PlayStation Criticizes Xbox One Yet Again


Sony takes shots at Microsoft's latest console, only to remove their post quickly, replacing it with a new picture. We were able to grab screen shots of both posts.

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Golden_Mud1646d ago

Why are they attacking and not congratulating them ? like literally this is sad , Microsoft had congratulate Sony on there launch , why not do the same Sony ?

Angels37851646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

They will when it actually launches you watch.

Plus its stating facts. Its not misleading. It may be firing shots, but that's business your product needs to stand out. Its a dog eat dog business. If you don't keep up you become irrelevant. It would be wrong if they poked fun at a subjective thing, but this is objective and a fair point to make.

It sets their product apart. Its called COMPETITION just because it bothers people most likely due to their allegences being elswhere doesn't make it wrong or playstations problem. It is actually microsofts problem for allowing playstation to be able to make a claim like this and causing their fans insecurities against the competition.

Also it was above surprising microsoft said congrats to sony. It was quite admirable and VERY unlike them. Microsoft at EVERY opportunity likes to one up playstation even if it is PURELY subjective kr even pownright misleading.

This is a fair honest and rightful claim for sony to make. Period.

Golden_Mud1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I think Sony is the "bad guy" here , there was a bad guy at first and that was actually Microsoft but for now looks like Sony is turning the bad guy , what I mean in advantage , it's takedown time , just like when Microsoft brought a big boat in fornt of the PS3 launch event in France

xHeavYx1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Nothing wrong, the Xbox magazine tweeted "greatness awaits?" after the negative Killzone reviews

Please, cry me a river, first of all, the comment was updated, second, shots between companies is something that has been happening for a long time

Angels37851646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


That doesn't make this ok. The justification is wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right. Their statement is subjective and taking body shots for no reason. Sony stated a confirmed fact that happens to downput their competition.

And as you can see the heads of sony did not approve of it and it is removed. A PR guy probably did it and people like shuhei said "we don't need to do that take it down". It doesn't represent the viewpoint or the direction of the company if it gets removed. Microsoft does this stuff but worse all the time at any chance they can get and it stays there....

ForgottenProphecy1646d ago

@heavy @angels
I believe it's just like when rappers diss each other. It's friendly competition. In an industry like this, you need something like that

Bzone241646d ago

You do realize that the Xbox Magazine isn't ran by or owned by Microsoft. In fact the same company runs official magazines for all three consoles.

Enemy1646d ago Show
Sarcasm1646d ago


I like your style. Swift and straight to the point. Bravo.

dedicatedtogamers1646d ago

Sony "insulting" Microsoft?

Fair is fair. Sony put up with it from Microsoft for the first 5 years of the PS3's life. Anyone remember the daily nonsense that people like Aaron Greenburg would spew?

pyramidshead1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@Enemy and angel knocking it out the park with their comments.

and I agree with Heavy. Xbox UK magazine tweeted something similarly snidy when Ps4 games were getting reviewed. I don't think it got deleted either so, works both ways. If you can't take it, don't give it out.

Anarki1646d ago

"It's takedown time..."

By Xbox, you know it's Microsoft, right? take down...Microsoft, one of the most successful, richest companies in the world, ever. Let that sink in.

It doesn't hurt for Sony to congratulate their competition. But, at the end of the day; Sony didn't ask to be congratulated.

classic191646d ago

yea they will when it launch, lets not forget that MS took shots at sony b4 they launch. when ps4 first party games got bad reviews, MS put up gratenees awaits on xbox one. lol its always a problem when sony try something funny world.

Ezz20131646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

has it ever come to any one mind that sony was talking about last gen consoles ....and not xbox one ?!

i didn't read xbox one in that comment at all
i might be wrong though and it might be indeed Sony making fun of microsoft console
i just don't know

Omegasyde1646d ago

I agree. Competition is good.

And I will say this...Console wars are here to stay along with Fanboys.

Sony keeps Microsoft in check, while Microsoft keeps Sony on it toes (hence why each OS for each console has more than enough "reserved" ram for future implementations).

IF it wasn't for fanboys we wouldn't have funny gifs:

Gorilla_Killa_X1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@Angels, They probably changed it because there may be some 720p games coming to PS4 and decided to leave the next gen part out.

@Ezz2013, Did you even look that it originally said 'next gen'.

Kryptix1646d ago

I see it as friendly competition like Sega vs Nintendo. Xbox magazine dissed Sony for the reviews and they dissed right back. I find it very entertaining, honestly.

Not sure why the Xbox fanboys are being hypocrites here...must be looking at things through one direction and not seeing the whole picture.

Sarcasm1646d ago

At least Sony is putting out facts. Not the zomg power of the clouds nonsense

Ju1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"there may be some 720p games coming to PS4"...ah huh...which ones are those? Waiting for my BF4 1080p patch...come on Dice. You can do it. Ubi can. Well, or patch it so it doesn't crash...looks like that's the only game running sub 1080 - and it's @900p. I doubt we'll see 720p at all on PS4. AC4 after the patch has headroom - no impact on performance ->

And...why shouldn't Sony boost this? It's the truth. Use it! Anybody else would. It's a competitive advantage. Of course it should be advertised.

BullyMangler1646d ago

sony's been acting very unethical lately.

AngelicIceDiamond1646d ago

And PlayStation fans once again come to the aid of Sony's immaturity.

Its immature and low period. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts" its ridiculous. MS congratulates them and Sony mud slings.

Nope I don't wanna here the excuses.

tagan8tr1646d ago


You keep Forgetting I'm here to remind you

Gaming1011646d ago

LOL wow, what a huge pile of wussy boy pansies, doesn't anyone get it that this is capitalism? Business is cut throat, people's bonuses and in some cases, jobs are on the line, so you're going to get shots left and right. Microsoft has been doing it since forever, this is nothing new. Just look at the "Hi I'm a PC" and "Hi I'm a MAC" commercials, it's all about differentiating yourself and showing what you have over the competition. If you can't stand the heat you don't belong in business.

showtimefolks1646d ago


good guy bad guy who cares, this is a business afterall and the end goal is to make as much money as possible. Its funny how MS took cheap shots at sony this whole current gen but now that sony is only stating facts to let their consumers know that they have become the bad guy ok

i don't get that logic.

MS has some of the most stupid executives

UltimateMaster1646d ago

The thing is, I don't even see that on the FB page. ? o_O
Is this article trolling?

skwidd1646d ago


Bad guy? There is no bad or good when its competition. These are competitors, this is the equivalent of trash talking in sports. How come that is praised and this is judged? Let them duke it out and you vote with your wallet. That's capitalism.

Pogmathoin1646d ago

Wow the amount of defensive here.....

vigilante_man1646d ago

I cannot wait for my PS4 next week but come on Sony. Show some class. You have performed brilliantly up to now. But today is Microsoft's Day.

What an amazing day to be an owner of a new XBox One. Lets hope there are no major issues and everyone has a blast with their next gen awesome gaming.

ShinMaster1646d ago

Here's Sony CONGRATULATING Microsoft:


LonDonE1645d ago

agreed, i know full well if Microsoft had the more powerful system they would have done the same! its only because they are the weaker console they cant really boast about anything now can they? lol when ur the best on the market, of course you will boast about it! this is the second gen now Sony has had the more powerful console!

Ps4Console1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I wouldn't bother let's enjoy our Gaming instead .

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ForgottenProphecy1646d ago

Sony will probably congratulate Microsoft at midnight. Why congratulate them before launch? Microsoft congratulated them after midnight. If I remember correctly, it was well into the next day. Not sure exactly what time it was.

Golden_Mud1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Actually what I'm saying is why attack them even before launch ? like literally sad to see them doing this specially after Shuhei Yoshida said that it's next week for you Microsoft on twitter and Yoshida is a good guy , the bad guy is Jack and his just like Don Mattrick

IAmSovereign1646d ago

Jack and "his" are nothing like Don Mattrick buddy. They are out there constantly doing interviews and trying to seem personable to the audience. Don Mattrick would never show up for anything unless a major console launch was on the way, or there was a major press conference. That is why his PR was so out of touch, he just didn't know how to communicate. So he ended up saying things like "Don't have internet? Good news. Get an Xbox 360."

They are NOTHING alike at all. Shame on you for comparing. I'm not even saying Microsoft has all bad execs. I very much like Major Nelson. I can see why some people don't but I do.

Gekko361646d ago

@IAmSovereign I'm curious can you tell me what Don Mattrick has for breakfast or whether he wears boxer or briefs?

It's just with you having the inside track on whathe would or wouldn't do.. I thought you maybe clairvoyant orsomething


-Foxtrot1646d ago

They are just stating facts...

Anyway remember this

At Sony's LAUNCH EVENT for the PS3

...because Sony does

M-M1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Still funny to this day. I like seeing Microsoft and Sony taking shots at each other because it shows they do it for fun. They don't do it to derail the other brand, they BOTH need to be successful to help the industry grow. Sony did a lot of good things differently because of Microsoft, and Microsoft improved in areas because of Sony. People think Microsoft and Sony hate each other, but in reality it's only the fanboy "wars" that make it seem that way.

trancefreak1646d ago

You see the twitter feed for #ps4 with the huge MS ad taking charge on the top on NOV14-15.

I went to Gamestop today and about 4 dudes were camping out. This is actually a slow quiet area where I live, so it is to be expected.

I asked the store clerk if I could score an XBOX 1 tonight with no pre order He said: "Come on back tonight I got a few Extras and I will hook you up"

I would grab it but after just getting a PS4 I will wait. It was good to know someone will get lucky tonight without a pre order he really wants an xbone.

-Foxtrot1646d ago


You may aswell hold off

I'm only going to get one untill it's cheaper and Kinect-less...

tagan8tr1646d ago

@DragonKnight work hard on that did ya lets see you make a cartoon and it ivaladates the point, no it doesnt.

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SmielmaN1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

It seems like that original comment could be directed at all console competition. Wow, some people are very sensitive about their console of choice eh?

It's ok, maybe kinect will see your tears and put nice pics of kitten and puppies on your screen to cheer you up, but it might be in 720p :P lol.

Seriously, if this is a issue you are a cry baby whiner. Companies take shots at each other all the time. And realistically, it isn't a complete lie when you think about the majority of games on XB 1. Just buy your console of choice and stop whining. Guess what! I have a PS4 and I know of 6 (yes six) people in my social circle that have switched from MS console to Sony's console. Does that make us better or worse people??? No, so stop whining over little puddly crap like this and you will probably reduce a good portion of the stress in your life.

Edit: I just remembered MS sending a boat with a massive sign that read something like "Xbox (or Microsoft) loves you" or something like that across the waterfront of a Sony launch event. So how do you feel about that "classy" act? If your going to paint Sony petty or immature, as you are desperately trying, then how do you feel about that incident? I patiently await your response.

Anon19741646d ago

Yeah, I don't get the big deal. Here's one of our system's strengths. Are they now not allowed to mention a system strength? Is any type of promotion allowed?

Seriously, what is wrong with some of you people? If they said "Get the most powerful system available for $100 less than the competition!" would that be too much?

You do realize that in marketing, making yourself stand out from the competition isn't considered a negative, right?

classic191646d ago

you forget that MS took shots at sony 3 days b4 launch because, sony 1 party game was getting bad reviews, killzone was the only good release good 1 party game on ps4. they are just doing the same in there own way. but who care, u like x1 get it u like ps4 get it, simple as that.

Cryptcuzz1646d ago

I don't think it is as serious as you are making it out to be. Both companies take jabs at each other and it has been going on in gaming since the days of NES and Genesis.

Hell, it is that way with every market I can think of. Whether it be video cards, mobile phones, internet searches, computers and video games just to name a few.

Think of it like marketing for sports. Teams takes jabs at each other, boxers do the same pre-match, or what have you. The point is, in the end, they all have respect for each other as businesses competing with one another.

There are many times Sony and MS have acknowledged and congratulated each other. Usually during big events like console releases or sales made during the Holidays, so I don't see a big deal with this. If anything, it creates hype and makes our hobbies more interesting than it already is.

Gorilla_Killa_X1646d ago

Major Nelson congratulated Sony and Shuhei Yoshidavfor the launch not Microsoft as a whole. And I'm sure Yoshida will return the sentiment after the One releases.

ALLWRONG1646d ago

"Why are they attacking and not congratulating them ? like literally this is sad , Microsoft had congratulate Sony on there launch , why not do the same Sony"

Because that's just the way Sony culture is.

GoodnessGreatness1646d ago

Xbox mocked the PS4 "Greatness Awaits?" So this is just to counter that. It's true anyway, why settle for 720p?

CuddlyREDRUM1646d ago

Microsoft also released a Greatness Awaits jab at Sony before the congrats.

It is just all PR speak and posturing to keep up flamebait.

1646d ago
ion531646d ago

They do it because it's funny.

Ps4Console1646d ago

What happened to being sporting may the best Console Win .

SirBradders1646d ago

They have congratulated them and they are simply stating facts.

AndrewLB1646d ago

This is beyond pathetic IMO. For Microsoft to go out of their way to congratulate Sony on their launch, only to have Sony a week later publicly talk $hit on the Xbone launch... i'm really at a loss for words.

It's quite clear that the PS4 has some clear advantages, which SHOULD give Sony confidence enough to at least not act like someone's prison b*tch, getting passed around.

The only explanation for Sony making such rude and unprofessional comments is that they're really worried, and their emotions got the better of them.

Lastly... you'd think Sony, being Japanese, would exhibit at least some manners. Especially since Japan's culture puts a heavy influence on respect and decorum.

monkeyDzoro1646d ago

Rememer that "Greatness awaits ?" from Xbox twitter when the reviews of Knack were out ? Before PS4 launch ? Yeah...

Mister_Dawg1646d ago

There's a saying, 'You should never hit a man when he is down'.

And the counter argument of MS did it before, doesn't make it right now.
What you might find is all the goodwill which Sony, rightfully built up, draining away.

warczar1646d ago

Cry me a goddamn river. They merely pointed out the difference in resolution. I guess the truth does hurt.

TruthInsider 1646d ago

The dirty, lying, cheating, backstabbing, anti gamer, microtransaction pushing, untrustworthy, disgusting company!

Sony aren't bad though;-)

mk40021646d ago

Wow, I miss the 90s, when people were much less sensitive to this stuff. "Genesis does what Nintendon't" anyone?

Azfargh1646d ago

Don´t get only mainstream info, buddy...

MS attacked SONY many times.

MS congratulating? Well... that was the WORSE way to marketing them as the "good guys". MS lie more than you know.

Sony is definitively not an angel, but his competitor is worse. Wanna proof? Two words: Windows Vista.

k2d1646d ago

It could very well be 720p in general (ie PS3, 360 etc.). Hardly a jab at Xb One.

VENOMACR12271646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


SL1M DADDY1646d ago

They are only giving MS a dose of their own medicine from the last gen. MS was run by a bunch of children last gen and they could not go a day without slamming Sony with some stupid slam. Time to own up and take their medicine.

Lboogieskells1646d ago

Don't be overly sensitive, Microsoft only took a "mature" stance because of all the bad PR and they're losing. That congradulation was a plea for mercy.

This is war

xtremeimport1646d ago

Yeah, MS did after launch day.
Before that they had been making digs at Sony as well.

They dont call them "console wars" for nothing.

Also, these social media sites are worked by individuals that Sony doesn't actually control. Sometimes they go off and say things the company doesn't feel represents the message they want to spread, which is why they usually get edited or sometimes deleted.

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Ratty1645d ago


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