Gran Turismo 6 On PS4 Leaked?

A set of photos on a Facebook page of a car manufacturer shows vehicles being scanned for inclusion in 'Gran Turismo PS4'.

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Walker1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

FaceBook Page: This content is currently unavailable.

so that would be real !

gta28001619d ago

New Grand Turismo shoulda been a Ps4 launch title. Just my opinion.

Tony-Red-Grave1619d ago

feels like i should just drop this link here....

irepbtown1619d ago

Gran Turismo 6 PS4 launch day release would seriously be the icing on the cake for Sony.

Though the cake alone seems good enough anyway :D

Peppino71619d ago

That would be a smart idea if they want to push consoles, but a bad idea if they just wanted GT6 software sales. More ps4 because of GT6 but less copies sold because of a smaller install base. Tough decision for SONY.

rainslacker1619d ago

I honestly don't see it happening. They had that other driving game they are releasing in the launch window, and it being a 1st party title I can't see Sony wanting to compete with themselves. We may see a prologue next year or something though. I'd prefer just a straight out release myself though.

Ilovetheps41619d ago

Peppino7, if that logic is true, Gran Turismo 3 shouldn't be the best selling game in the series. Gran Turismo 3 sold better than GT2 and GT4, both which were sold with a greatly established userbase. So, I don't think that argument is valid here.

knowyourstuff1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Given how long Gran Turismo games take to come out, this could take years. The Polyphony Digital guys are perfectionists and program till their fingers fall off. They also have a tendency to add a ton of fluff and extra features no one cares about like photo mode. Knowing PD they'll likely take some art assets from the GT5 cars and pretty them up for GT6, along with perhaps some GT6 native cars that will look jaw dropping I'm sure.

FYI the reason GT3 sold so well as a launch title for the PS2 was because it was the greatest sim racing title for 4 years until GT4 came out. Plus a massive amount of GT3 copies were sold at 20 bucks, and the game was shown off at a ton of car shows, which didn't hurt sales either. If the same is done with GT6 Sony will sell a TON of consoles next gen, but it would have to be done by 2014 to be as effective as possible.

TemplarDante1619d ago

GT Planet took down the article.
100% legit: confirmed

darthv721619d ago

why risk the possibility of low sales of GT6 on the PS3 when it can be the system seller for the PS4.

I am basing my statement on the trend of GT games in a given platform generation.

GT1 outsold GT2 on the PS1
GT3 outsold GT4 on the PS2
GT5 is the only GT on the PS3

KwietStorm1619d ago

I really don't think it should be rushed just to be a launch title. We all know GT will be on PS4. Releasing it in a state where it left a lot on the table would be worse than not releasing it at all in a specific time frame.

InTheZoneAC1619d ago

not a single person on this earth who plays gran turismo calls it GRAND turismo

kingfetish171619d ago

It'll most likely be titled Gran Turismo(Insert Name Here) instead of titled with a '6'.

They did it with the next Killzone & Infamous. Wouldn't be surprised if it's done to the new GT too.

Ddouble1619d ago

It would kill Drive Club if it was a launch title.

They should let Drive CLub have it's time to shine then release GT6 after but not with massive delays like GT5.

_-EDMIX-_1619d ago

@darthv72. LOL! seem to be disregarding a major factor. Its most likely that GT2, GT4 etc made more money for Sony then GT1 and GT3 JUST based on its built on engine that was already made.

So....make GT6, while making a GT6 engine, is better then making GT6 on an existing engine with a larger install base?

Most gamers seem to think like children. ie more salez, more moneyz. Please stop and think about it in terms of an actual business. 80 million PS3's and a GT6 without the cost of an engine now factored, makes sense then making a PS4 version that now has a less install base and they have to factor in the cost of the engine.

The game will be on PS3. Its an easy business move. I see no reason to make this on PS4. Its even funnier just based on how long PD makes a damn launch GT, yet you guys think there going to launch with one? LMFAO! Every PS has had 2 GT's, I see no reason to not do this. PS4 has great launch games, there is no need for a GT on PS4 at this moment. Its time will come, GT6 will be a great GT game on PS3.

MikeMyers1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

As much as I would love GT6 to be a launch title I'm not sure that would be a good business move. One reason is they already announced Drive Club for the PS4 as a launch game. The other reason is the GT franchise is probably their biggest IP. The people who are going to buy a PS4 at launch are likely the ones who bought a PS3 at launch. The hardcore and most loyal customer. So they already have those sales and putting GT6 at a later date would help sell the system to those who might wait a bit.

Of course another way to look at it is Sony not being able to meet demand. If they do stack the launch with a game of this caliber it could really carry momentum for quite some time. That's probably one of the issues facing the Wii U right now, there really isn't a huge title for it right now. Maybe if they had that Zelda game available things might be different.

gta28001618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


Oh shit, I just barely realized I called it Grand instead of Gran. Too late to edit now lmao.

Dee_911618d ago

only thing confirmed here is that you people care more about sales than games.
Only reason I would prefer it be a ps4 title would be because of the limitations of the ps3.But it was already being developed for the ps3, so like I said before it wouldnt truly be a next gen racer ( like drive club) it would just be a ps3 game on the ps4.And as a result there would be a backlash from the uneducated claiming PD are bad devs using last gen engines .. or something along those lines..
Anyway the original article on gtplanet didnt say this was a PS4 title.The guy working there who took the pics and uploaded them said "taking pics for gt ps4".. So if you believe that a guy that works at a car shop taking pictures he wasnt suppose to be taking holds any merit than your in for a suprise. The reson it was taken down was because he wasnt suppose to take pictures.... not because someone said its a ps4 title.

andibandit1618d ago


What cake? so far we've mostly seen 3-4 iteration of existing franchises and hardly any new exiting IP's.

SolidStoner1618d ago

below is the text taken down by everyone!!! ;) but they cant take down us! the power of people!!! :D

"The Polyphony Digital team can be seen collecting data in photographs posted yesterday on L.M. Gianetti’s Facebook page. Curiously, the gallery has been titled “SCANSIONE PER GRAN TURISMO PS4″, which translates to “Scanning for Gran Turismo PS4″."

DeadlyFire1618d ago

I expect it to release on PS3/PS4 in 2014/2015.

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BrunoM1619d ago

Gta2800 I see why you say that I want a new GT game but all these game X should be release day and X game same thing can't and would be dumb of Sony to do so..

They need all these huge name games to come steady and a few months apart so they always have the so called AAA games coming and not goings months with no games of big name ...

But then again I want uncharted day one lol

gta28001619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I hear ya. Makes sense to spread em all out. I only said that because Gran Turismo is a flagship title that can push consoles so it seems it would make sense to make it a launch title.

Hey, maybe Uncharted will be announced this E3 as a launch never know *Fingers crossed* lol.

torchic1619d ago

if it were up to n4g folk, all 1st and 2nd party exclusives currently in development (or even those not in development but will be eventually at some point) for PS4 would be launch titles and available on Vita.

thank you for common sense BrunoM.

Me-Time1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"GT Planet took down the article.
100% legit: confirmed"

See this!

Derekvinyard131619d ago

They have to make it on ps4

xtremeimport1619d ago

Love gran turismo.
But i think they need to add better auto specific to each car and a bit deeper customization options.

The customization keeps players around longer in my opinion. Plus, the whole premium and standard car should be a thing of the past since, it'll be a lot easier to upgrade the visuals of the Pre-cars from Gt5 than it was to upgrade the gt4 cars. Huge library is nice, but make them all HD and add something new!

showtimefolks1619d ago

if sony can launch GT6 at launch or soon after launch for PS4 that would be epic, and that would be a huge systems seller

i just hope this time there won't be 1000 cars, just give us 400-500 great looking/driving cars and a lot better online structure. The SIM driving aspect of GT is perfect but some of the features in Forza online community are better so i hope PD pays attention to everything and makes an excellent games

_-EDMIX-_1619d ago

I know right, and it all just took them 3 years to make the engine and game.

(do you guys really read or research what you post?)

steve30x1618d ago

I've played almost every Forza game and I still go bcack to Gran Turismo. The only Forza game I didnt play was Forza Horizon.

falcon791618d ago

Oh just give me Project CARS wiiu going off NFS U,the wiiu version will be the pc version basically but with these controls,and that game Project CARS has achieved realism end of.