Bad Timing: 8 Games With Poorly Planned Release Dates

Sometimes, launching on the wrong date can end a franchise

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Axecution1125d ago

Motorstorm Apocalypse also got hurt pretty bad by the psn outage. Such a good game, too

porkChop1125d ago

Titanfall 2 could have been easily avoided. Instead of launching between the 2 biggest FPS franchises, EA could have held the game until February or March. It was a really great, fun game. It deserved a lot better.

isarai1124d ago

Very Few are more tragic than that one, especially since it's a far better game than Infinite Warfare which made this game invisible.

FallenAngel19841125d ago

“I always scratch my head at this one. Gran Turismo 6 was launched on PlayStation 3…a month after the PlayStation 4 launched. By the time the PS4 launched, evidently most of its user base was more than ready to move on from its predecessor.“

So? Sony released God of War 2 on PS2 month’s after PS3 launched, that game still garnered success and nobody complained about that. Gran Turismo 6 still went on to sell over 5 million units. Not many other racers can even do that on their best entry.

Also do you really think 80 million people just dropped PS3 and instantly migrated over to PS4 day one? Many people to this day still game on PS3.

“However, I feel the Dishonored franchise would perform better in the first half of the year.”

Dishonored 1 released in October and it sold well. Releasing Prey in May didn’t help its sales success, so Dishonored 2 was going to perform the same commercially no matter when it released.

“Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great follow-up to a great reboot in the long-running franchise. The title got a bit more buzz when it was originally announced as an Xbox console exclusive for its first year. It felt like a great opportunity for the franchise to get some spotlight as an exclusive and for Xbox to gain a larger market share.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider was getting a lot of buzz before it became timed exclusive, which initially turned a lot of people off. Bad publicity isn’t always great publicity. Making the franchise times exclusive to a platform it didn’t perform its best on in the past can’t in any way be described as a “great opportunity.” It was more beneficial to Microsoft than the IP, and even then the game still sold vastly better when it got brought over to PS4, a platform that’s part of a brand Tomb Raider has always done best on.

“ you got to really start asking yourself what Microsoft or developer Playful was thinking when deciding its release date of Super Lucky’s Tale.”

It doesn’t matter when a console exclusive 3D platformer gets released on an Xbox system, it’s going to flop any time of the year.

Lilrizky1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Thanks for the read! I want to respond to you because i know you've read it and feel I should clarify a few things.

i am well aware god of war 2 released afterwards when the ps3 came out on the greatest selling console of all time. i also dont suggest that gran turismo 6 should NOT have been on ps3 as much as suggesting it should have maybe been cross-gen with many ps3 players still benefit on. that way all those that DID just drop their ps3 (by trading it in or archiving) could still play gran turismo. there were cross gen games for at least 2 years and thought gran turismo couldve filled a gap left by drivelcubs delay and the barren ps4 launch line-up.

Dishonored 1 released at a time i think when the november period was less saturated. Dishonored 2 had to compete with the attention and wallets of gears 4, xbox one s, psvr, cod, battlefield 1, titanfall 2, watchdogs 2, skyrim special edition etc which all at surface level would demand more buzz. for example i almost decided to skip the game as my wallet was empty from buying and xbox one s, psvr, a ps4 pro and a 4k tv plus games (im glad i didnt though) not to mention Dishonored 2's price being slashed a couple months later. it lirerally released around about the same week as COD.

Rise of the tomb raider i don't want to say wasnt successful or whatever but i know for a fact that a dozen other friends i knew chose to buy fallout 4 instead of rise of the TR saying they were excited for it and they might get it after fallout (a 100+ hour game). it definitely 100% had an effect. maybe not a profound one but rise of the tomb raider would have definitely sold more if it had released even a week earlier.

i accept your point about super luckys tale but nevertheless this was the worst possible time you could release it given that mario odyssey just shipped millions of copies the days before and it was advertised as an xbox one x launch title a console boasting graphical fidelity. it might not be a poor date but it was a weird one. im trying to imagine the conversation at Microsoft figuring out the date.

also im not saying all examples are horrible release dates, but theyre at least worth discussing and could have benefitted from a better date.

Again thanks for reading

FallenAngel19841124d ago

Thanks for the intricate response.

Polyphony Digital may have already been so invested in making Gran Turismo 6 specifically made as a PS3 title that making it a cross gen title would’ve taken even longer development time and they definitely wanted the game out before 2013, it just happened to release in December. The Last of Us & Beyond: Two Souls are also 2013 titles but instead of making them cross gen upon release they had put it out in that year & the PS4 version at a later date. A remaster was the best GT6 could hope for and it never happened.

The 2012 holiday season consisted of Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Hitman: Absolution, Assassin’s Creed III, Far Cry 3, & the launch of Wii U. A lot still released at the end of 2012 and Dishonored still performed well. It’s funny you list Titanfall 2 even though it’s on this list of poorly timed releases. The Evil Within 2 is another sequel from Bethesda that didn’t perform as well as its predecessor, so it’s not something that may have not happened to Dishonored 2 even if it had a different release window.

Yeah plenty of people bought Fallout 4 over Rise of the Tomb Raider during the month it released. However I was saying that RoTR being timed exclusive wasn’t going to do it any favors in the first place so it was destined not to perform as commercially well even if Fallout 4 wasn’t a factor.

I don’t think Microsoft considers the release dates of exclusive games on their competition’s consoles.

Yeah all those dates are worth discussing. Rayman Origins & Rayman Legends for example both had poorly timed releases.

TallonIV1125d ago

Surprised Horizon: Zero Dawn isn't on this list.

porkChop1124d ago

The game still sold really well for a new IP though. It wasn't as affected as something like Titanfall 2 or Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Iltapalanyymi1124d ago

shadow hearts. came out the same day with FFX i think

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