Gran Turismo 6's online services have now been shut down

Earlier this year Polyphony announced, via the official Gran Turismo website, that Gran Turismo 6's online services will shut down on March 28.

That day is, of course, today, so as of now you'll no longer be able to access any of Gran Turismo 6's online features such as Open Lobby, Seasonal Events, Quick Match, and Community. Of course, the single-player portion of Gran Turismo 6 will remain playable.

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PoSTedUP295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

they should at least wait until they release gt7. unless no one was playing gt6 online. ppl should be pissed, they expect us to play and like GTsport online. #$%& THAT.

Eonjay294d ago

Oddly enough, GTSport just wont and award for best racing online multiplayer:

Like literally just now lol so maybe you should check it out.

Redlife2g294d ago

Gt sport online is much better then gt6. Not sure what your problem is

rainslacker294d ago

I booted up the game a few months ago, and no, there weren't many people playing online. I gave up trying to play online and just went back to working on licenses and finishing up A-Spec.

Eonjay295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Thats 6 years of support. And they have been known to take down games sooner so that means that people were racing online for years with this one. I wish they gave us the option to set up custom servers when they take the main game down. Or at the very least, what I would like them to do is to have a back up P2P option. That would solve a lot of the long term issues in my opinion.

PoSTedUP295d ago (Edited 294d ago )

gt6 came out dec. 5th '13. thats like 4 years and 4 months support. not good enough. no one should be defending this. its the only real gt game out and ppl still play it.

Eonjay294d ago


4 years and 4 months okay got it. There is no need to defend especially if you can't tell me how many people are actively using it. A little bit of critical thinking tells you that if they are turning it off it is either one of three things:

A) Not a lot of people still play it online
B) The online service (being free on PS3) is unsustainable for monetary/resource reasons.
C) A mixture of both

That is why I just gave you a better option to circumvent this in the future: Update older games to support P2P online gaming. And I think this should be done going forward personally to all games whee possible because this would give gamers the option to utilize these features after it becomes regardless of whether a company can or not. Think for a second about how many games would benefit from this.

PoSTedUP294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

a lot of people still play(ed) it. they do this to get people to buy their next game. they did the same thing for gt5 when a f*** ton more people were playing gt5 than gt6 and didnt have a reason to switch over. they force it. (critical thinking?). if it were about resources and monetary tlou would have been shut down on ps3 a long time ago. socom2 servers wouldnt have been up for almost 10 years. we're talking about sonys top developer with all the resources in the world; a franchise that is in the top 10 biggest of all time. and now the problem is they are forcing us to play a s*** version of gran turismo. thats critical thinking. the least they can do is keep the servers up if they arent going to release a real gran turismo anytime soon.

p2p will never happen because they wouldnt be able to do what i stated above. p2p is a good thing. but they will never do it, ever.

_-EDMIX-_294d ago

@post- if you're a big Granturismo fan that you were playing it online I definitely feel sorry for you but at this point it's like you probably should be moving on to Gran Turismo sport anyway.

I mean it sucks but 4 years is a pretty long time to support a game especially considering it's from last generation.

Because I would be spending most of my time looking to play the latest Gran Turismo that's out right now not something last generation.....

Especially if you mean competitively as a lot of that time could have just been spent on the latest one collecting all the achievements and accolades.

PoSTedUP294d ago

@ ed. at least you understand me bro, thanks for sharing empathy in a decent comment. i just cant do sport, it just feels like what zipper did to socom, or what activision did to cod. besides it being so different and lacking in so many areas, its also the practice that im not cool with. gt5 sold 12mill, them shutting down the servers to force us to play 6, which had poor sales, was shitty enough. i guess i just needed to vent, still not happy. ill just wait for 7.

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Gwiz294d ago

Not surprised, instead of charging for the PS3 service the games stop having online support. What?you think that OtherOS lawsuit didn't change their approach?.
Also announcing to stop PS3 and Vita PS+ support that never was advertised from the beginning.(well not for free that is).I'm surprised that GT6 is already at an end though.We should also learn from this, do not forget this....

ILostMyMind294d ago

I don't even know why Sony supports PS3 games online yet. Next year we'll start talking about PS5. GT6 already has a definitive substitute for online races, GT Sport. RIP, GT6.

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