Gran Turismo 6 and the PlayStation 4 – Why They Will Probably Never Meet

"Gran Turismo 6 is being made and it’s going to be released on the PlayStation 3. At least, that’s what every rumour relating to Polyphony Digital’s flagship racing sim is screaming at us. It’s coming, probably at the end of this year and only for the PlayStation 3."

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insertnamehurr2004d ago

We have driveclub for now ;)

sinncross2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I honestly feel that GT6 only being on PS3 is a good sign that EU might not be getting the PS4 this year. Maybe I am wrong and I have no problem with that but EU is really the major GT territory... if PD make a better game than GT5 then perhaps that should be no problem for PS3 owners. Additionally, PS3 should get a price cut and hit a lower barrier market than it has previously had.

And yeah, give DriveClub some space on PS4.

Army_of_Darkness2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Who cares if GT6 doesn't come on the ps4. That's what GT7 is for..
I'm fine playing GT6 on my ps3 still.
Besides, y'all are right! We have drive club! The motorstorm developers are more than capable of creating a good racing game.

Larry L2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

This article makes all the points I've been saying in regards to PS3 or PS4 for GT6. It obviously HAS to be on PS3. The series has a big appetite for money to even be made at this point. It NEEDS to sell many millions of copies. It can't be on a PS4 launch. It could be a dual release, but it would just canibalize the rest of the launch game sales.

My prediction for PS4's first GT is that if GT6 is an absolute masterpiece, critically acclaimed and is just pretty much perfect in every way, we'll see a PS4 version of the game released about a year after launch, basically the same exact game probably even able to play online with the PS3 version, just with higher rez textures, true/full 1080p 60fps, better offline a.i. etc...... The graphics will be a great upgrade, but the same game.

That will buy PD and Sony a good couple/few years for a ground-up PS4 GT.

If GT6 isn't considered perfect in the public eye, we'll probably have to wait 3-5 years for another full GT built from the ground up for PS4.....probably with a prologue demo for fund raising in between.

I'll be happier, and so will my wallet that GT6 is on PS3. It'll give me something I WANT to play to keep me busy, so I'm able to put off buying PS4 a bit until into the new year. I'm too broke to afford PS4, games for it AND Christmas in a few month period.

COBRA93PR2004d ago


3-4-52004d ago

I wish you guys had's a solid series...At least then you wouldn't have to wait 6 years for good driving games.

ZeekQuattro2004d ago Show
R_aVe_N2004d ago

I don't think the GT game for the PS4 will be numbered. Kinda of like Killzone and Infamous are not numbered. I still see a GT coming to PS4 at least 1 year after launch.

abzdine2004d ago

they will meet via Gaikai

Salooh2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

PS3 hardly handle gt5. So i'm expecting a ps4 game. It would be a waste if it's a ps3 game..

Salooh2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

So you want the same level with just more content because no way they can improve the graphics/gameplay/visuales/AI with the limitation of the ps3. If it released in Ps3 it will be called GT5.5 because you won't see much differences only in content. You will see. It's not bad getting more content but GT6 can be much better..

But if it released on the ps4 it will be improved in every aspect and then it will worth to be excited for and we will get wow factor. We will enjoy a better sim then now.

Lately, developers started to announce their games on both ps3 and ps4 so i'm all for this idea as long we get a ps4 version and it's stupid to sacrifice the perfect GT game for sales. PD would never miss that opportunity because that's their goal from the start. GT6 is a system seller so it's crazy not to release it for the ps4..

Kennytaur2004d ago

They can improve a lot on the PS3.

First off, they need to target 720p. This should free up rendering budget allowing for better graphics, and dropping Standard cars will help alot too.

Gameplay is not hardware limited other than the controllers, so unless you hunger for touch-inputs it'll be fine.

And AI can surely be improved with the time they've had since 5.

A PS3 GT6 will fund a proper next gen GT7.

Salooh2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Then why they release the ps4 if the ps3 still can bring us wow factor?. Ps3 can't really improve because history proves that developers used all the power of the ps3. They bring us better games by tricks and having different kind of art like in the last of us, Developers call this squeezing lol. Ps4 can bring us at least 4x better then GT5. Even if they ported GT6 from ps3 to ps4 it still gonna be a lot better in performance. They are sacrificing a lot to improve few things. Why sacrifice when you can get all the stuff you want in ps4 ???

I'm sure PD will release ps4 version. It's ps3 version that i'm questioning. If they release it in ps3 it's about sales not making better game. I'm also shocked how you people don't expect a ps4 GT game. It's obvious even before gt5 released. That's why i said it will be a waste If we didn't get a ps4 version..

Larry L2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


You're talking as though GT5 is the epitome of what PS3 has to offer the racing genre. GT5 was probably the very first PS3 game in development, yet got delayed until 2010. It is therefore probably one of the most inefficient uses in terms of PS3's power.

Think of the amazing things Killzone 2/3, Uncharted 2/3, GoW3/A do on PS3 without even an install. That's because Sony 1st party studios made HUGE strides in coding for PS3 in/around 2008, which they all share with each other. Unfortunately GT5's engine was finalised in early 2008 before those advancements could be incorperated into GT5. You need an "open" engine to put those kind of code changes in to a game's engine. Which would have required starting over on GT5.

There is HUGE room for improvement for GT6 over GT5 on the same hardware. As I mention in a reply below, especially if the game is scaled back a bit to 720p.......the sky is the limit for upgrades over GT5.

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