features and OS]

Both use essentially the same type of hardware but PS4 is 33-50% more powerful and faster, and it has better architecture because GDDR5 > DDR3+esRam. Expected price for both is between: $400-500.

guitarded771760d ago

They're going to sneak into user's homes and manually add transistors to the chipset.

PLASTICA-MAN1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

At above, PS4 CPU is rumored to run at 2.0 GHZ not 1.6 GHZ like in X1 ! Also it is 1.84 Tflops not 1.8 Tflops; 40 gflops alone is enough to render another street in an open-world game.

Every hardware component inside the PS4 runs faster.

loulou1760d ago

so a 3rd party dev that is actually working on these console says one thing.

yet a bunch of know nothing know more than he does... hmmm

SynGamer1760d ago

@PLASTICA-MAN - since we're dealing with rumors, I heard the max speed for the PS4 CPU is 2.0GHz, but that Sony was considering 1.8GHz as the stock speed. It's not a huge increase, but 200MHz x8 can do quite a bit.

Elit3Nick1760d ago

Simply put... Xbox one specs have NOT been confirmed yet, besides what they showed at the reveal, can we all agree to wait until official spec are unveiled?

ziggurcat1760d ago

@ Jek:

the console won't grown in power over time, devs will just get much better at optimizing, system OS will also likely get optimized as well, giving up more resources for devs to use... which is true of the PS4 as well.

aquamala1760d ago

50% really isn't a lot. so it's basically comparing a Radeon 7770 to a 7850.

now a 7990 is 5 times more powerful than a 7850, that's a lot.

azazel6651760d ago

Nah I don't agree with this. It's close.

iPad1760d ago

Wait, Microsoft forced 3rd party developers to gimp the PS3 version of multiplats?

FTLightspeed1760d ago

so are you saying that XOs games will look bad? it is still about 8 times the power of the 360. and they made games that looked GREAT on the 360. i mena people are doom and gloom and they NEED to remember that games like uncharted and halo 4 run on hardware that is almost 8 years OLD.

all will be well.

andibandit1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


I'm really skeptical about MS cloud service, but it is nothing like sony's gaikai, which is a game streaming service. With gaikai all the computative tasks are handled by a server and all the PS4 has to do is show the stream on the screen and relay your actions back to the server.
MS solution is to take latency insensitive tasks and send them to the server in order to offload the xbox and it sounds like the xbox was designed with this, grom the ground up.
The other difference is that MS already has a very strong server infrastructure compared to Sony, im guessing that is part of the reason MS went this way.

starchild1760d ago

You are right that the PS4 is MUCH more powerful than the Xbox One, but you are wrong when you say that Microsoft forced developers to gimp PS3 versions of multiplats. That's a bunch of nonsense.

What really happened is that the PS3 was a powerful, but very different sort of architecture than what developers were used to. Most devs didn't have the time or money budgets to make their games run well on the PS3, especially when they were also building PC and Xbox 360 versions. Not that multiplats were horrible on PS3. But when you saw games that looked or ran better on 360, well, that was the reason.

The PS4 is a completely different beast. It is much more powerful than the Xbox One, but is built on the familiar x86 platform. The architectures are extremely similar--only the PS4 is a beefier version. I guarantee you multiplats will look quite a bit better on the PS4.

Metfanant1760d ago


Neither of you are actually reading what was said...when the dev is talking about "catching up" he is talking about the development tools/environment which he describes as "more mature" on the ps4 (currently)

airgangstarr1760d ago

who really cares what the games look like anymore there about as good as its gonna get i want better gameplay

inveni01760d ago

I wonder which will get hacked first...

VISUAL-ANT31760d ago

"The only way that will happen is if Sony lets Microsoft force third party developers to sign contracts agreeing to gimp the PS4 version of their games just like they did with the PS3."

When a comment like that gets that many agrees vs disagrees. You know you're deep in Sony fan boy territory.

TheSurg1760d ago

I for one want innovation and something new not just pure power. My PC has pure power, more than both next gen consoles have combined. I want some innovation from consoles and really a next step in the way we play, not just more RAM.

JohnnyBadfinger1760d ago

Must suck being a play station owner. Because apparently according to you guys, you all live in rural areas with Internet powered by potatoes...

The consoles are identicle!. All that extra paper power the ps3 means nothing if I can't be optimised and I bet you my wallet it will duck down more electricity.

I live in Melbourne Australia. And my Internet has never failed is 100mbps (which does nothing for latency by the way) and the Xbox one will be my choice this new generations. Got a problem? The tissues are next to the bed with your moisturiser....

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dedicatedtogamers1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox One on paper. That is a pretty huge amount.

But that's just on paper. In reality, the PS4 is even more powerful than that, considering how the Xbox One is going to be using a confirmed 3 Gb out of 8 Gb of its RAM for the operating system(s) alone, not to mention an undisclosed amount of processing/GPU power to run the OSs.

There's a reason why we saw a canned CoD Ghost teaser and a Forza teaser for Xbox One while Sony took the time to actually show multiple game engines running on the PS4.

Considering how 95% of game development is done on PC, it will be rather easy for devs to simply bump a few sliders here and there to add draw distance, particle effects, texture density, etc on PS4 versions of games.

SynGamer1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

The OS memory footpint is a great example actually. 3GB is almost half the system memory, which is insane when you think about it. Xbox One devs will have access to 5GB of DDR3 memory...

PS4 devs will be enjoying access to 7GB of GDDR5. it's like night and day.

EDIT: LOL @ whoever disagreed with me. It's been confirmed that the X1 OS(s) will have 3GB available to them.

Ju1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

OS overhead must have an impact. While you have 8 cores they are relatively slow in general - especially if you run "apps" which usually don't cooperate much with the rest of the system -> not what you want while gaming...

That Weird video showed a live presentation of the TV interface and either they used debug SW or it was just plain awful what was running on the screen - the mini-TV screen was not running stable, the guide was dog slow - seconds to switch to a new show. If that's where they are now, they have quite some work ahead of them - and it didn't even run a game.

Hypervisor and 2 kernels is insane for a console, no matter how much metal you throw at it.

BTW: QNX uses isolated kernel spaces since forever but its extremely low overhead and based on a real time kernel - if anything, that's how this should have been done.

1761d ago
hesido1761d ago

Let's not forget, that the GPU on PS4 will have more bandwidth, something which is needed to turn those theoretical power into practice. The fact that developers won't need to decide what data has to reside where, at any given time on the PS4, as opposed to the XBone's 32MB ESRAM vs the slower DDR3 ram, will also let devs use more of that theoretical power in an easier manner, on the PS4.

DeadlyFire1761d ago

Memory for OS could shrink over time to match. Although considering the Windows kernel is in there its not likely to drop but so much.

I expect RAM speed difference will make an impact though either way.

g4me_he4d1761d ago

@zach ox-one-8gb-ddr3-ram-3-gb-reserv ed-os-and-5-gb-games.html

g4me_he4d1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Sorry double post.

1761d ago


I'm not disagreeing with you on this lacking an "official official" source, but don't get your hopes up for this kind of talk from employers of either MS or Sony. Usually they'll only make the numbers that are interesting (to themselves) available.

People with access to the proper tools and the knowledge as developers, hardware experts and enthusiasts are the ones who usually leak the exact specs and their sources are usually just themselves and their tests.

Most of the stuff like processors clock speed, OS footprint, exact hardware model/branding and so on may only go public after release and some people messing around with their own consoles. MS and Sony will not disclose every bit of information about their consoles inner assets, it just don't work like that, they either can't get positive reaction from it, have security/competition concerns or don't think this is relevant.

Benchm4rk1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


"There's a reason why we saw a canned CoD Ghost teaser and a Forza teaser for Xbox One while Sony took the time to actually show multiple game engines running on the PS4."

Except we didnt see anything running on the PS4...We didnt even see the PS4. What we seen is engines running on target specs of a console. Sony might sell there consoles at a huge loss to start with or they may revise there specs. Or they could do what they did with the PS3 and sell a stripped down console because of the money they were losing on each console. Only time will tell

NobodyImportant1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


We saw Killzone Shadowfall demoed live.
We saw Jimmy Fallen play the same level in realtime.

"What we seen is engines running on target specs of a console."
No. We saw it running on a dev kit. Guerrila didn't want to get into the same situation they got into with the "infamous" 2005 Killzone 2 pre-rendered demo, so they made sure they showed the ACTUAL game. It was played LIVE.
They're one of Sony's closest studios. They've published 100 page documents showing exactly how Killzone SF runs on the PS4s 8 cores, how it renders frames, how it's post processing works, everything.
8GB GDDR5 was a surprise to the public when they announced specs. You think Guerrilla didn't already know about it? And hadn't been working with 8GB for months? They worked with Sony on the specs.
Your ignorance is astounding.

We saw EXACTLY what the PS4 is capable of. We saw a game running on the latest dev kit which is at the bare minimum going to look the same as that demo but is highly likely to look a lot better by the time it releases this holiday season.
So please educate yourself before you start talking crap like you even know what you're talking about.

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Prcko1761d ago

How will they develop games for 50% better gpu?
why microsoft don't have same power as ps4 have,wtf is this?
so we gonna get worse graphics because of microsoft?
so we can only pray for exclusives then

kneon1761d ago

"why microsoft don't have same power as ps4 have,wtf is this?"

The answer is simple, Kinect and the extra TV related hardware. They all cost money. The total cost of the systems will likely be very similar but Microsoft chose to spend part of the component budget on Kinect and the HDMI-in and related components. Sony spent it on more graphics power.

1761d ago Replies(1)
duli141761d ago

even if the XBONE is powered by the ''cloud'' I think they are forgetting that sony will also have a service called gakai.

Brazz1761d ago

actualy i'm prety sure Gaikai Sony service has the edge over MS cloud service. Gaikai is in the cloud service for a long time since 2008 and MS just started cloud (Xbox live isn't cloud... Ms cloud project problably only started at 2010-2011.)

MariaHelFutura1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Requiring the internet to boost "power", would be the worst idea of all the bad ideas they already had. It's a complete recipe for disaster. People question if the "cloud" will even work well w/ running games, now they think it's going to increase the systems power flawlessly? GTFO. You people are grasping for anything positive at this point, after getting slapped around in the abusive relationship you have with MS.

1761d ago Replies(5)
imt5581761d ago

Not in terms of power, but catch up with dev tools. From article :

...PS4 is the preferable console. But with Xbox One’s cloud capabilities and further developer support coming...

...We asked Avalanche’s chief technical officer Linus Blomberg how the two consoles compare. “It’s difficult to say, as it’s still early days when it comes to drivers,” he told us. “With each new driver release, performance increases dramatically in some areas. The PlayStation 4 environment is definitely more mature currently, so Microsoft has some catching up to do....

dc11761d ago

The title misquoted the CTO. He stated that MS would "catch up" with regards to their development environments ..not the hardware.

Gardenia1761d ago

Sony also has cloud computing, Gaikai. And knowing Micro$oft it is even possible that in the future you have to pay more money if you use more data from cloud servers

Arai1760d ago

Opinions differ as you can see by these tweets.

"Enough to say that MS is way worse at integrating their platforms into VS than Sony is at this point. :)"

He's from Rad Game Tools (middleware)...

psyxon1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

The PS4's GPU alone is 50% more powerful than X1's. That's a pretty huge amount.

fr0sty1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

PS4's memory also has roughly 250% more bandwidth (not taking the ESRAM bandwidth into account, because it can only hold 32mb's of data at a time and therefore has limited uses in improving memory bandwidth).

fr0sty1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

If they want to talk about the cloud, they're forgetting about Gaikai and all of the cloud based patents Sony bought with them that Microsoft can't touch. Sony did good by buying into another company that had already invested the time and money into research and development of their platform, rather than trying to develop something themselves from the ground up.

However, in the end, what this guy is basically saying is "Xbox One won't be as powerful for a long time, and even when it is it'll be over the network meaning you'll always have to be online to play it".

Not to mention, any calculation help that will be worth a damn requires a hell of a lot more bandwidth than any internet connection now or a few years into the future will offer (even the fastest 2gbps connection isn't going to give you the latency needed for a GPU, nor the bandwidth). The only real way to improve graphics and all that would be to just render the entire frame on the server (like Gaikai already does), however then you introduce network latency into the game (not good for shooters) and you reduce the image quality because the video signal has to be compressed heavily in order to be streamable.

With PS4, you're getting all of that in the box out of the gate, and at full resolution with no compression.

1760d ago
garos821760d ago

fair point about microsoft being big boys in server tech and software but you gotta admit building a new service from the ground up as opposed to purchasing a company who already has been and will continue to be in the "cloud" is a much better solution. besides you cant be amazing at everything you do as a business. sometimes its best to stick to your core competencies.

its evident in all massive global businesses where they try to attempt to take a slice out of a pie of various other industries and products and fail at most and excell at some as is evident in Sony and microsoft

Iwasneverhere1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


"closer to being done and integrated than Gaikai"

Gaikai has a Guiness world record for being the most widespread cloud gaming service. Which has been providing their service successfully to 88 countries since 2008. Not discrediting the money behind Microsoft but that has to count for something.

Jeebus1760d ago

If they're referencing the cloud computing augmentation option, I can guaran-fucking-tee you all that they will hide that availability behind a Gold Sub.

RE4PER-DE4TH1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

A Jaguar-based 8 core AMD APU in each system pretty much means they're identical. The only thing people have to emphasize here is the memory speed. Unconfirmed rumors so far speculate that the 8GB in Xbox One is DDR3 (challenge that if you want). But even DDR3 at the highest speed is ample enough to compete with GDDR5 if in the PS4 it's crippled by a narrower bus, as is the case usually with low-mid range PC components. In a console however they usually try to spring for the widest bus they can get on there. So it would be safe to say that both Jaguar APUs can be linked to GDDR5 memory. Given that both APUs are Jaguar based it's also safe to say that they both should have a similar bus width for memory.

AMD memory controllers are also on die, so in essence the speed of the GPU access to memory on BOTH APUs should be near identical.

Where there could be a real difference is in APU clock speed. AMD puts two SKUs for each level (number of cores) in their consumer CPUs, a lower clocked and higher clocked version. APUs within the same line have the same number of cores and bus widths, only clock speeds should be different. AMD also has K versions that have the multipliers unlocked but that probably wont be the case here with these consoles.

So to summarize, since both are in fact 8 core AMD Jaguar APUs their architecture should be the same. With similar architecture their memory access could be the same. There is no hard proof of DDR3 in Xbox One, but if it were the case then it would need to be at its highest performance to compete with GDDR5.

But in no way is graphics on either system going to "crush" the other. You're talking literally neck and neck performance, again going solely off what's been released.

Metfanant1760d ago

There are pictures on the web of Xbone internals...we even have the model number of the ddr3 memory MS is using lol...

You need to check your facts...

adorie1760d ago

The performance won't be neck and neck according to DF. I'm going to side with DF before I side with your great wall of text.

Also, keep in mind the APU's are heavily customised by Sony, Microsoft respectively.
That too will ensure neck-to-neck won't happen.

Microsoft wasted space in the Xbone for TV, dvr stuff.

I would barely even call it a games console.

Even I can see, going by the specs released (keep in mind MS was vague about their specs)
That PS4 is going to turn the tables on multi-plats during this gen and first party exclusives are just going to knock this gen out of the ball park.

Seriously, though. I hope Microsoft reveals specs @ E3 because Sony wasn't shy to reveal theirs.

E3 can't come soon enough.